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 Chapter 759: Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar

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At this moment, the entire world changed.

Saint was thoroughly encircled at this moment as those Samsung race beings around him glared at him covetously. Their eyes were entirely bloodshot, as if they were on crack.

That feeling of them being able to explode at any moment gave Saint a feeling that he might truly be faced with a tragedy this time around.

Lin Fan opened up his front lid and looked at Saint, who was trapped in the center right now, then burst out laughing uncontrollably.

"Utmost Being Saint, you must not have imagined that things could turn out like this, right? The moment Fault saw that something was amiss, he ran off instantly without thinking twice to abandon you! Seems like the both of you have some deep ties indeed!"

Lin Fan shook his head and lamented with a heartbroken expression. It was as though he was feeling pity towards everything that Saint was about to be faced with.


Saint howled out. He personally knew how troublesome his current situation was. All these Samsung race beings were reared by him. Thus, he knew just how strong their explosions were. And, this was especially so after how the previous round of explosion had far surpassed his expectations.


Faced with an impasse right now, Saint could only rear his head into the sky and scream out. The voice tore through everything and pierced straight into the Heavens.

"All of you, make way! Saint is going to put his life at it now!"

Even though Lin Fan did not know what Saint was up to, he did not dare to underestimate this situation. After all, this was an Utmost Being they were talking about. Even at the end of the road, what he could do wasn't something they could match up with.

And the most crucial thing was that, one would always repeat the most important things thrice.

Saint had clearly just yelled for the Heaven's Will thrice. Seemed like he was going into S.E.E.D. mode too.


A mighty explosion boomed out.

Deep in the void, a pitch black vortex with an immeasurable depth appeared suddenly, possessing a bone chilling aura.

'A power of this sort... Could it be the...Heaven's Will?'

Everyone raised their heads. Even Lin Fan could not help but look over.

"I am an Utmost Being of the Ancient race! The humiliation that I have received from you guys today, I shall cleanse it with your fresh blood!" As he raised both his hands, the eyes of Saint were burning. He knew that if he didn't go at it with his life, he might probably die right here today.

He was an Utmost Being of the Ancient race! How could he possibly die in the hands of a bunch of ants?

That damned Fault! To think that he would dare to escape this place out of fear! Once he was done with these ants, he would definitely have Fault pay a painful price for that!


Saint's body started ripping apart. However, there was no blood flowing out of those wounds. There was just a mystifying aura that swiveled out before connecting with that vortex.


The vortex burst open as a stream of light flowed down like a waterfall.

The light was bedazzling and the aura was astounding, rendering everyone shocked.

"That's the Eternal Throne!"

Within the vortex, a throne was slowly descending out of it in the world.

Clouds were shrouding that throne as it brought forth a domineering aura which reverberated out in all directions. That eternal aura sucked everyone's gaze towards it.

Saint stepped out. With him as the center, a series of ripples appeared out in circles one after another. These ripples expanded out. Each time they increased in radius, Saint's aura strengthened by a fraction.

All of a sudden, a gigantic sacrificial altar appeared, rising out of these ripples. When Saint stepped up onto the sacrificial altar, his aura turned ever more mysterious.

The moment the sacrificial altar appeared, the entire world trembled as the voids began to crack out as though they were dealt some devastating blow.

Lin Fan frowned. He could sense an incredible aura emanating out of this sacrificial altar. In fact, this aura was really familiar, as though he knew it from somewhere.

Instantly, Lin Fan opened his eyes widely as he revealed a face of disbelief.

Above that sacrificial altar, a series of clouds appeared that presented a series of images one after another.



Within these images, countless of living beings were offering sacrifices with all sorts of treasures in order to pray for blessings. Some of them sought for strength, some of them for riches, while others for power.

In fact, Lin Fan even caught sight of that modern world that he once used to live in.

Within a pitch black house, a group of black clothed modern men were gathered before a satanic pentagram and chanting some incantations and curses.

In the middle of this satanic pentagram stood a high platform, where a woman laid there as though she was some sacrificial object.

That image disappeared soon after and was replaced with another image.

