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 Chapter 761: What's This?

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"I've even used my killer move. Do I really have to head out and go at it with him?"

Even though Saint was looking pretty wretched right now, Lin Fan knew that this was only on the surface. In case of any powerful being, even if they were to turn into a pile of meat, they would be able to regenerate back to normal, let alone having a single arm blown off.

Indeed, with a single burst of a roar, Saint's powers rumbled as that arm of his that was severed was covered by a ball of flesh and blood that pulsated. Before long, a fresh arm was regrown out of it.

In fact, Saint's aura did not seem like it had changed at all, as though the blast from earlier on did not deal him even a single shred of damage.

"HAHAHAHA...!!! What other skills do you have? Throw them at me!" The Utmost Being Saint strode out with a huge step and slammed out with a single palm, having the entire Heaven and Earth Smelt floating above the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

"No more skills." Lin Fan rolled his eyes. He truly did not have any other way out now.

"Weren't you all that great earlier on? How about now? You're not coming at me anymore?" Saint placed his hands behind his back as he stepped up onto the sacrificial altar. His aura was boundless and possessed an extraordinary might.

Now, this was what a true Utmost Being was like. Every single action they took brought with it a devastating heavenly impact.

And now that Saint was being so brazen, Lin Fan's heart was aching. This fella was so bloody cocky that he was practically bringing on the arrogance of his ancestors.

Due to a moment of carelessness, he had been overwhelmed by Saint's comeback. But, even if that were the case, so what? As long as his Heaven and Earth Smelt wasn't destroyed, he would never ever die.

"Saint, don't you get too cocky now! Yours Truly will hide in his Heaven and Earth Smelt today! Make me come out if you've got the capabilities!"

The pain in Lin Fan's heart right now was inexplicable. Now that Saint had made a comeback and was trampling all over his head, Lin Fan could not do anything to him at all. This was one hell of a sin in itself.

Lin Fan lied within the Heaven and Earth Smelt as his mind began to whirl. He truly did not know what he could do now. This beast was getting quite overbearing now.

Did he really have to go out and fight with him to death?

But, ever since this guy had summoned that Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, his strength was way stronger than before. What did Lin Fan have to fight him to the death with?

So what if he had been through the Paradise Thunder Calamity? So what if he had three parts to his Essence Spirit?

He still couldn't take down this guy at all.

"Forget it. Time to lie down like a corpse then. Maybe, I'll give it a shot when I come up with some idea someday." Lin Fan sighed out in exasperation.

But just at this moment, a single sentence of Saint had Lin Fan's heart thumping furiously.

"Hmph! Heaven and Earth Smelt... Indeed, Your Utmost has to acknowledge that I can't open it up. However, Your Utmost will definitely not let you have such an easy time either. Since that's the case, you shall spend an eternity within this smelt then!" The tone of the Utmost Being Saint was frosty.

"Ancient Saint Sacrifice, suppress all living beings... An eternal existence!"

"The reason why all living beings cultivate is so that they can obtain a life of eternal carefreeness. Ant, Your Utmost here shall grant your wish today. You shall have an eternal life of suppression by the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar."

Suddenly, Saint opened up his hand as though he was tearing open the void. This was a sealing technique of the Ancient race! And furthermore, this was deployed by Saint right now. Hence, its might was unparalleled. If Lin Fan were to be sealed here, there was no way he could ever escape for all eternity!

Even though Saint had a treasure such as the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, he knew that the moment the Heaven's Will awakened, the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar would leave his side and return to its rightful place with the Heaven's Will.

But right now, Saint had just found a new treasure, and that was the Heaven and Earth Smelt in Lin Fan's hands.

He would just have to wait for the awakening of the Heaven's Will, and by then, Saint would borrow its strength to refine Lin Fan entirely before grabbing this treasure in his hands.

A treasure like this with a startling defensive capability was exactly the thing that Saint required.

As for that move that Lin Fan had just used on him, while Saint was pained over it, he was extremely familiar with it.

Even though that fella could have all those Samsung race beings self destructing, he had not managed to grasp the true essence of the self destruction secrets behind the Samsung race beings.

Once this matter blew over, Saint would then go all out to capture a huge bunch of Samsung race beings before training them up to be truly powerful.

