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 Chapter 827: Totally Giving No Chances!

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"To think that the Cult Master of the Devil's Incarnate Cult would be a talent that was raised by Junior Master Lin singlehandedly! That would explain how all of those geniuses couldn't do anything to him at all!"

Zong Hentian gasped out. At the same time, he finally understood the situation. It was only a godly being such as Junior Master Lin who could groom a talent as such!

Lin Fan coughed out gently, implying that he had always been so awesome to begin with.

"This matter here, please don't let the cat out of the bag. This would bring forth immense benefits for those genius disciples. When you guys are free and have nothing to do, please organize more sieges like these."

Since matters had already escalated as such, it was naturally too late for Lin Fan to do anything about it. Therefore, he could only follow through with it and have it develop even more.

However, Lin Fan WAS pretty curious about how Wang Xiaoming was doing right now. He wanted to know how this guy was always managing to scrape away from the hands of these guys.


"My fellow senior and junior brothers here, Wang Xiaoming is our common enemy! In the crusade this time around, we must succeed! We have to take down this vile being and return to Xuanhuang World a bright tomorrow!"

A man stood on an elevated platform and raised both his arms with fervor.

"Senior Brother Yu Jian is right!"

This was a man who had been going at it against Wang Xiaoming for a good ninety eight years now.

In the second year when Wang Xiaoming had stepped out into the world, he met this man in some random city somewhere. He was then met with all sorts of ridicule and mockery. That brought Yu Jian to the brink of exploding.

Under a fated affinity, he then came across an encounter, and from there on, his strength soared.

Eventually, he was recruited as a disciple by Glory Sect. Within the sect, he met tons of fellow disciples who had faced a common situation. When he found out that all of them had a common enemy which was Wang Xiaoming, their relationship bonded even more, such that they were practically like blood brothers! There was only a single thought in their heads, 'Kill that man!'

From then on, they worked hard at cultivating. As long as there was an opportunity, or they heard news of Wang Xiaoming's location, they would gather up in groups and head forth to try and kill him.

However, in the past hundred years, they had taken action for an entire 138 times, all ending up in failure. Despite that, they did not let that get them down. In fact, it only served to fuel their fighting spirits.

"This time around shall be the 139th time! We must definitely have Wang Xiaoming killed under our blades! However, we would be letting him off way too easily if he were to die that swiftly! We have to torture him immensely! CRUEL TORMENTS!"

"That damned Wang Xiaoming! He stripped me of my clothes and hung me up on the city walls! My hatred is nothing short of the Heavens!"

"He stole my skill and flirted with my partner! I swear that I won't be a human until I seek out this feud!"

"He is the source of all evils! As long as I have him killed, I'll have no more regrets in my entire life!"

"Let us set forth, brothers! This time around, Wang Xiaoming is in the base 100,000 miles away from here! We must definitely head there speedily and not allow him to escape!"

"Alright, let's go...!"

Instantly, a series of light streaked out into the distance.

These genius disciples had a cultivation state of Divine celestial level 7, while some of them were at level 6. But, they were all basically within this range.

For these genius disciples, being able to cultivate to a state as such within just a hundred years was something that was extremely remarkable.

Therefore, the other disciples around them naturally couldn't be any mere passersby either.

All of those around them had their potentials raised indefinitely, and had reached a pinnacle state.

Because of that, their cultivation states were naturally able to follow through to completion as well. Within just a hundred years, they had managed to reach an extremely high cultivation state.

"Hais! Grand and majestic. This momentum moves forth like a dragon with an extraordinary impact indeed."

Lin Fan looked over into the distance and could not help but lament out. He wondered how Wang Xiaoming had committed his sins such that he could attract so many genius disciples to head out in an exhilarating crusade against him.

"I'll go take a look. You guys just cultivate in the meantime."

Lin Fan did not say anything more as he chased after the disciples. He had to see just how intense the fight between these disciples and Wang Xiaoming would get.

In a cold and lonely patch of forest 100,000 miles away...

This was a desolate and empty place occupied only by beasts. There were hardly any martial artists who would make their way here. Yet, in this place was a man whose existence was feared by the entire Xuanhuang World.

The Devil's Incarnate, Wang Xiaoming.

Wang Xiaoming laid on a bed while being served by countless maids. This was practically paradise on Earth.

It had been a hundred years now. He had lived through an entire hundred years of being hunted down.

His life had been especially sour since the last 97 years.

Well, Wang Xiaoming would admit to the fact that he did love to bully others. However, everyone that he had ever bullied ended up turning into the main members of those forces who were hunting him down!

This was some sort of a messed up situation for Wang Xiaoming!

In the past hundred years, he had been hunted down for a full 138 times, and had to change bases for 89 times. He had practically run an entire round around the Xuanhuang World in hiding.

Later on, for some unknown reason, there were some baddies who suddenly came knocking and bowing down to him in subservience. Because of that, his infamous name began to spread in the entire Xuanhuang World.

The Devil's Incarnate, Wang Xiaoming.

Wang Xiaoming was absolutely unwilling to accept this title. However, he had no choice in it. Now that the outside world was already spreading it as such, what could he even do?

As for the current Wang Xiaoming, he only had a single thought in his mind. He wanted to head home. But now that things had escalated to this point, he couldn't even return home! How tragic was this?

Back in the past, there were a couple of times when Wang Xiaoming wanted to head home to take a look. However, each time he was halfway there, some fellas would sniff him out from out of nowhere and follow around him like ghouls. They would then try to kill him with all sorts of methods.

"G-Great King! This is not good! Not good...!"

Just at this moment, a hurried voice swam over. It gave Wang Xiaoming quite the shock, "What's wrong? What's wrong!"

"Those people have come hunting over once more!" This underling was once a starkly infamous baddie. However, because he was impressed with Wang Xiaoming's capabilities, he then bowed down in respect on his own accord. But after he started serving under Wang Xiaoming, something horrifying happened.

They had to change houses practically once per year, and were hunted down by people daily!

As for the thought of leaving Wang Xiaoming, he had entertained the idea before as well. However, there was a list amongst those of them hunting them down.

The first to kill on the list was none other than Wang Xiaoming. However, their names were all close behind as well.

It was as though these guys had the Heaven's eyes locked onto them. No matter where they escaped to, they would always be found out. In the end, they could only continue to lead such miserable lives with their Great King.

"What? Again? Didn't they conduct a siege just the previous year? Bloody hell, why are they back again? These damned fellas are really not giving me any peace at all! Your Great King hasn't even gone out to annoy anyone recently!"

Wang Xiaoming was enraged. He was truly enraged this time around. Were these guys beasts? Didn't they know how to give someone room for a breather? Disregarding all the daily manhunts, they would conduct sieges like these at least once per year.

"How many people are here this time around?" Wang Xiaoming asked.

"I don't know. There're too many of them in those dense clumps! The entire sky is practically filled with people! Those are nothing short of 10,000 for sure!"

"What? So many? Do they really want my life this badly? Last year, there were only 8,000 of them, and now, it is already breaking the 10,000 figure! T-this...!" The moment Wang Xiaoming heard this, he was stumped.

Wiggling his fingers to count, Wang Xiaoming realized that he had bullied quite a number of people in the past two to three years. Could it be that these people had obtained some sort of miraculous encounters for them to skyrocket in their cultivations? And now, they were already able to join in this crusade army to come hunt him down?

Bloody hell! These guys were really bloody overboard!

"Hand down the orders! Have every single unit be on alert, and pack their stuff to prepare for war or escape at a moment's notice!" Wang Xiaoming yelled out. "Hmph! Even if we have to escape later on, I'll have to teach them a good lesson!"