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 Chapter 789: He Isn't Human. He's A God.

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Lin Fan felt a little like crying right now. What in the world was up with this world? Why were his disciples living a life one worse than the other?

One of them lost the love of his life and entered disparity ever since, secluding away from the rest of the world. One of them was married into a big family by his wife, without a single bit of position and being looked down everywhere he went. However, he had no other choice but to lay his head low because they were family.

No matter what, Lin Fan himself was the strongest existence in the entire Xuanhuang World, someone who wasn't even afraid of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race.

And, if his disciples were living such wretched lives, where was he to put his face as a teacher?

Just as the Han Family Head was about to bark out, he heard that trembling voice of the piece of trash and then started pondering.

'Teacher? Could this young man be the teacher of that piece of trash?'

The Han Family Head did not speak at all, sitting there quietly and patiently. He wanted to see just where the teacher of this trash could possibly hail from.

Under the watchful aura of Lin Fan, everything within the Han Family seemed to be under his control.

Zhu Di was a Greater celestial lower level cultivation state being. For the big families, it was accurate to say that this couldn't be considered as extremely strong. However, for him to lead a life being oppressed as such was extremely unreasonable as well.

With this cultivation state, no matter where he went, it would be easy for him to lead a life that was extremely flourishing. How could he suffer like this?

"Zhu You, the state that you're in right now has your teacher feeling really disappointed." Lin Fan walked over slowly and spoke out calmly.

Zhu You was extremely emotional right now. His throat was choking with all the things he wanted to say out. However, when he heard the words of his teacher, he could not help but lower his head. He knew that his teacher was blaming him for this.

Zhu You wasn't silly. He knew that the predicament he was in right now would result in a loss of his teacher's face. While others may not know who his teacher was, how could Zhu You not know? His teacher was truly the sickest of all the powerful beings.

And as his student, he had allowed himself to lead such a wretched life. This was just smearing the name of his teacher!

"Teacher." Han Lei walked over briskly to greet Lin Fan. The first time she saw Lin Fan was five years ago.


Lin Fan nodded his head. To think that Zhu You would actually bear fruits with this Big Missy back then.

"Sir, you are his teacher?" The Han Family Head spoke up and asked.

However, Lin Fan did not reply him, not even bothering to look at him, "And your child has grown so big already!"

Lin Fan looked at the little girl that looked like a porcelain doll, who was leaning on Han Lei's side.

She was chubby and had a fair cute face. She bore a pair of gigantic innocent eyes that shone like jewels, giving off a childish glow. However, at this moment, there was a trace of fear within those innocent eyes of hers.

Han Lei immediately pulled her child before her, "Zhenzhen, come, hurry and call your Granduncle Teacher."

The Han Family Head who was seated there was looking pretty terrible right now. He hadn't expected that this fella wouldn't even glance at him once! With that, a ball of fury started boiling in his heart.

However, he bore with it just yet. At this moment, he wanted to see what sort of a name this guy could make for himself.

He was so young. It was not as though he could have many capabilities!

"G-granduncle Teacher!" The tender little hands of Zhu Zhenzhen clutched at the edges of her mother's clothes anxiously. Those bright sparkly eyes of hers surveyed Lin Fan carefully. When that innocuous tone of hers rang over calmly, it caused Lin Fan's heart to feel fluffy all over.

At this moment, Lin Fan had not expected his seniority to rise so quickly. To think that even his very own students would have children of their own while he didn't even have a single child to his name!

Lin Fan loved kids, especially cute kids. He could not resist stretching out his hands and pinching that cute chubby cheek of hers.

This Zhu You really did have a good life indeed. While he didn't look all that great himself, to think that he would have such an adorable daughter!

"G-granduncle Teacher, could you help my Daddy, please? Zhenzhen doesn't wish to see Daddy being scolded by Grandfather..." That gentle, childlike voice was extremely innocent.

Lin Fan smiled out, "Alright. With your Granduncle Teacher around, no one will be able to bully your Daddy."

"Zhenzhen, is there anything you like? Your Granduncle Teacher here will gift it to you!"

Lin Fan fondled the head of Zhenzhen. This daughter of Zhu You had an extremely poor potential to her. Given a potential as such, even if she were to work tirelessly at cultivating her entire life, she might not be able to even become a postcelestial.

However, at this moment, as Lin Fan was fondling her head, her potential started changing all of a sudden.

That initially dim and dark fortune of hers began to open up like beautiful flowers blooming, piercing straight up into the sky.

"Teacher...!" Zhu You was looking at his daughter. All of a sudden, he realized that the potential of his daughter was undergoing an extremely large change!

If one were to not notice, they wouldn't be able to tell of the changes that were happening. But having been with his Teacher in the past, Zhu You naturally knew what his Teacher was capable of.

To his shock, he was discovering that the initially worst potential of his daughter was taking on a huge change.

In fact, he could even sense that those initially shut pores of Zhenzhen were suddenly all opened up, and were taking in the Spirit Qi of the Heaven and Earth, flushing across her entire body!

"Zhenzhen loves the snow the most! However, Mummy said that the snow has already ended, and it will be a long time till I can get to see it again..." Zhenzhen replied.

"Haha! As long as Zhenzhen likes it, even if the Heavens are not snowing, Your Granduncle Teacher will have them snow for you! From now on forth, as long as you wish for snow, Zhenzhen, the Heavens MUST snow!"

Lin Fan grinned out as he lifted his hand gently. All of a sudden, the initially clear skies started pouring down snow like the feathers of a goose.

Snowflakes fluttered everywhere and covered the ground.

"Granduncle Teacher! It's snowing! It's snowing!!!"

Zhenzhen, who was being hugged in Lin Fan's embrace, suddenly started exclaiming out in excitement when she caught sight of the snowflakes.

Everyone who were observing were completely stunned.

Now that winter was over, how could it possibly snow?

At this moment, their faces were all flushed while looking Lin Fan in unison with a look of incredulity.

Could all of this have been done by that young man?

"It's not over yet, haha. Let Your Granduncle Teacher find you some companions!" Lin Fan opened up his palm. As though the snowflakes outside were being attracted by something uncontrollably, they flew into the house and started spinning around in his palm.

The masses did not know what this young man wanted to do once more. But, the thing that happened next had everyone completely dumbfounded.

The two snowflakes seemed to possess some life of its own all of a sudden, turning into two Snowflake Elves the size of his palm.

"Alright! Go out and play now." Lin Fan put down Zhenzhen, who was filled with an immense curiosity and excitement right now, allowing her to follow those two Snowflake Elves out.

Given Lin Fan's capabilities right now, creating things was no longer anything difficult.

Even if it were just an ordinary snowflake, Lin Fan could give it the gift of life.

Despite being Lin Fan's student, Zhu You was still watching with his eyes wide open at the fact that his Teacher could create life so effortlessly! Needless to say, it was even more astounding for the masses of the Han Family.

The Han Family Head was scared so badly he fell off his chair. His face was in shock right now, with his mouth gaping as though he had been scared solid.

"Alright, as you have wished, Yours Truly is here. You had something you wanted to say to Yours Truly?"

Lin Fan was neither happy nor enraged, putting on a calm expression. However, just by standing there alone, he was creating an immense pressure for everyone from the Han Family.

Just that series of miraculous feats he had performed earlier were more than enough to petrify the entire Han Family.

This wasn't a human any longer. This was a god!