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 Chapter 795: Incredible Purpose Of The Body Type

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The sects who had attended this time around were all the strongest major sects in the entire Xuanhuang World. As long as they were in agreement, the minor sects would not have any opinions about it.

As for Lin Fan, even though the strength of these disciples might be pretty weak, this was where the foundation made a difference.

There was no way the boundless Human race wouldn't be able to produce any sort of supremely peerless geniuses.

And right now, Lin Fan was laying down his plans.

The special body type that was produced by Wang Xiaoming was a whip of motivation for all the different geniuses out there.

And speaking of Wang Xiaoming, Lin Fan truly did not know how that lad was doing right now.

With a single thought of his, Lin Fan could sense everything. The image of Wang Xiaoming appeared within Lin Fan's mind immediately.

At this moment, Wang Xiaoming was walking through a luscious patch of forest while humming a melodious tune.

He was initially not used to getting out of the Wang Family. But, those happy days were gone in a flash. That was something that had him feeling sad.

But after heading out, Wang Xiaoming was starting to realize what a wondrous feeling it was to head out and wander in the Pugilistic World.


At this moment, Wang Xiaoming was startled. He had noticed some commotion happening up ahead. Someone like Wang Xiaoming, who was only interested in his life and nothing else, wouldn't dare to act brazenly before making clear of the situation.

He snuck his way upwards stealthily and hid behind a huge tree. Using some sleazy gaze, he checked out what was happening in front.

"A man and woman behaving sneakily in a small luscious patch of forest? It's obvious that they're up to no good!"

"However, that chick does look pretty decent! It's just that the man beside her is really grotesquely ugly! This is a complete example of how a perfect flower is wasted on a piece of cow dung!"

Wang Xiaoming was evidently in rage right now. To think that a beautifully gorgeous man such as himself would be leading a dreary life all alone outside right now, and yet, an ugly guy like that had a chick accompanying him! This didn't make any sense at all!

"Junior brother, if not for you this time around, it would have definitely been tough for us to make it out of Zhan Lie's hands!" The elegant face of that girl bore a look of worry. They had just been through a calamity earlier on.

"Hmph! To think that he would lose all reason and attempt to kill us all over a treasure!" The young man wasn't all that old. However, his face was resolute as his eyes shone with a shining gleam.

Even though this secret ground was extremely treacherous, there were many benefits to be gained out of it. This was especially the case now that they had obtained a bottle of precious elixirs.

These elixirs were none other than the legendary Bone Cleansing Pills that could cleanse one's bodies.

As long as one were to consume it, they would be able to repair any Unspeakable Flaws they had and could raise their potential towards martial arts as well.

Yu Fei checked out his surroundings carefully. Even if it were a single rustle of the leaves, he wouldn't miss it at all.

Now that he was carrying a precious treasure with him, Yu Fei was naturally extremely tense.

"Senior sister, we'll share this half each. The Bone Cleansing Pills possess an incredible effect. As long as we were to consume it, it would definitely be a great boon for our martial arts cultivation in the future." Yu Fei commented.

"Yes. Once we get back to the sect, we must definitely report on Zhan Lie's sins to them." His senior sister said in an infuriated manner. If not for her junior brother's mystifying methods to save them, they would have long died in the hands of Zhan Lie.

However, there was something she was curious about. She had realized that the skills used by her junior brother were not skills of their sect. Seemed like he must have had some other form of encounters out there.

"Oh, so that's the reason. So, you're afraid of being hunted down since you've got a precious treasure. Hehe. Not bad, not bad!" At this moment, Wang Xiaoming harbored a thought. Treasures belonged to the powerful. Since he was bumping into it right now, there was no way he could let it go just like that!

Based on Wang Xiaoming's initial estimate, the cultivation states of these two weren't higher than his. He had a great amount of confidence towards this.

"Aiyoh! Holy f*ck! Are these two fellas trying to use up the treasure right now?" Looking at the situation right now, Wang Xiaoming realized he could not wait any longer! If a treasure as such were to be used, he would be taking in a huge loss!


Instantly, Wang Xiaoming turned into a long streak of light and assaulted both of them.

"Your treasure belongs to me!"

Wang Xiaoming roared out.

