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 Chapter 753: Leave With Your Mother

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The dust between the world had settled by now. However, the lands which were filled with life were now desolate and shrouded with an aura of death.

A lone figure stood upright between the Heaven and Earth.

Feng Qingzi's face was gleeful. He couldn't have misheard that voice! It was the voice of his dear disciple!

However, when he took a closer look at the figure standing there, Feng Qingzi's face changed entirely once more.

"Haha! Cruel, to think that you could have killed that human." When Saint caught sight of that figure, he smirked.

"Feng Qingzi, that disciple of yours is dead now. All of your hopes are dashed by now!" Saint laughed out wildly. Even though in his heart, Cruel was nothing more than a piece of trash, it shouldn't be an issue for him to kill an ant like human given his strength.

It was just that...

"Cruel, why did you stop my attack?" Saint demanded in a harsh tone.

Even though Cruel had just done a great service for the Ancient race, he was still but a mere ant in the eyes of Saint.

"Within that smelt, I've already devoured that human whole and stolen everything that he had. However, the heart of that human was extremely resolute. To think that he could still maintain a bit of control despite all of that. But right now, there are no more issues left. Everything of his is now just a part of me." Cruel replied coldly.

Cruel looked over at the Heaven and Earth Smelt. Stretching out his palm, that Heaven and Earth Smelt swiveled violently over before landing in front of him.

"But, I did gain a fair bit of benefits from devouring that human. This thing here is the Heaven and Earth Smelt. While it doesn't belong to any grade, it's definitely way more valuable than even a Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure. It can smelt anything within this universe. Your Utmost here was nearly killed because of this thing."

The demeanor of Cruel right now was really natural, just as he would usually be.

"It surpasses a Supreme Graded Utmost Treasure?" Saint did not have any interest towards that human at all. However, when he heard Cruel mentioning how precious that Heaven and Earth Smelt was, he let out a look of fascination.

"That's right. Even when I was within the smelt, I could have been smelted into my core remnants with just a single thought. No matter how strong one is, they can't defend against the power of refinement at all." Cruel chuckled out.

"Hand that treasure over to me." The moment Saint heard this, his heart was filled with a strong desire. To think that the human would possess such a treasure. It was no wonder that he couldn't even break open the smelt given his own powers. Seemed like it truly was a rare treasure.

Cruel let out a strain of displeasure.

"Why? You're unwilling?" Saint's expression changed as though he would snatch it over forcefully the moment Cruel shook his head.

"Come over here and get it then." Instantly, the Heaven and Earth Smelt started revolving as it shrunk smaller before landing onto Cruel's palms.

"Get your mark off it and toss it over." Saint replied.

"Come over and get it yourself." Cruel continued.

All of a sudden, the tension in the atmosphere got really intense.

Feng Qingzi was still in a daze, unable to recover from the shock of his own disciple being slain.

"H-how could this be...?" Feng Qingzi could not dare to imagine that his disciple had died just like that.

The faces of Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress were equally stunned. They knew that the thing that saved them was the final burst of intent from Lin Fan's consciousness. But, it had disappeared entirely by now.

The Female Empress shook her head and sighed. If she were to tell this to Xuan Er, that brat might be pretty saddened.

In the blink of an eye, four years had passed. She had thought that the lad would grow up to be an unparalleled supreme overlord. But, to think that he would die midway unfortunately like this.

There were countless geniuses amongst the thousands of races. But even then, so what? Only those who could reach the endgame were the true winners.

Ever since the ancient times, there had been countless geniuses who had died in the path of their cultivation. No matter how fabulous their potential and gifts were, it was all useless as they perished amidst the sands of time.

"Cruel, you would dare to defy my orders?" Saint seethed harshly. He felt that something was off. But, he just couldn't figure out what it was.

"I wouldn't dare to." Cruel replied.

"Then, toss that treasure over." Cruel barked out.

"Come over and take it yourself." No matter how Saint phrased it, Cruel replied with the same words. He then looked over at Fault, "Do you need it?"

Fault was startled and took a while to snap back to reality. His heart was then filled with some greed. However, the moment this greed started rising, a burst of fury shot forth from Saint.

"That's mine." Saint was enraged right now, truly enraged. He had not expected Cruel to dare defy his intention.

Cruel stretched out his palm where the Heaven and Earth Smelt sat quietly on it. The meaning was clear, 'If you want it, you have to come take it yourself.'

For a moment, Saint did not know how to react. He glared at Cruel sternly, trying to make out anything different about him. But, no matter how he sized him up, Cruel was still Cruel. He was still that same piece of trash that Saint had viewed him as.

"I don't wish to give you this treasure. But, if I don't, you're going to kill me and look for a new Utmost Being replacement." Cruel remarked.

"That's right. You've grown smarter." Saint smirked coldly.

