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 Chapter 738: Purification Skill! Things Are Going To Be Different From Now On!

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Within the void...

Looking at the Guarded Ground, Lin Fan sighed out in his heart. For anyone concerned, this Guarded Ground was practically a land of bliss.

But, during this short period of time here, Lin Fan realized on the other hand that this Guarded Ground had diminished the fighting spirits of the people here. To all of them, this was a place where they could have a reliable backing. As long as they stayed within this place, they would never face any dangers.

"My dear disciple, you're not going to say a word of farewell to your Revered Master before leaving?" The void rippled out like a water surface as Feng Qingzi chuckled and walked out.

Lin Fan tossed a side glance at this old man, "What's there to bid farewell about when I'm going to leave?"

"This lad... Seriously, you don't know a thing about respect. As your Revered Master, I had wanted to give you something upon seeing that you were about to leave. But, since you're so rude, forget it. You can just leave." Feng Qingzi tossed back his robes and replied impatiently.

The moment Lin Fan heard this, he was stunned. Instantly, his expression changed, "Ah, my dear Revered Master, you can't do that! Your dear disciple here was just worried about disturbing your peace and rest time!"

The moment he saw that there was something up for grabs, Lin Fan naturally discarded any bit of concern and bootlicked Feng Qingzi.

Feng Qingzi rolled his eyes. He was now long used to this shameless behavior of his disciple.

It hadn't been long since he had arrived in the Guarded Ground, yet he had managed to create a whole load of ruckus here. But oh well, it was good that he was going to leave. This would save Feng Qingzi a whole load of trouble.

Feng Qingzi flicked out with his finger as a long river flowed out.

"This is 10,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills here. Take care when you're outside."

"Huh? Just 10,000,000,000?" When Lin Fan first saw the river of Shengyang Pills, he had thought that there would be a few trillions at least.

"You little brat! Your Revered Master here is gifting you Shengyang Pills, and you are complaining that it's too little? This is something that Your Revered Master here has cultivated relentlessly over dozens of years! Infuriating! This is way too infuriating!" Feng Qingzi huffed into his beard and opened his eyes wide. This was unbearable!

"Come on, don't get mad now, Revered Master. Your disciple here was just saying, that's all." Lin Fan kept the Shengyang Pills into his storage and put on a face of utmost gratitude with tears and snot.

However, with these 10,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills, even if he were to meet an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he would be able to defend himself.

"This here is a book of Your Revered Master's Review of his cultivation experience. Take time to read it when you're free. It will help you with your cultivation."

"Revered Master, you're not going to hand me some Nine Heavens or Ten Earths godly skill?" Lin Fan asked in anticipation.

'What the hell use does this Cultivation Review have? No matter what, he should have given me some secret technique, no?' Lin Fan thought.

"The path of cultivation depends on oneself. Learning the skills of others will always cause you to be a step below them eventually. Therefore, Your Revered Master here hopes that you can craft out your own Dao of cultivation and walk on a path that belongs to you." Feng Qingzi's face was serious right now but he was cussing in his heart.

This f*cking disciple of his! Day and night, he was just trying to get something out from him! Feng Qingzi must definitely not encourage this sort of a negative behavior.

Initially, he had truly intended to give some real skills along with it. But looking at the situation right now, this disciple of his was really infuriating! No more! Not giving anymore!

"Revered Master, you can't do that! This poor disciple of yours only knows of a few skills to his name! What if I were to meet someone like the Utmost Being of the Ancient race or something! Wouldn't I be walloped into a fool?"

Now that Lin Fan was about to leave, he had to dig out as much as he could; the more the better.

"Doesn't matter. Your Revered Master's consciousness will stay by your side the entire time. Before you get whacked into a fool, Your Revered Master will definitely save you. You can go in peace." Feng Qingzi waved his hands dismissively.

'Holy f*ck!'

At this moment, Lin Fan knew that he was thoroughly defeated. Since Feng Qingzi has already said it like this, what else could he even refute it with?

