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 Chapter 752: Thankfully, I Made It In Time

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"Loss! This is a huge a*s loss!" The Namo Saint Emperor was on the brink of tears right now. He knew that the Utmost Beings were really strong, but he hadn't expected them to be bada*s to this extent!

"Saint Emperor, are you alright?" Feng Qingzi asked.

"I'm fine." Even though the Namo Saint Emperor was feeling really pained over this, the situation right now, it did not accord them the time to overthink it. "What should we do now? Saint has communicated over with the Heaven's Will. Even though the Heaven's Will has yet to awaken completely, just this strength alone is enough to crush us completely."

Namo Saint Emperor looked over at the Female Empress. Right now, she was nowhere better than him. The formidable power had sent her throne falling back.

In fact, the moment that energy seeped into the Female Empress' body, her Paradise started going into a state of chaos that rampaged all over, just so that it could repel and purge out this energy.

Both of these treasures were Utmost Treasures. However, to think that they couldn't even hold up against a single blow of Saint.

The strength of Namo Saint Emperor was especially formidable. Even the Female Empress herself would have to think twice before striking out at him. And right now, he had even burnt up Shengyang Pills to strike forth with his strongest attack. Even though he hadn't attained an Eternal God Seat, in theory, that should be enough to clash up against the Utmost Being.

"Do we have to truly give up on this lad and make our escape?" Looking at that horrifying Utmost Being, the face of the Female Empress could not help but get serious.

If this were to carry on, out of the three of them, Feng Qingzi might be the only one who could get to leave this place alive.

"Saint Emperor, Female Empress... you guys should leave first. No matter what, that lad is the disciple of this old man here. Let this old man take the responsibility of caring for him. I can still hold out for a bit longer." Feng Qingzi said.

"No. Even though he's your disciple, he is one of us from the Human race. Today, even if I, Namo Saint Emperor, were to die here, I would not regret it." Namo Saint Emperor replied.

Namo Saint Emperor had existed for a long time now. In the past, he had done something that had him regretting immensely.

Back when the Supreme Being came looking for him and invited him to head out together to kill the Ancient One, he rejected due to fear.

Even though it had been 10,000 years since then, this regret had been rooted deep in his heart. Now that history was repeating itself, there was no way he would step away from this.

Furthermore, he had already sacrificed so much this time around. If he were to leave without any interest at all, he would be indignant about this.

"None of you shall dream of leaving today." Both the Utmost Beings glared at everyone present with a frosty look. "Feng Qingzi, once we're done today, the Guarded Ground shall have no more Guardians to them. And, you shall die here as well."

"HAHA! This old man has lived for such a long time now. Truly, I've never been afraid of death. Even if the Heaven's Will is blessing you guys, this old man isn't fearful at all." Feng Qingzi chuckled out in a carefree manner.

The thing that had Feng Qingzi worrying right now was the fact about why the Heaven's Will was awakening this quickly. Could it mean that the beings of the thousands of races were doomed to be annihilated?

All these years, Feng Qingzi had been searching for the true secret behind the Ancient Saint World. He wanted to know why everything was happening the way it was. However, despite treading through the entire Ancient Saint World, he could not find an answer at all.

"Good. Your Utmost shall fulfill your wishes today then." Both of the Utmost Beings started moving, as every single step they took seemed to be treading through space and time. In the blink of an eye, they had caged Feng Qingzi and the other two up together.

Saint was giving off a bright glow right now as though he was the supreme ruler of the entire universe. He then slammed out with a single punch that momentarily caused the world to quake. The punch consisted of all the Dao of martial arts within.

Even though it looked to be simple, Feng Qingzi could tell that the one single punch had already sealed up the entire world. Even the nimblest of all movement skills would not allow them to dodge that at all.

Everything it passed withered and was devastated. This was a force not to be reckoned with.

