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 Chapter 746: Torment One Another! We're Both Resolute!

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"So, are you letting go or not?"

After being smelted for a while, both Lin Fan and the Utmost Being Cruel could be considered to be on an even ground right now. Losing their limbs and legs would already be considered to be a good state in the current situation.

"Your Utmost Being is not going to let go!" Right now, the Utmost Being Cruel was sweating profusely, with bead-like drops of perspiration dripping down from his forehead with a splash. He was almost on the breaking point from all that pain.

But, if this were the only case, it still wasn't enough for him to loosen his grip on the Universal Elixir.

"Come at me if you've got the guts! What sort of pain has Your Utmost not endured? You think that you can have Your Utmost bowing down in defeat over such a pain? Then, you've got to be looking down on me." The gaze of the Utmost Being Cruel was harsh right now, filled with a frenzy. That hand of his which was gripping on to Lin Fan's Universal Elixir was still shut tightly, with no intentions of letting up at all.

Lin Fan was enduring an urge to cry right now. All of these Ancient race beings were some bloody sickos! They were all lunatics! And, the Utmost Beings were practically the machine guns of the lunatics! He was evidently on the point of being unable to endure it, yet he was still talking tough!

If it were any normal sane man, they would have been scared pissing just looking at the crazed look of Cruel.

However, even if that were the case, so what?

Lin Fan wasn't going to be afraid of that.

Since he was going to be tough, so was Lin Fan! If he wanted a competition of who was tougher, then he better come at it with everything!

Lin Fan did not say anything anymore as the Heaven and Earth Smelt vibrated once more.

Vrrrr! Vrrrr...!!!

The fiery flames were blazing as they brought forth torment from outside all the way in. Even if it were the toughest treasure in this entire world, it would have been smelted into ashes by now.

"Cruel, neither of us would need to speak anymore today! At the very most, we can both just die together! I'll just have to see how much more you can endure!"


Lin Fan and Cruel glared at one another. Under this immense suffering, both of them were knocked kneeling on the ground. Their bodies were like clay slurries at this moment that were corroding nonstop.

The Inner World and foundation of Cruel was starting to quake as well. Even those uncountable years of cultivation gained through hard work couldn't withstand this power of refinement here right now.

'Just what sort of power is this?! Why can't I endure it even with my ancient body as an Utmost Being of the Ancient race?!' The heart of the Utmost Being Cruel was frightened right now. However, when he looked at the state of Lin Fan right now, he could not help but grit his teeth as well. He refused to believe that a puny human would be able to endure to such an extent!

'Ding...Eternal God Body Experience Points +100,000.'

'Ding...Congratulations on Eternal God Body leveling up. Level 7.'

'F*ck! My physical body state did not level up at all! Damn it!' Lin Fan's heart was about to break down right now. However, in front of Cruel, he had to put on a strong front. He must not cower at all!

Right now, his physical body state was that of a Divine celestial level 8 state. If he were to level up, it would be Divine celestial level 9 state.

And, once he got to a Divine celestial level 9 state, how far could he possibly be from a Divine celestial level 10 state?

By that time, who else in this world would be able to kill Your Daddy?

So what if it were an Utmost Being who had obtained an Eternal God Seat? By then, Your Daddy could stand there and have them whack him for thousands and thousands of years, and even then, they might not be able to kill Your Daddy!

"F*ck! Come on then! Whoever bows down is a dog!" Lin Fan was enraged at this moment. Wasn't it just to be smelted? One might as well bring it on!

The fresh blood within his body rumbled furiously as his body temperature reached a frightening degree. Under this temperature, just a single touch would be enough to burn anyone to death, let alone having it boil within his body.

"Heaven's Will Utmost Being! Bestow and bless my Ancient body!"

The Utmost Being Cruel shouted out as a mystifying energy burst forth from his body and gathered above his head, before shooting out towards the void. However, all of a sudden, Cruel's face changed as he realized in horror that the energy could not penetrate through these walls!

"Cruel, stop wasting your efforts. In this place, I am both the Heaven and Earth. This is isolated from the outside world. You were hoping for the Heaven's Will to bless you? That's a fool's dream!"

The Ancient race were heavily blessed, as though they were the very son of the Heaven's Will itself. If an Utmost Being were to receive the blessings from the Heaven's Will, the power that would erupt forth would be astoundingly horrifying.