Eventually, Lin Fan retreated in defeat. However, no matter what, this Revered Master of his did have some conscience as well to give him a little something.

A long streak of light bolted off.

Feng Qingzi looked at the departure of Lin Fan and sighed gently before returning to the Guarded Ground. He did have high hopes for this disciple of his. But, he wondered how he would end up faring eventually.

Lin Fan delved into the void and left the Guarded Ground. He then covered himself with a layer of mud color before tunneling down into the abyss' crevasses.

"Time to read this Review of Cultivation one time through first."

Feng Qingzi was a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state being, who had obtained an Eternal God Seat. Even the thoughts of his own cultivation were something that could be considered as an Utmost Treasure.

Lin Fan sat down cross-legged in the deep crevasses.

A single breath was akin to hundreds and thousands of years. Lin Fan was akin to a stone statue right now as he didn't budge by even a single inch.

Feng Qingzi's Review of Cultivation possessed all sorts of martial studies and comprehension towards every single state of a Divine celestial. For Lin Fan, these were all irreplaceable experiences.

All the skills that Lin Fan knew about were changing gradually as they readjusted themselves from head to toe. To Lin Fan, this was akin to receiving the legacy of a powerful being.


After an unknown period of time, Lin Fan jerked his eyes open. With the restriction of the system, his cultivation state did not grow. However, his aura was way stronger than before.

"F*cking imposing!"

This was the only thought in Lin Fan's mind right now.

"Master, can you pass that Purification skill to me now?" Within the Paradise, the Thunder Trainer King asked bitterly.

"Hold on."

'Ding...Learn Purification.'

'Purification: Level 1'

'Experience Points: 0/1000'

For Lin Fan, this was just another skill that he had to learn from the start, that was all.

Lifting his finger, he started channeling the Purification skill, and a strain of Buddha light coiled around him. However, it was pretty weak.

"F*ck! Seems like if I want to train this Purification skill up to a high level, I would really have to start from the very beginning! And, with the strength of this Buddha light, I'm afraid I would only be able to purify some small shrimps, that's all!"

However, this wasn't something difficult for Lin Fan. Wasn't this just f*cking up the weak? This was something that Lin Fan was extremely good at.

"Go and learn it properly then." Lin Fan tossed the Purification skill over to the Thunder Trainer King.

As though he had just received an Utmost Treasure, the Thunder Trainer King twerked his a*s and returned to the Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy to give it a good research.

For the Thunder Trainer King, this Purification skill WAS indeed as good as an Utmost Treasure. If he could learn it to its maximum, he would be able to turn into a Reform Buddha Lord!

As for that Mythical Tree Branch that was exchanged for using Contribution Points, it did help the Mythical Parasol Tree quite a fair bit.

Right now, the current Mythical Parasol Tree was able to cultivate out nearly 500,000 Shengyang Pills daily.

This was a huge leap of improvement in Lin Fan's opinion.

However, there was only a single Mythical Tree Branch available in the Guarded Ground. If there were a couple more, the effects of the Mythical Parasol Tree would be able to explode for sure.

Lin Fan returned to the surface of the Earth and looked into the distance. His brows furrowed into joy.

"Yours Truly is catching the scent of Ancient race beings! And, there are quite a few of them as well!"

Anything that Lin Fan lacked, the world would always give. This was a feeling way too amazing for Lin Fan.

"Heh... Since you guys had to bump into me, you can't blame Yours Truly for going all out!"

Ever since he had left the Guarded Ground, Lin Fan felt as though he had returned to nature. He could go anywhere he wanted as per his whims.

Right now, Lin Fan only had a single goal. He wanted to have his personal strength grown to its peak. And then, he would take the chance to kill all eight of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race.

Towards this goal, Lin Fan was filled with confidence. After all, he was someone with the help of a system. If even now he couldn't succeed in something of this level, he would be truly living a dog's life.

Far away...

A group of Ancient race beings sat down in a circle and were discussing. Their faces revealed menacing smiles that would have one cringing at the mere sight of it.

However, they did not know that a potent force was heading in their direction right now.