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 Chapter 826: The Devil's Incarnate, Wang Xiaoming

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Since Hundred Years in A Single Thought was a one-use function, Precious Treasure descended from the Heavens should naturally be the same as well.

This was one hell of a huge scam!

Since the system already made it as such, what else could Lin Fan do? Naturally, he could only accept it.

However, Lin Fan WAS a little curious towards the changes in the Xuanhuang World. He wondered what sort of changes would have happened in these hundred years.

When Lin Fan entered the Xuanhuang World, he took in a gentle breath. He realized that the Spirit Qi in the Xuanhuang World was way thicker than a hundred years ago.

This was at least two to three times more.

Casting his entire sense across, Lin Fan could feel that there were countless powerful beings all over the Xuanhuang World now.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived at Glory Sect.

Right now, Glory Sect was a consolidation of everything. The countless of other sects had expanded out over thousands and thousands of miles in a radius, forming an extremely huge city.

All of the major sects of Xuanhuang World had merged together with Glory Sect, forming an extremely influential force. As for some of the sects who did not wish to join in, Lin Fan did not harp on it.

All the Destined Children who had been mocked by Wang Xiaoming had now been recruited by Glory Sect, and were now disciples under it.

There was no huge disturbance over Lin Fan's return to Glory Sect. He had only gathered the people close to him.


In the span of hundred years, those two brats, Zhiqiao and Jiuling had long become slender and elegant women. Even though throughout that single thought of Lin Fan, he had sent his consciousness over from time to time, it was still pretty much a blink of an eye's time for him as well.

Fast... How fast time had passed!

These two brats had an unparalleled innate potential. In just hundred years that they had spent as per usual, their cultivation states were now Divine celestial level 7, All to One state.

Lin Fan looked at the both of them. They did not leave one another's side no matter where they went. The fact that these two brats were now together forever was something that had Lin Fan feeling a little helpless.

However, he was the one who had helped them get together. Even if he was regretting it now, it was useless.

"Not bad, not bad." Lin Fan still nodded his head in satisfaction nevertheless.

"Hehe." Both Zhiqiao and Jiuling sniggered. They then headed to the side and started gossiping about something fresh. These were all girly affairs that a brutish man such as Lin Fan wouldn't be able to understand at all.

Zhang Ergou, Tian Yu, and Zong Hentian all arrived as well.

This time around, Lin Fan truly understood what it meant that even though places might remain the same, people would change.

But when Lin Fan caught sight of the cultivation state of Mie Qiongqi, he nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood. This mother*cker couldn't have kept himself cultivating in seclusion for the past hundred years, right?

Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state.

"Qiongqi, don't tell me you've kept yourself cultivating for the entire past hundred years?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's right, Master! You told me that you were about to speed up the time within the Xuanhuang World. Therefore, I thought that everyone would naturally be heading into seclusion. There was no way I alone wouldn't do that as well! Therefore, I've locked myself in the secret chamber all the way till now!" Mie Qiongqi replied.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he truly did not know what to say anymore. This mother*cker was really a different sort of crazy!

But this was good as well. The fact that the entire strength of the Xuanhuang World could be raised as a whole was something that Lin Fan had wanted to see the most.

However, given their strength back then, no matter how overwhelming their innate potentials were, it would have all been useless. Time would wait for no one. By the time the Infinite Worlds opened up, given their cultivation states, they wouldn't have even made cannon fodder!


At this moment, Xuan Yunxian walked over briskly. In the past 100 years, the one whom Lin Fan had sent his consciousness to the most was Xuan Yunxian. Therefore, he did not notice anything really different about her.

However, Xuan Yunxian's cultivation state was already Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state right now.

Lin Fan knew that the reason that people around him could have their cultivation states rising so rapidly was one that had an inseparable connection with himself.

As for those people who did not have much of a relationship with him, even after a hundred years, their cultivation states were probably Divine celestial level 3 or 4 at best.