However, if he thought that he could receive the blessings from within this Heaven and Earth Smelt, he would undoubtedly be dreaming.

The Utmost Being Cruel glared at Lin Fan and opened his mouth in rage. Instantly, it transformed into a gigantic mouth that could devour the world. "I'M GOING TO EAT YOU UP!"

"DREAM ON!" Lin Fan bellowed out as the power of refinement within the Heaven and Earth Smelt shot up once more.


'Ding...Eternal God Body Experience Points +120,000.'

'Ding...Eternal God Body Experience Points +120,000.'

The Utmost Being Cruel howled out as his face turned ever more menacing. But, Lin Fan was nowhere better at this moment.


One-third of their bodies were destroyed at this point.

Lin Fan endured this limitless and endless pain. The only bit of sanity left within his mind seemed as though it was about to collapse. This feeling had Lin Fan doubting his life entirely.

Mad. He had really gone mad!

Lin Fan's mental state was about to crumble down as his entire person started going insane.


Lin Fan's eyes were bloodshot red as his expression turned ever more venomous. With the Heaven and Earth Smelt, it would be an extremely easy task for him to raise his physical body state to a peak state.

However, the equivalent suffering from that exchange was endless and boundless. That was a pain that could cause one to entirely lose their sanity.

With the existence of the system, Lin Fan believed that he would be able to become a powerful being who could rule over the entire universe through his hard work one fine day.

Therefore, unless there was really no other choice for him, Lin Fan would definitely not depend on the Heaven and Earth Smelt to raise his physical body state.

That was because every single time he was smelted, it was a world of torment for him.

Even the type of devastating pain that could be caused by the True Origins Crushing Kick was not even one out of 10,000 compared to the power of refinement.

"CRUEL, THIS IS SOMETHING THAT YOU'VE FORCED ME TO DO! ARE YOU GOING TO LET GO?" Lin Fan screamed out, but his heart was extremely pained.

If this guy before him weren't an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he would have been smelted long before him! But, the guy before him WAS an Utmost Being.

Lin Fan had made a rough calculation. Given the current physical body state of the Utmost Being Cruel, if he wanted to kill off the other party, the only way was to die off with him.


Cruel laughed out sinisterly, "Human! Your Utmost knows that you're starting to feel fear! But, Your Utmost here isn't afraid of death! For countless of thousands of years, Your Utmost has been through all sorts of pains and tortures! Yet, I've never once bowed down! And yet, someone like you thinks that he can get Your Utmost to bow down? You aren't qualified just yet! Even if I have to die, Your Utmost will let you die with an insufferable pain!"

"The Universal Elixir is the root of your belonging! I'll have you disappear into nothingness where your consciousness will not even get a chance at reincarnate!" The Utmost Being Cruel laughed out wildly. This was a crazed laughter.



Lin Fan could not endure it anymore. To think that this Utmost Being Cruel would still think of flaunting himself before Lin Fan in such an insane manner! This was something that Lin Fan could not tolerate at all! And furthermore, he had even used a common phrase that Lin Fan loved to use while flaunting!


Before the Utmost Being Cruel could even finish his words, Lin Fan had raised the power of refinement once more. A series of pig slaughtering sounds rang out through the smelt, capable of bringing goosebumps to anyone who could have heard them.

Cruel grit his teeth harshly and was filled with immense bitterness. When he saw that crazed expression on the face of that human, he felt a deep part of his heart losing a portion of his courage.

While this was an infinitesimal feeling, this single seed of doubt was enough to crush Cruel.

He was an Utmost Being! How could he feel something such as fear?

"Cruel, you are an Utmost Being of the Ancient race while I am a lone man with nothing to lose. The fact that I can have an Utmost Being such as yourself accompany me to death is more than enough! However, everything you possess shall be gifted out to everyone else. All the other Utmost Beings would also feel spurned at your death in the hands of Yours Truly as well!" Lin Fan burst out laughing.

Actually, Lin Fan was really giving in right now as he acknowledged defeat in his heart. This was really pushing him to his limits with no chance at all!

Now that he had already pushed this far, the outcome of him continuing to push forth was obvious.

He would have to die.

It didn't matter if he had the system.

Even the system couldn't allow him to reincarnate for no reason.

However, he had already said it out: Whoever bowed first would be a dog.

Lin Fan didn't want to be a dog man!

Since that was the case, they could only choose to continue hurting one another.