"Then, come over and get it for yourself." Cruel replied.


"Now that the lad is dead, is it time for us to leave this place?" The Female Empress whispered.

Namo Saint Emperor did not reply for a moment or two. He too was feeling that it was about time for them to leave. Everything had failed; the lad had died. This was a great loss for the Human race.

Even though Feng Qingzi was anguished, the aged face of his was giving off a frosty expression right now. He knew that given the current situation, it was impossible for them to kill these Utmost Beings.

Now that there were three Utmost Beings gathered here, it would definitely require some effort if they wanted to leave this place safely.

"Saint Emperor, Female Empress... Wait for me, and we'll attempt a breakout together. We'll only be truly safe after we reach the Guarded Ground." Feng Qingzi transmitted to the both of them telepathically.

"Yes." The Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress nodded their heads seriously.

Given the current situation, that should be the only way. They would first seek shelter under the Guarded Ground before thinking of a way to leave at an opportune time.

Otherwise, given the strength of these Utmost Beings, even if they were to escape to the depths of the world, they would definitely be hunted down.

At this moment, Lin Fan had already entered Stealth mode and was hanging out behind Cruel, waiting for the other party to make their move.

However, the thing that left Lin Fan speechless was that this Saint was one hell of a lazy bum! Wasn't he just making a request for him to head over personally? It was not as though that would kill him!

"Alright, I'll come and retrieve it myself." Saint snarled out. Taking a single step, he appeared before the face of Cruel in the next second.

Those eyes that were filled with wrath glared straight into Cruel's eyes, "You had better behave yourself well from now on. Otherwise, you know of the consequences."

Looking at the smelt in the palms of Cruel, Saint could sense a vicissitudinous aura being emanated out of it.

This was a treasure! An absolute one at that!

Saint stretched out his hands slowly and grabbed at that Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Huh?" Suddenly, Saint realized to his surprise that he couldn't lift up the Heaven and Earth Smelt at all!

"You...!" Saint's face was frosty cold right now, thinking that this was Cruel's doing.

But just at this moment, Cruel let out a smile as he slapped at the back of Saint's head.

"You're courting death!" Instantly, Saint reacted as he bellowed. His eyes shone with an endless rage. To think that this trash would dare to strike at him!

Feng Qingzi and the others were prepared to make their escape. However, when they caught sight of the situation right now, they found themselves unable to comprehend what was happening.

What was going on? The Utmost Beings were definitely going to get into a conflict!

Saint raised his hand and grabbed at Cruel's throat. His eyes were about to spill fire out of them.

"Do you know that you're looking for death? Do you really think that I wouldn't dare to kill you?" Saint roared out in anger, wanting to choke Cruel to death in one grip.

"Huehue." Cruel was unfazed right now as his expression changed into one that was extremely benevolent. "Amitabha."

This series of changes was too quick that Saint was unable to react to it, wondering if Cruel had turned stupid.

However, a suddenly chilling burst of light bolted at him.

"True Origins Crushing Kick."

In one billionth of a second, Saint realized that something was off as he channeled every single last bit of power in his body, rumbling to block this kick.

"F*ck! To think that his reaction time would be so swift!"

Lin Fan was taken aback, evidently not expecting Saint to react this quickly. Just this reaction speed alone was faster than Lin Fan's speed entirely.

"B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star!"

Lin Fan's hands were fast as lightning. Within a single thought, thousands of fists rained out.



At this moment, Lin Fan was wild as the B*bs Bursting Fist of the North Star exploded out.


Within this short period of time, Saint's chest underwent a series of speedy changes. They grew, grew, and burst...

With the countless explosions that boomed out, the entire world shook as though it was about to collapse under its might.

"It worked!"

Lin Fan did not know how the situation was like right now, but he knew for sure that the B*obs Bursting Fist of the North Star possessed an unparalleled amount of power to it. In an instant, this Saint must have been crippled.

"My dear disciple, you're not dead!" When Feng Qingzi caught sight of the figure, his heart nearly popped out in joy. Instantly, he appeared beside Lin Fan and gripped him with his hand.

"Dear disciple, hurry up and leave with Your Revered Master!" Now was the best moment for them to make their great escape!

"F*ck! Leave with your mother! Hurry and seize the chance to help me make the last hit!" Lin Fan yelped out instead. This was a rare chance! If he were to let this go, there would be no way of getting something like this once more!

"Cruel, I'll give you a strengthening BUFF! Help me kill the other party!" Lin Fan did not hesitate as he slammed down on Cruel's groin with a kick.

The dual functions of the True Origins Crushing Kick were showcased once again at this very moment.


Saint cried out tragically.


Cruel howled out in sorrow as well. However, it was as though a battle god had possessed him as his aura climbed steadily. He had entered a frenzied state right now.