"This is the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. Using a sacrificial method, it would fulfill the wishes of the one who offers them a sacrifice, and grant a chance to raise one's own powers." When Feng Qingzi caught sight of everything before him, he gasped out.

"How could this be? How could this be?" Feng Qingzi's face suddenly changed as though he was dealt with some severe blow. His face turned frightfully pale.

"Senior, what's the meaning of this?" Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress were lost, unable to understand just what was so different about this sacrificial altar. Why was Feng Qingzi having such a big reaction?

"HAHAHA! Feng Qingzi, it seems like you've finally understood. All of this was caused by you guys! The reason why the Ancient race can get stronger than ever was all thanks to you beings of the thousands of races!"

"It's all because of your insatiable greed and sacrifices that allowed the Ancient race's Heaven's Will to grow!"

Saint laughed maniacally as his eyes shone with a streak of insanity.

He wanted to become the strongest existence out of all the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. And, this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was his only way there.

"To think that we would be the very reason for the state we are all in right now!" Feng Qingzi gasped in disbelief.

A long time ago, the Heaven's Will wasn't the invincible existence it was right now. Amongst the thousands of races, there were countless of geniuses. In fact, there were even existences who could stand up against the Heaven's Will itself.

But, as time went by, they gradually discovered that the Ancient race was getting stronger over time while the beings of the thousands of races were getting weaker. At the end of it all, the Heaven's Will of the Ancient race became a supreme and unparalleled existence who was thoroughly invincible.

Everything that had happened, every, single, thing... to Feng Qingzi, it was all because the Ancient race was too strong and had snatched over too many resources that they could strengthen themselves and turn so formidable.

But, by the looks of it, this wasn't the case.

It was the beings from the thousands of races who had personally carried up the Ancient race onto this throne they were on right now.

"That's right. All of this was caused by you guys! You can't blame us from the Ancient race! However, you will all die today! I am going to utilize the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar and use the power that has been accumulated over countless of years to crush you guys entirely!"

Saint laughed in a deranged manner.


All of a sudden, a formidable power burst forth from above the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. This power was extremely mighty, rendering one practically defenseless against it.

"F*ck! Seems like Yours Truly had once given this Ancient race a booster for their powers as well!"

Lin Fan was no fool. How could he not understand what was going on after hearing everything that went through till now? Back when he was in the Xuanhuang World, Lin Fan had mistakenly thought that this sacrificing thing was some good sh*t!

As long as he had enough treasures, he could do anything he wanted.

But, it seemed like it was all used to boost the strength of the Ancient race, and that was all.


All of a sudden, a great beam of light burst forth from the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. Saint was bathed entirely within this beam of light.

"Brat, you're having fun hiding within that smelt, right? Your Utmost Being shall let you stay within that smelt for the rest of your life then!"

"How could this be?"

Suddenly, Lin Fan's face changed. A gigantic hand suddenly appeared from the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar. This hand that extended was jet black and covered the entire sky. It grabbed down towards the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

As though it was no longer under his control, the Heaven and Earth Smelt started gravitating towards the Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar.

"DEAR DISCIPLE...!" The moment Feng Qingzi caught sight of this, his face changed as he tried to stretch out his hands to assist. However, he realized that the power being emitted from this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar was like a wall that made it impossible for them to pass through!

"Holy f*ck! Shit has gotten real this time! Seems like the hatred that Saint has towards me is off the charts! I'm the first one he wants dead!"

Lin Fan was starting to feel a little frantic right now. This was the first time he was feeling that it might not be absolutely safe to hide within the Heaven and Earth Smelt!

"Old man, you guys leave first! With the smelt guarding me, I shouldn't meet any trouble! Cruel, take them and leave this place!" Lin Fan yelled out. He had not expected Saint to be so sick after he entered S.E.E.D. mode!

Just what in the world was this Ancient Saint Sacrificial Altar sh*t? Did it have to be this twisted?

Cruel had already been reformed by Lin Fan. Therefore, he now obeyed Lin Fan's every whim and will. Instantly, he caged up Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress before delving into the void.

"All of you will have to die! But before that, Your Utmost will kill this brat first!"

It was evident that Saint's hatred for Lin Fan was totally off the hooks right now.