In fact, for those mere humans who did not even have a decent innate potential. They could only turn into dust and disappear along with the world when their lifespans were up.



Everyone greeted politely.

"Yunxian, the reason why I sped up time in the Xuanhuang World for a hundred years was for us to be able to handle the upcoming calamity which is about to happen. Now that everyone's cultivation states are raised, even if we head up to the Ancient Saint World, everyone will be able to defend for themselves." Lin Fan said.


At this moment, a series of loud explosions boomed out.

"What's going on?" Lin Fan looked over into the distance and noticed that many disciples were gathered up, as though they were heading out on an expedition.

"Junior Master Lin, these disciples are the people whom you wanted me to recruit back then. Now that they have cultivated something for themselves and are all Divine celestial level 6 and 7 powerful beings, they want to head out and face The Devil's Incarnate, Wang Xiaoming, so that they can rid the Xuanhuang World of evil!"

Zong Hentian did not know who in the world Wang Xiaoming was, nor the relationship between Lin Fan and Wang Xiaoming. However, the name of Wang Xiaoming was a nefarious one that no one in the entire Xuanhuang World did not know of.

There were traces of Wang Xiaoming left behind in every single part of the Xuanhuang World.

At the same time, there was something that shocked everyone. It seemed that in one way or another, all the geniuses of the Xuanhuang World held some type of grudges against Wang Xiaoming!

And not only that, those were practically blood feuds they had that were tantamount to the Heavens!

The moment some of the baddies of the Xuanhuang World heard of the great name of Wang Xiaoming, they all bowed down to him willingly to be his underlings. As such, the great Devil's Incarnate Cult was born.

They roused a bloody war over the entire Xuanhuang World. Each time Wang Xiaoming stepped out, countless geniuses would be met with misfortune.

"Oh? Is this the first group siege against him?" Lin Fan asked.

"No, it isn't. And no one knows the background from which Wang Xiaoming hails. He came to rise all of a sudden 80 years ago and set up the Devil's Incarnate Cult. While he didn't anything way too harming to the natural order of the world, Wang Xiaoming specializes in oppressing others and stealing their valuables.

"This is the 138th siege they're holding out against him right now." Zong Hentian explained.

"And how did the previous sieges go?" Lin Fan asked curiously.

"There were losses on both sides. This was especially the case for the genius disciples. Each time they headed for a siege, they would lose countless valuables. And some of them would even be bullied and taunted to the brink of insanity. If not for the fact that we have been cleaning up the mess from behind the scenes, the situation would be even worse right now."

"However, that Wang Xiaoming is really one cunning fella. There was once when I headed up with Brother Ergou and the others to help as well. However, he managed to escape each time. Gradually, Wang Xiaoming also managed to accumulate some power to him. There is truly nothing one can do about him anymore. If not for the fact that you're back, Junior Master Lin, Mie Qiongqi might be the only one who could deal with him by then."

Zong Hentian was extremely curious towards Wang Xiaoming as well.

When Lin Fan heard these, he could only sigh.

It had really been tough on Wang Xiaoming!

Back in the past, he was a hedonistic prince without a care for the world. And, he was forcefully groomed by Lin Fan into the greatest devil amongst all of the Xuanhuang World's geniuses.

Based on the way normal plots went, all the big villains would definitely die a horrible death eventually. Their powers would be sapped out, their meat devoured, their Essence Spirits trampled on, their Universal Elixirs crushed, et cetera...

And those were not the worst just yet. The worst was probably when they had all their limbs crippled out and left to suffer a fate worse than death.

"Junior Master Lin, I believe that if you were to step forth personally, this Devil's Incarnate would definitely be uprooted." Zong Hentian said.

"Hais, actually, this is all..."

At this moment, Lin Fan could only sigh out helplessly and explain everything out. When everyone around heard Lin Fan tell the tale, they had their jaws dropped wide agape, full of disbelief.

To think that at the end, Wang Xiaoming would be someone that was raised singlehandedly by Lin Fan?