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 Chapter 808: The Chance Is Here! Time To Appear!

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Lin Fan was extremely sneaky as he reined in his aura. That Stealth technique of his was even more heaven revolting. He and Chicky hid in the deepest layers of the void surreptitiously.


All of a sudden, a loud roar boomed out, causing the entire world to tremble.

Several million-feet-long Colossal Dragons traversed across the Heavens and Earth. Every single claw that slammed down caused the world to rattle, tearing apart mountains and rivers. The void that was ripped apart by those claws took a long time to regenerate.

"Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, Your Empress here has misjudged you! To think that you would be a traitorous dog working for the Ancient race!"

A Colossal Dragon which was entirely snow white turned around and transformed into a woman. This woman was donning on a battle armor while wielding a dragon's halberd in her hands. Her features were extremely ravishing.

"Holy f*ck! Isn't that the Dragon Empress Shen Wu? That's the chick of the Colossal Dragon race whose b*obs were burst up by me! Eh? What sort of method did this chick use to allow her b*obs to grow back again? Isn't that too heaven-defying?!"

"No, I've got to observe it for a while longer. Just what is the background of this Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun?"

Lin Fan who was hidden in the void right now was a little astonished. Without acting rashly, he wanted to observe the situation for a while longer before deciding on what to do.

There was a Colossal Dragon whose scales were pitch black. His body was immensely titanic, akin to the Great Wall of China. One could not even tell of the ends of its body. Even a slight movement of the Colossal Dragon would bring about a quake for the world. With a flash of black light, the dragon took on a human form.

Following closely behind him, several other Colossal Dragons reverted to their human forms as well as they stood behind the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

"Shen Wu, it's because I see you as a rare talent that I'm offering to pull you into the Ancient race. You had better know what's good for you." The body of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was extremely huge. He wore a dragon's robe coupled with a domineering expression on his face. Every single motion he made brought with it an overwhelming force to it.

"Bullsh*t! I would rather die than submit to the Ancient race!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu roared out as she gripped the dragon's halberd in her hands even tighter.

She knew that she wasn't a match for the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

If not for the fact that the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun wanted to pull her into the Ancient race and had intentionally given her chances throughout the fight, she wouldn't have been able to escape to this point.

"Shen Wu, stop resisting now. I would only require a single breath to kill you. But, because I acknowledge you as a talent, you had better know what's good for you." Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun spoke out.

"Hmph! Don't put it so nicely! I've seen how you've looked at Your Empress here with those lustful eyes! All you want to do is f*ck me, don't you? And a traitor of the Colossal Dragon race such as yourself thinks that he's befitting of that?"

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu was straightforward and did not give the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun any face at all.

When Lin Fan, who was hidden in the void, heard these words, he nearly spat out a mouthful of old blood.

Goodness. B*tches are really tyrannical, no joke!

But, how did he not see this side of her back when he busted her b*obs up the other time? That was really strange indeed.

At this moment, Lin Fan had finally understood what was going on.

This Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun and whatnot had already sided with the Ancient race and was now trying to pull his fellow race members in, but was rejected.

But, the fact that the Dragon Empress Shen Wu hadn't surrendered even after being chased till here had Lin Fan pretty impressed with that attitude.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend!

Lin Fan wanted to come forth and rescue this Dragon Empress Shen Wu. However, he decided to place that thought on hold for a moment first.

He had once displayed the B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star, causing the most precious lumps of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu to explode out. Even though she might have recovered from that by now, the vengeance was something that couldn't possibly be erased this easily.

After all, all women were petty.

Even if he were to save her right now, it was hard to say that she wouldn't turn around and backstab him afterward.

He had to come up with a good plan.

And, the plan right now was to wait for the moment when the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was in absolute despair. He would then come forth flamboyantly and rescue her from the depths of her predicament.

But on second thought, that didn't sound all that right either! Suddenly, it struck Lin Fan! Ah! That plan was lacking in any emotional involvement!

"I've got it!"

At this moment, Lin Fan had decided on the perfect plan. He would wait until the final moment when the Dragon Empress Shen Wu could no longer hold up before descending personally.

