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 Chapter 742: Cultivate The Universal Elixir

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"Could this skill of Purification really not even have that slightest chance of success here?"

Lin Fan was almost falling asleep on the couch right now. He did not know how many times he had used Purification by now. However, if he were to roughly estimate, it would be 10,000 times at least.

However, even though the effects were flashy each time, the impact was actually minuscule.


The Buddha light wrapped around the entire place as all sorts of weird phenomenon occurred. The Buddha power of Purification was flushing over the bodies of these three old men. However, they could only feel some slight tremors in their hearts.

It was a feeling of breaking through the mold and being guided towards a fresh start in life. However, this feeling lasted momentarily before disappearing.

The three old men exchanged glances with one another. They were used to this by now.

Suddenly, they realized that this Lin Fan before them must be a lunatic. Obviously, his skill of Purification was far from accomplished and yet he wanted to purify them with it. Wasn't this just a fool's dream?

Given their Eight Desolates United cultivation state, if they could be reformed by this weak Purification power, they would have lived their lives for nothing.

"Little buddy, you're not going to be able to purify us. How about letting us go?"

"That's right. Little buddy, you've been at it for more than 10,000 times now. That resilience is worthy of admiration. I, the Saber Emperor, am willing to impart to you my ultimate moves."

"Me too!"

Elder Immortal Xu had thought for a long time, wondering how he had fainted. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get it at all. But, given the situation right now, he had thrown in the towel. He realized that this little buddy before him had a mental issue.

Lin Fan was pretty displeased at this point. His face then flushed up. 'Yours Truly refuses to believe that there's no chance of the skill of Purification working today!'





The three old fogeys sighed out in exasperation. After that, they let out a look of helplessness with nothing to look forward to. Since this was the case, then they could just let him purify as he wished.

The best would be for him to try purifying for a good eighty to hundred years. Perhaps the Utmost Being, Saint, might come searching for him and rescue them back by then.

And then, they went through another 10,000 attempts at Purification.

Lin Fan was stopping in anguish right now.

"This doesn't make sense at all! Even crafting weapons have a slight possibility of creating a legendary weapon! This Purification doesn't make any sense at all!"

"You only gain experience points after a successful Purification. But, if you don't, you get jacksh*t experience points? That's right, there must be something wrong with this!"

At this moment, Lin Fan could not help but enter a deep state of thought as his brain churned really quickly while an endless amount of knowledge streamed into his mind.

Suddenly, Lin Fan thought of a crucial point.

He had once played a game called 'The Legend of Mir 2'. Within it was a wizard who had a Bewitching Light skill, the equivalent of Purification here. However, there was a prerequisite for it: The monsters had to be crippled. By then, the chances of them being converted would be significantly higher.

"Aiyo! Holy f*ck! How could I have taken such a long time to understand such a simple logic? These three old fogeys are no weaklings. And right now, they're at their peak status. No wonder there is no chance of the Purification skill working at all!"

Lin Fan looked over at the three old fogeys and his brows twitched in happiness. Now that he had thought things through, he was way more confident than ever.

As for the three old fogeys, they could tell that something was amiss right now. The gaze that Lin Fan cast at them had their hearts beating a little faster.

"What do you intend to do?" The three of them felt a chilling sensation entering their hearts due to a bad feeling.

"Hehehe... Nothing..." Lin Fan chuckled out calmly. No matter what, he had to give it a shot.

Lin Fan gripped his fist tightly, "Don't worry. Yours Truly will be gentle."

"Little buddy, we can talk things through! We're all living beings of the thousands of races!" Elder Immortal Xu felt his heart thumping even faster at the sight of this guy before him.


A sinister laughter came out of Lin Fan's mouth. The sound of it was extremely shivering.

"Saber Emperor, Spear Emperor... Seems like we're destined to die here today."

"I'm not willing to accept this! After hundreds and thousands of years, how can I possibly die here? Your Emperor here is only one step away from attaining that Eternal God state!"