"Senior sister, watch out!" Yu Fei's face changed as he flipped around instantly. They had just been through a big fight with Zhan Lie, and were fraught with injuries. Now that someone was appearing out of nowhere once more, they felt entirely rattled.

"Monkey Steals Peaches!"

This was a skill that Wang Xiaoming was extremely familiar with. This was the family technique of the Wang Family! In fact, even his Uncle Lin would make use of this skill!

There was no way Wang Xiaoming wouldn't cultivate a skill as such!


With a pretty amazing speed, Wang Xiaoming whacked out with that single move with an extraordinary momentum.

The face of Yu Fei froze up as he used his Astral Qi to protect his body, thinking that he could defend against this with it. However, it proved to be nothing more than a dream of his.



A tragic cry rang out into the world.

Yu Fei's face turned frightfully pale instantly. He was filled with a face of disbelief. To think that that single hand would be able to bypass his Astral Qi!

"HEHE! Feels good, doesn't it?"

Wang Xiaoming's body appeared in a flash. He looked at the miserable expression on Yu Fei's face and burst out laughing.

"Who are you?" Yu Fei had not expected to be defeated this quickly. That single move of the other party had rendered him helpless instantly!

However, this move of Wang Xiaoming wasn't even at its pinnacle just yet. If he were to have Lin Fan's level of mastery, Yu Fei would definitely have long been crippled on the ground by now.

Wang Xiaoming sniggered out and declared in a tyrannical manner, "Alright both of you, listen up! I am the great Young Master of the Wang Family! Hand over that treasure you mentioned earlier to Your Young Master here!"

"Junior brother, are you alright!?"

The senior sister looked at Yu Fei and could not help but feel a bubbling worry rising in her heart. She then looked at Wang Xiaoming warily.

She had not expected that right after escaping from the grasp of Zhan Lie, she would meet with yet another greedy person.

"I'm fine."

Yu Fei waved it off. However, that frightfully pale face of his didn't seem all that comforting.

"Little b*tch! This junior brother of yours looks so trashy. I don't think he's going to be able to protect you properly! How about following Your Young Master here?" Wang Xiaoming looked at the chick lustfully. Being able to flirt with her through words brought about a great satisfaction to his heart.

"Damn it!"

Yu Fei roared out. His body flashed out and he struck out at Wang Xiaoming.

"Hehe! Even though you're pretty decent in strength, there's still a world apart between our cultivation states. That is a gap you cannot hope to bridge! Since you don't know what's good for you, then you can't blame Your Young Master here for this!"

Wang Xiaoming jerked out furiously. His hands were twisting and turning like a dragon right now. When he stretched out his hand, there was even a mysterious power within it.


"It hurts! Let loose!"

The sorrowful wails of Yu Fei rang out as his face was flushed in shades of white and green. It looked extremely terrible.

"Hehe! That's really nothing, eh? To think that while you would look so muscular and tall, you would possess something soooooo small!"

Wang Xiaoming laughed out loudly. His hand was still gripping on tightly, without any intention of letting go at all.


Wang Xiaoming raised his power level. With that, Yu Fei yelped out in pain once more.

"Junior brother!"

"Little b*tch! You had better not come over! Otherwise, that area of yours is going to have a tragedy befalling on it as well!" Wang Xiaoming sniggered out sinisterly as he checked out the boobs of the chick intently.


"Damn it! Don't you dare insult my senior sister!" Yu Fei growled out menacingly. However, the pain that was cruising through him right now left him unable to fight back at all.

"Kid, cut the crap. You can't even save yourself right now, and yet you're worrying about your senior sister? You had better take care of yourself first!" Wang Xiaoming chuckled out and snatched that bottle of elixirs over.


Wang Xiaoming stamped down on Yu Fei with a single foot and burst out laughing wildly.


"Damn it. DAMN IT!"

The face of Yu Fei, who was being trampled over by Wang Xiaoming, was looking ever more malevolent by the second. The humiliation of being stepped on by someone was something that Yu Fei had never once experienced before.

"Stop damning me! Kid, you're far too weak! This is the outcome of anyone who would end up in the hands of Your Young Master!" Wang Xiaoming laughed insanely.

But at this very moment, there was something that Wang Xiaoming did not know. The more arrogant he was, the more of this unusual aura was emitted by his body.

This aura was formless and tasteless. However, when it floated out around Yu Fei, it was absorbed in readily.