"Shen Wu! Y-you...! Fine. Since that's the case, I shall turn you into a mindless slave of mine then!" The Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was incensed right now. His face was so dark it was extremely frightening.

How could a powerful being such as the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun permit himself to be insulted by a woman as such?

"Hmph! The bunch of you, are you guys going to follow him and betray the Colossal Dragon race?" Dragon Empress Shen Wu asked the few people behind the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

"Dragon Empress Shen Wu, we're just choosing the side of the strong! After painstakingly cultivating to this state, how can we be willing to die in the calamity just like this?" The few members of the Colossal Dragon race behind the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun replied indifferently.

"So that's the way it is, huh? When the going gets tough, there will always be some degenerates who will choose the path of betrayal. Today, I, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, shall have all of you killed here!"

"Wan Zun, You're not even as worthy as a single woman such as myself! What face do you have to still call yourself the Ancestor Dragon? You had better return that title to the Colossal Dragon race!"

"God Battling All Beings!"

Instantly, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu started shifting and transforming. It was as though she was now versed in the skill of splitting up her body as she turned into eight of herself.

These eight Dragon Empress Shen Wues each occupied a single spot. The dragon halberds in their hands rumbled with Dragon Qi furiously that covered the entire world. A single sweep of the halberds tore the void into two like pieces of paper as eight different Dragon Qis revolved all around before converging together.


A bedazzling gleam of light burst forth. This heaven shattering momentum swept down and bolted out towards the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun.

"Shen Wu, do you really think that you're a match against me with just your strength? Know your place."

The Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was neither rushed nor hurried as those massive palms of his extended out slowly. As though they could cover the entire sky, they reached out towards the shining gleam of light. The Colossal Dragon that was formed from the eight Dragon Qis was instantly destroyed in the palms of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun. He then sucked in all of the Dragon Qi instantly.

"God Battling Twelve Stances!"

"It's useless. I am the Ancestor Dragon. All of your Dragon Qi is nothing but nutrients for me."

The Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun pointed out with his finger. Instantly, the entire time and space seemed as though it was frozen. A massive amount of power burst forth instantly, causing the void to tear apart inch by inch. Even if it were the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, she couldn't withstand this tremendous amount of power.

The dragon's halberd in her hands gave off a cracking sound as many crevices appeared on it instantly.


She was knocked back with fresh blood spraying all over, dripping down on that voluptuous chest of hers. Flowing down her battle armor, it floated gently in the sky.

"Dragon Empress. I shall have you trained as my slave and endure days and nights of endless torment! That aloof dignity of yours shall be destroyed entirely. From then on, you will be nothing but a dog who can just prostrate obediently before me and be ordered around by me!"

The Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun burst out laughing wildly as his eyes shone with a sinister gleam.

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu shivered momentarily as her eyes shone ferociously, "Wan Zun, don't get happy just yet! Bowing down to the Ancient race shall have you turn into the dog of the Ancient race for your life!"

"Hmph, courting death."

"Go, take her down." The Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun ordered.


At this moment, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was at the end of her path as she looked at the oncoming fellow beings of the Colossal Dragon race. She was ready to fight to her death.

She had listened to the words of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun and headed out of the grounds of the Colossal Dragon. But, to think that the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun would actually lead her towards the side of the Ancient race!


The Dragon Empress Shen Wu burst out laughing as the Dragon Qi around her entire body started exploding. A series of golden Dragon Qi streamed out from her body before swiveling up and caging the entire world.

"This is bad! She's going to self destruct!"

At this moment, Lin Fan, who was hidden in the void the entire time, ended up smiling and nodding in approval.

The chance had appeared!

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu had no other way out now! This was the time where he should be displaying his true acting skills now!

"Chicky! Don't come up for this show this time around. This will have to depend on the performance of your Old Bro here."

Lin Fan kept Chicky in his Paradise before leaping out.

"Under broad daylight, how dare you guys attempt to kill a chick? This is a crime that the Heavens shall not pardon!"

A cold flash of light appeared, and Lin Fan appeared between the world instantly. Tossing his hair back, he scored full marks for his disposition as he declared out tyrannically.