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 Chapter 75: I Will Make You Cry

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After an unknown amount of time, Lin Fan returned to the auction room and was stunned on seeing the scene in front of him. Just what had happened?

Earlier, many people were going in and out within the auction room, but he didn't see any sect disciples right now, as if the previous chaotic venue from earlier didn't even exist.

Where did all those thousands of sect disciples go, and what was up with that previous uproar? The current venue was completely orderly, as if nothing had happened.

Lin Fan had many questions.

'I have to leave, I must leave.'

'There is something going on in the Great Yan Dynasty, the Yan Emperor is plotting something.'

The thousands of people had just suddenly disappeared. Other than the Yan Emperor, who else had such capabilities?

Lin Fan immediately entered stealth mode. He didn't return to the school and didn't call out to anyone. He had to return to his sect to report this incident. Adding in what just happened, Lin Fan was certain that the Saint Devil sect disciples that had come to Great Yan Dynasty had likely been done in by the Yan Emperor.

This was a massive conspiracy, a plot that had been in the works for a long time.

He was level six postcelestial now, but in the face of the Yan Emperor, that meant nothing, if he had superior power, he would have long given the Yan Emperor a brutal beating to put him in place.

This was the first time Lin Fan had such an urge for more power.

When he came to the city's entrance, there were more soldiers there than usual. At the same time, the inspection for exiting the city seemed even more strict than usual. But luckily, Lin Fan was in stealth mode, so he naturally passed through the inspection easily.

After exiting the city, he looked back, 'My students, I will definitely return.'

Lin Fan was focused on two matters currently, one was to return to the sect and inform them of the Yan Emperor's plot, and the other was to properly train his students.

Since the sect was in danger, he had to return quickly. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to come back in the future. But he had given them everything he could already, so he could only hope that they would work hard, and they would meet again in the future if fate allowed it.

Three days later.

Lin Fan used "Psychedelic Body" the entire way, causing the skill to level to level twenty, and advance into "Phantom Mirage"


At this time, the resting Lin Fan was about to rise to continue his way when he heard a deafening roar which startled him.

A wild beast.

It was an extremely fierce roar of a wild beast.

After a moment's hesitation, Lin Fan headed towards the source of the sound. The roar was able to rattle his mind. He didn't know what kind of wild beast it was, but he was certain it was very powerful.

But as Lin Fan drew near, the scene he saw shocked him.

A single horn, the horn burning with a black fire, the body enormous... it was a very powerful looking Burning Rhino.

Lin Fan had seen it before in the Saint Devil sect's manual. This was an extremely fierce wild beast, and one of the fiercest species among the wild beasts.

The Burning Rhino generally traveled alone and never in groups, but there were two of them unexpectedly. Also from the looks of them, the two Burning Rhinos seemed friendly with each other, and were currently communicating with each other through roars.

Lin Fan checked and found that the two Burning Rhinos were both level two pericelestials, so their strength was clearly phenomenal.

Lin Fan was hesitant. If he could kill these two Burning Rhinos, his level should rise quite a lot. To him, they were essentially two BOSS wild beasts. Lin Fan wasn't planning on fighting the two directly, he couldn't even defeat one Burning Rhino let alone two.

If he were to just stand out, these two Burning Rhinos would burn him into oblivion.

The black fire the Burning Rhinos had on their horns wasn't there for show. They were the natural flames carried by the Burning Rhinoceros species. Even if a level two pericelestial martial artist were to be touched by the black fire, they would be reduced to ashes.

Lin Fan currently couldn't do anything to these two Burning Rhinos and could only watch. So he felt it perhaps might be better to just leave. He was close to the sect already. Just two more days of rushing and he should be able to reach the Saint Devil sect's territory.

Lin Fan began to leave but then suddenly heard a roar.

Lin Fan held his breath and realized the two Burning Rhinos were once again communicating.

Based on the current time, perhaps the communication between the two Burning Rhinos was like this.