Under this single punch, a formidable momentum encompassed an area spanning a million miles in radius. Every single living being within these million miles started trembling uncontrollably while an inexplicable fear suddenly appeared within their hearts.

Feng Qingzi roared out as that Half Mooned Golden Chakram gave off a godly gleam before spiraling out. A ferocious intent burst forth from it.

Feng Qingzi's personal intent wasn't the only thing within the intent that burst forth from it. There was even the intent of an unparalleled Ancient race being.

"Hmph! Feng Qingzi, do you think that you can block this with his help? Even if you are to survive, both of them must die." Saint's voice was cold.

He was extremely familiar with this Half Mooned Golden Chakram. Once upon a time, it was an Utmost Treasure of the Ancient race. The fact that it was even being used by an ant like living being was an utter humiliation for the Ancient race.

The expressions of Namo Saint Emperor and the Female Empress took a huge turn as they utilized their movement techniques to its peak. They had already been prepared for this the moment they knew that they were facing up against the Utmost Beings.

Their skills were enough for them to live life ignobly. But, to pit themselves against the Utmost Beings was to court death inevitably.

"F*ck it!" Namo Saint Emperor yelled out as he spat out a mouthful of Essence Blood. His fingers were nimble like a butterfly as they drew out intricate symbols in the air. The moment the symbols were formed, a bright golden light shone out.

On the other hand, the face of Namo Saint Emperor turned pale by a significant amount.

When one was at a cultivation state such as his, Essence Blood was incomparably important. Even a single drop of his Essence Blood would be enough to aid any living being to turn into a superiorly powerful being.

"World of Namo!"

Namo Saint Emperor howled out as a ball of Spirit Qi began to gather above his head. All of the Spirit Qi manifested into figures of Buddha as though it was a World of Buddha.



The moment this World of Buddha made contact with the punch of Saint, a series of loud clanging sounds rang out. The Buddha that was seated right in the middle of the World of Buddha started crumbling as though its body could not withstand the power that it was facing.

The face of Namo Saint Emperor was getting more terrible by the second. At the same time, he looked at that Heaven and Earth Smelt.

"Bloody hell! This lad is truly a troublemaker! Seems like this time around, he's really going to be the cause of death of me!"

This single punch of Saint encompassed everything in this world. It seemed that no one would be able to block it. This was especially the case now that it was bestowed additional powers by the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World. It was formidable to the extreme.

"GO TO HELL!" Saint bellowed out as his power got even steadier. It seemed that every single living thing would be destroyed and buried within this single punch.

"Saint Emperor! Female Empress!" Feng Qingzi's face changed.

Right now, the number of genius beings in the Ancient Saint World who could stand up against the Utmost Beings was getting less by the day. If they were to lose two powerful beings this time around, it would be an unrecoverable setback for the thousands of races.

"Feng Qingzi, you had better care about yourself first." Fault smirked out as he flicked his finger, causing the void to tear out in his path.

Even for Feng Qingzi, the pressure that was being mounted on him was immense.


At this moment, an explosion boomed out. The world fell into a shade of dusty ashes as everything within a radius of a million miles started quaking.


Saint tilted his head up to the Heavens and roared with a deranged laughter. He believed that there should be no living beings who could remain alive under the might of this single punch of his.

No matter how strong they were, they couldn't possibly remain alive. No.

Feng Qingzi's heart was thumping anxiously. However, this was a foregone conclusion. There was nothing he could do about it.

"Saint Emperor! Female Empress! Hais...!" Feng Qingzi shook his head and sighed. He had not expected things to turn out like this.

Given the current situation, the odds were direly stacked against him.

Just as Saint turned around and was about to join hands with Fault to kill Feng Qingzi, they caught sight of a lone figure standing upright in this world that was filled with ashes right now.

"Aiya! Seems like...thankfully, I made it in time?"

This voice...!

Instantly, Feng Qingzi head jerked in that direction. The moment he heard this voice, his face lit up as his eyes shone with a look of absolute disbelief.