The three old fellows clamored amongst themselves, venting the indignance in their hearts.

At that instant, Lin Fan took action. Without any hesitation, he punched out with a calm aura as though there was no killing intent behind it. However, for the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor, this punch was ever so horrifying, as though they had just met with the Devil himself.

Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star!

Boom! Wham! Bam! Thump!


The tragic cries were relentless. By now, the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor were thoroughly fearful of this move.

"Haha! Spear Emperor! Saber Emperor! Isn't this just a normal punch? Why are you so scared?" Elder Immortal Xu asked indignantly.

"Y-you...!" Looking at how fearless Elder Immortal Xu was, the Saber Emperor and the Spear Emperor had to give it to him. However, when they saw how his face turned pale right after, they sighed out deeply.

They did not know what sort of skills this guy was actually cultivating. Why the hell were each of them sicker than the other?

Blood Bursting Fist of the North Star!

As though he was possessed at this moment, Lin Fan's hands and legs moved nonstop as they rained down on the three old men.

With the restriction of the Mythical Parasol Tree, those three old men were rendered immobile. They could only accept the fists of Lin Fan like raindrops on their faces.



Along with the passage of time, the auras of the three old men turned weaker.

Lin Fan's eyes shone with a glint, "Alright! Seems like it's about time now!"


'Ding...Purification failure.'

'Ding...Purification failure.'


Yet another round of countless failures.... However, this time around, Lin Fan did not lose faith. With the Buddhist light shining brightly, countless Buddhas surrounded the three old fogeys while chanting out sutras.

At this moment, Lin Fan's face was benevolent. It seemed as though he was the most compassionate man in the world right now. That Buddha heart of his shone down on the entire world.

"Purify... Repent for your sins now and you shall be absolved of all crimes."

Lin Fan's voice boomed out like thunder that revolved around the minds of the three old fogeys endlessly.

The malevolent faces of the three old fogeys were starting to change gradually. They were turning merciful as that ominous intent that laid deep within their hearts was vanishing slowly as well.

From the get go, one could tell that these three old fogeys were immensely strong. Even though they were always greeting people with smiles, one could tell that they were vicious and cruel beings who possessed an intense killing aura behind those smiling faces of theirs.


'Ding...Purification success.'

'Ding...Experience Points +100,000'

'Ding...Congratulations. Purification has leveled up.'


At this moment, Lin Fan's heard leaped with joy. Indeed! It was as he had expected! Most people might have to train up this skill of Purification slowly all the way down from the very bottom. However, for Lin Fan with his system, all sorts of possibilities laid in front of him. Otherwise, how was it befitting to call it 'The Strongest System'?

'Ding...Congratulations. Purification Level 19.'

Suddenly, Lin Fan was starting to realize that the Buddha's Light of Purification within his body was getting more intense. In fact, it had even transformed into different figures of Purifying Buddhas.

Now that he had purified three Divine celestial level 9 state beings in a row, Lin Fan had brought his skill of Purification to this state. If he were to level it just one more time, it would be time for it to evolve.

"I've just discovered the most beautiful scene that awaits me in this world. The true path I should undertake is to follow by the side of my Master."

Elder Immortal Xu, Saber Emperor, and the Spear Emperor had let go of all attachments right now and were leaning towards Lin Fan with utmost conviction.

Lin Fan grinned out and slammed down with his palm as a massive burst of aura exploded out. Instantly, it turned into a heaven encompassing gigantic hand that pinched the three old fogeys within it. With a tight squeeze, they exploded instantly.

Their powers, Paradise, Law, Universal Elixir, Essence Spirit, and every other attainment was converted into energy of its purest form and spread out within the Paradise.

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Divine celestial level 9 state beings.'


'Ding...Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding...Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state.'

"The three of you old fogeys are worth jacksh*t to Yours Truly. It's more than enough to kill you guys and take the experience points that I require."


All of a sudden, the energy within Lin Fan's body burst forth.

Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state.

At this moment, Lin Fan had to cultivate the Universal Elixir.