By then, coupled with the Heaven and Earth Smelt, who else in the world would be a match for him? No, even if it were the other Utmost Beings, they wouldn't be able to do it either.

"Not good." Lin Fan's face drained of color. He had thought that he was safe. But judging by the situation now, it was all on his own thinking.

On the black surface of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar, a crack started opening up. Within the crack burst forth an intense beam of light that surrounded the entire Heaven and Earth Smelt, trying to pull at it relentlessly.

Saint clapped out with both hands. Instantly, thousands and thousands of runes started dancing around. These runes carried with them sealing properties as they encircled the surface of the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

Even within the Heaven and Earth Smelt, Lin Fan could sense the sealing powers that were being emanated.

"This Saint has too many tricks up his sleeves! If this were to carry on, I might truly be met with a tragedy!" Lin Fan was startled and did not know what to do for a moment.

Those thousands of runes gave off a godly glow as sealing devils of all sizes howled out. They seemed bent on suppressing all the living beings in this universe.

Under the power of this sealing, the Heaven and Earth Smelt seemed as though it was starting to dull down and unable to defend for much longer.

"I've really been too overconfident from the start."

This Heaven and Earth Smelt was only a legendary item for crafting weapons, not some treasure, and had no offensive capabilities. If he were to hide in this Heaven and Earth Smelt without coming out at all, given the toughness of the Heaven and Earth Smelt, he could naturally protect himself without any worries.

But, it was hard to say that Saint might not make use of some other form of powers to kill him.

If he were to be suppressed within that Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar for, say 10,000,000 years without any replenishment of Saint Spirit Qi, he might have to die from withering.

"No, I cannot just sit here and die!"

Lin Fan was ready to take the gamble now.

If he were to die just like this, he would really be extremely indignant.


Saint burst out laughing as though everything was under his control.

"F*ck! Your Daddy is going to fight you!"

Lin Fan turned into a streak of light as he bolted forth from the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Slapping out with his palm, he kept the Heaven and Earth Smelt back into his system.

"Since you're out, then Your Utmost Being will have to accept this treasure graciously I suppose!" The Utmost Being Saint had wanted to snatch over the Heaven and Earth Smelt. But all of a sudden, it seemed as though it had evaporated from the entire world and vanished entirely.

In fact, he even lost any connection with those sealing runes that were embedded on the surface of the Heaven and Earth Smelt!

Where did it go? Where in the world had it gone to?

Saint was extremely bewildered. But, when he caught sight of Lin Fan, he let out a cold smirk.

"Seal! Suppress!"

The five fingers of Saint took on the shape of a claw that descended from the Heavens, as an apocalyptic power that encompassed the entire Heavens plummeted down. Lin Fan felt as though his entire body had received some sort of an immense pressure as he flew out towards the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar uncontrollably.

"This guy is trying to have my true body pushed into that crack!"

Lin Fan deployed all his skills as he churned his powers to its maximum. His Universal Elixir was also revolving at a frightening speed right now. However, he still could not resist this tremendous force that was pushing him.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that there was a horrifying power that was channeling within the crack of the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.


All of a sudden, the power burst right up into the Heavens and caged Lin Fan in it.


Lin Fan yelled out in rage as his entire body was being tugged at by it. That eternally imperishable body of his was starting to get destroyed.

"Brat, Your Utmost is going to wallop you into your core essence!"

In the eyes of Saint, Lin Fan was just a bigger sized ant. Without the protection of the Heaven and Earth Smelt right now, the only thing awaiting him was death.

'I'm dead meat...!'

Lin Fan was truly regretting in his heart. He had bit on more than he could chew this time around, and even dragged his life into it.


Instantly, Lin Fan's body exploded into a ball of bloodied meat. The ball of bloodied meat was pulsating as though it was trying to regroup.

'To think that it would come to this one day!' Lin Fan shouted out in his heart.

"HAHAHA. Go to hell...!"

Saint opened up his hand and grabbed at the ball of bloodied meat. He wanted to devour this entire ball of bloodied meat whole so that the other party could suffer an eternity of torment within his body, and would never ever reincarnate forever.

But just at this moment, a mystifying aura burst out of the ball of bloodied meat.

"What's this?"

Both Lin Fan and Saint were equally shocked...