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 Chapter 754: Determined To Kill Saint!

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In this flash of a short-lived blaze where everything happened so suddenly, no one could react to it at all.

Lin Fan's sequence of fists that were bursting with a thunderous momentum were raining down on Saint like raindrops.

A tragic wail burst forth from the throat of Saint, similar to that of a beast's cry.

With that single True Origins Crushing Kick of Lin Fan, he had unleashed the explosive force of Cruel's potential, which was running rampant right now.

Everything beyond and within this world seemed to be under his supreme reign.

At this moment, Cruel felt that a single fist of his would be enough to knock Saint flying into the sky.

"Brazen!" Fault's face focused up as he looked around. He was only caught adrift momentarily, and all of a sudden, things had already gotten messed up to this extent.

"Old man, stop him! I can handle Saint!" Lin Fan's body moved nimbly like a dragon right now as he dodged and snuck attacks all around the place. But, the main source of firepower right now came from Cruel.

Even though Cruel was no match for Saint, after the booster of the True Origins Crushing Kick, his powers had already reached a maximum at this point.

Not only that, Saint's chest had already exploded countless of times by now, causing him to break down to his lowest point. The only reason he was still hanging on was because of his innate strength that was tiding him through this.

"CRUEL, YOU'RE COURTING DEATH! AS AN UTMOST BEING OF THE ANCIENT RACE, HOW DARE YOU HELP THESE ANT LIKE BEINGS?" Saint bellowed out as that face of his became so menacing that it was almost contorting up.

All he could feel right now was that his chest was being bitten on be something right now, as the waves of pain cut themselves right into his heart. In fact, it was even affecting the gathering of his powers right now.

"Good lad, I haven't misjudged you indeed!" Namo Saint Emperor cheered out. Initially, he had thought that this was going to be a tragedy for sure. But to think that things would take on such a huge turn of events. This was something he hadn't expected at all.

Lin Fan circled around Saint like an agile snake that swiveled and twisted, dodging every single attack. He then turned his head around.

"What good lad! Call Yours Truly the Motherf*cking King! And also, who the f*ck are you?"

The only wish that Lin Fan had right now was to keep Saint in this place. This was a small and simple request.

But, looking at the current situation right now, Saint should be able to hold on for a bit longer. Though, for how long more he was able to hold out was entirely up to his own capabilities.

The face of Namo Saint Emperor changed suddenly, somewhat pissed. He had fought tooth and nail, and expended everything he had in order to help this guy when from the start till end, this guy did not even know who he was!

"Xuanhuang World... Don't tell me that you've forgotten everything you've done to me there." Namo Saint Emperor commented.

"Xuanhuang World? What did I do to you there? What? Don't come here and slander me for no reason! Yours Truly is a man of principle. You must have gotten the wrong guy!"

Naturally, Lin Fan was not going to admit it. Back when he was in the Xuanhuang World, he had nearly toyed that entire world into destruction.

However, all of a sudden, it jolted back into Lin Fan.

"You're the Namo Siant Emperor."

Back in the Lower World, there were three people who were the worst victims of his f*cking up.

One of them was the Namo Saint Emperor, and the second was the Female Empress. But amongst them, there was that Seven Saint Old Dog who had the longest lasting grudge with him.

But, Lin Fan did not know where that Seven Saint Old Dog had disappeared to. Ever since he entered the Ancient Saint World, he hadn't heard anything about him at all.

"That's right, that's Your Emperor here. However, Your Emperor is not someone that calculative and all, which is why..."

Namo Saint Emperor tossed back his robes as he commented righteously as though he was about to rail on and on. However, all of a sudden, he realized that the lad hadn't been listening to him at all!

"Flying Heavens!"


The void rippled out as Lin Fan burst forth with thousands of fists punching out. The entire void was filled with illusory figures of Lin Fan's punches, which howled out and caused a tornado to build from them.


Saint had never ever been in such a pitiful state. At this moment, he was exploding from anger internally.