"It's noon, we should eat lunch soon. Go find some food."

"Why don't you go?"

"I am telling you to go... What, do you have a problem with that?"


Of course, these were just Lin Fan's own imaginations. Whether they were accurate or not was another story.

As one Burning Rhino began leaving, Lin Fan had an idea. With this situation, he could perhaps give it a try.

Lin Fan entered stealth mode and using the advanced "Phantom Mirage", he quietly crept near the Buring Rhino lying on the ground resting. In that instant, the Burning Rhino suddenly roared out loudly as it had sensed movements in the surroundings. But when it looked around with its huge eyes and didn't see anything, it lied back down again and continued resting.

Lin Fan nervously sighed in relief. As expected, the wild beast had keen senses. His energy was completely concealed, but he still ended up being detected. Wild beasts surely lived up to their names with their senses being much better than humans.

As Lin Fan drew near the Burning Rhino, he took out his legendary weapon and smacked it down on its head. After seeing the huge wild beast faint, Lin Fan smiled and took out Ni Mantian's middle dark class "Purple Frost Sword". This was the first time he had used it, but he didn't expect it would be so handy for this situation.

The Burning Rhino had very thick skin, so perhaps any weapon under dark class wouldn't be able to break through its defenses.

As Lin Fan was preparing to attack, he suddenly remembered that within the Burning Rhinoceros species were many males but few females. Also Burning Rhinoceros were naturally impulsive, so when they met a female counterpart, they would become crazy and do everything they could to make them "cry".

If he were to kill this Burning Rhino right now, it would eliminate one of them, but when the other one came back and saw this, it would perhaps be troublesome.

And wasting resources was not Lin Fan's style.

Lin Fan clenched his fist. Maybe he could do a gamble. His eyes lit up suddenly as he reached out one hand like a dragon heading out to sea, quick and precise. The elements of Yin and Yang began to reverse.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth."

For Lin Fan, "Twisting Heaven and Earth" could reverse anything in the world. So naturally, this Burning Rhino wasn't an exception.

'Ding... congratulations "Twisting Heaven and Earth" experience + 30000.'

After one move, Lin Fan didn't continue exploiting the experience gain for "Twisting Heaven and Earth" anymore and immediately hid.

As expected, the other Buring Rhino soon came back with a dead wild beast in its mouth.

Lin Fan hid in the shadows and observed, waiting for the prime opportunity. Unexpectedly, the other Burning Rhino did actually end up finding food.

The Buring Rhino carrying the food was walked slowly. But when it saw its companion collapsed on the ground and standing up groggily, it froze. The food in its mouth dropped to the ground and its original cloudy eyes lit up with a raging fire, as if it had discovered a new world of excitement.

The Burning Rhino that had its yin and yang reversed by Lin Fan shook its head while standing up. It was confused and suspicious about what had just happened, but when it saw its companion carrying the food back and then dropping it to the ground, it roared out in anger.

But at this time, it realized something strange. Its companion was drooling from the mouth and the thing underneath was completedly rigid. At the same time, the eyes were glowing red as if it were about to do something.

"Roar..." The Burning Rhino who had brought the food back roared out crazily and began rushing over without any care.

The confused Burning Rhino who still hadn't realized it had been turned from a male to female was then ridden on from behind by its companion. It cried out and kicked out angrily, then roared out several times in rage.

Lin Fan, who was hiding, watched happily as the two Buring Rhinos began roaring at each other while thinking 'hurry up and fight'.

As the two Burning Rhinos began communicating through roars, Lin Fan began imagining what they were saying in his mind.

"Don't move, I want to make you cry, I want you to have my baby."

"Get lost, what are you talking about? We are just friends."

"I'll make you cry."

"I'll make you cry."

The sky darkened, dust blew about and the earth began splitting as wild instincts took over. The bonds of friendship became shattered as the story of broken trust between friends occurred between the wild beasts.