A single mouthful of putrid gas burst forth from his mouth and swiveled up before gathering at the top of his head.


The moves of Saint were all extraordinary. All of a sudden, the putrid gas began to converge into one single huge egg. The egg then burst open, where a peerlessly supreme giant stood forth, supporting the Heaven and Earth.


Saint bellowed out. Using his palms to push down, a repressive pressure was emitted out with his body at the center. This power was so strong that it pushed back Lin Fan and Cruel instantly.

As for that supremely colossal giant, it roared out vehemently with both hands, which were as black as mountain valleys, cover the entire sky. At this moment, it seemed as though the entire world was under the control of this giant.


Suddenly, Saint's facial features began to contort. No one knew when, but the Flying Heavens had managed to seep through the layers of void and seize the opportunity when Saint's legs were wide open to burst forth from the ground.

That edged tip of the Flying Heavens shone with a bright gleaming glow.

"Long Xuan, we must let a new a*us get deflowered beautifully under the glory of this world once more!"

"HAHA! As the beautiful sun sets, let the breathtaking scene of the a*us' deflowering send blood petals spraying into the sky!"

"Xiguang, let us join hands once more!"

Xiguang and Long Xuan held hands as they looked at one another and smiled with a smile so bright that it looked like the edges of the world.


Even though he wasn't really rich now, Lin Fan still burnt countless Shengyang Pills in every single expenditure. Right now, that amount was around 500,000,000 pills!

Against the Utmost Being, Lin Fan did not dare to be overly careless. Even if Saint had received his entire set of chest punching and was on the brink of breaking down, Lin Fan did not dare to look down on him.


500,000,000 Shengyang Pills were burnt up entirely as the Flying Heavens went berserk, sending a wild force rampaging through the world. As for Saint, that hidden place of his seemed to have been peeked through by someone right now. This was a really unpleasant feeling.

Instantly, Flying Heavens disappeared from the world.

The face of Saint was really terrible right now. He wanted to use his powers to churn and resist this incoming force. However, the pain had already made its way right into his heart.

The giant that floated above his head jerked momentarily as well, as though it was about to disintegrate immediately because of Saint's mistake.

"DAMN IT! GOD DAMN IT!" Saint was incensed right now. He used both of his hands to grab out at his back as those eyes of his that could almost spit out fire right now were fixated on Lin Fan with a deathly intent.

As for Cruel, he seized the chance at this moment as well. With a fist that seemed to tear the world apart, he pummelled it out towards Saint.


The body of Saint shook tremendously. With this Cruel being in a frenzied state, the power that his fist contained could practically devastate the entire world.


"Good shot!"

Saint's body was sent flying back all the way while he spat out a mouthful of blood. Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy. Instantly, he sent forth a tremendous amount of power.

"Mythical Parasol Tree!"

Thousands of tree branches lined the sky as they pierced out of the void. Twisting and contorting as though they had a life of their own, they grabbed out and tried to coil Saint within them.

"Saint...!" The moment Fault saw this, his face changed. He burst forth with a formidable amount of power. When he looked at the perpetrator, his anger was boiling even further.


Fault pushed Feng Qingzi away and darted towards Lin Fan with his finger pointed forward. The amount of power was boundless as though a volcano had just erupted, causing the entire void to quake in its presence.

"Old man, what are you doing? Can you pay more attention?"

Lin Fan's attention was solely focused on Saint. However, he had suddenly realized he was now the target of a formidable amount of power, scaring the sh*t out of him.


The boundless amount of power passed through Lin Fan entirely.

"Good disciple, hang on!" Because his mind slipped for a moment, Feng Qingzi had allowed Fault to seize the chance to strike. This was intolerable!


Lin Fan switched out to the Heaven and Earth Smelt. That single finger was something that Lin Fan could not defend against even with his current strength. As such, he could only hide within the Heaven and Earth Smelt to tide it through.

"Old man, attention, please! Don't let Fault get the chance to strike out again! Today, I'll take down this Saint for sure!" Lin Fan hollered out as he was determined to defeat Saint.