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 Chapter 731: My Arms Are Wide Open! Come Whack Me!

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"Bald monk, do you think that we're being a little too extravagant? I don't think that this is too good. After all, one should not reveal their wealth. What if we were to attract the malicious intent of some evildoers? Look at that fella who is clutching his balls there! The look in his eye is as though he can't wait to devour me up!" Lin Fan said as he pretended to be in fear.

"Yes!" Reverend Shakya nodded his head seriously, "Benefactor, I think we're quite extravagant. However, if we are, so be it then! Who should we be afraid of? This benefactor here, may I know why you're clutching your balls? Do you have some Unspeakable Flaw of some sort? You can tell this poor monk here. This poor monk knows of some medical knowledge. Perhaps I can perform some treatment for you, benefactor."

"Y-you...you guys...!!!" Nie Kuanglong's heart was filled with hatred right now. To think that this fella would strike over just a single disagreement!

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS STILL LOOKING AT FOR? GO! FIGHT THEM! ALL OF YOU! EVEN IF YOU CAN'T WIN AGAINST THEM, GO!" Nie Kuanglong bellowed out to the members of his party.

The members of the Berserk Dragon Party looked at one another. They were no fools. If they knew they couldn't win, why should they seek out anguish for themselves?

This was especially the case given how inhumane the Revolutionary Army was. They specialized in kicking that area. This was extremely traumatizing for the members of the Berserk Dragon Party. A single kick was enough to cause them an unbearable pain.

However, even if that were the case, there was still some commotion going on amongst the Berserk Dragon Party.

"Revolutionary Army! You guys are too much! I can't take this!"

"Our Berserk Dragon Party aren't pushovers!"

At this moment, one by one, the chicks from the Berserk Dragon Party stood out without any bit of fear at all. In fact, there was even a strain of anticipation on their faces as though they were waiting for something to happen.

The members of the Berserk Dragon Party had not expected all of their female members to walk out so fearlessly like this. They were pretty stunned with this unbelievable scene.

"HAHA! To think that at the end of the day, you guys are the ones who would dare to stand out!" Watching everything before him, Nie Kuanglong was filled with anguish in his heart, "Alright, no matter the outcome, all of you guys will be rewarded greatly after this battle!"

The moment he was done with these words, Nie Kuanglong cast his sights at the rest of the party members, "You guys... Good."

The members of the Berserk Dragon Party exchanged glances with one another. They knew that their party leader was infuriated right now. Once this thing blew over, their lives wouldn't be all that good either.

"Sisters, we shall stand with you all in battle!" At this moment, the female members of the Sword God Party stood out as well.


At this moment, everyone was stumped. What in the world was going on today? To think that the most courageous ones to stand out would be the female members of both the parties! Had the world changed?!

Looking at everything before him, Feng Wushuang was frozen as well. Which mother*cker said that they were going to help out?

Even though Feng Wushuang hated Lin Fan secretly, his party leader had warned him severely not to seek trouble with the Revolutionary Army. Therefore, no matter how much he hated them, he had to suppress that enmity in his heart.

But, to think that the chicks of the party would stand forth one by one without a single bit of fear! Feng Wushuang was entirely speechless right now.

The chicks exchanged glances with one another before nodding their heads in agreement.

They wanted to turn bigger... BIGGER!

"Sisters, let us go!"

Lin Fan was a little paralyzed at this point, "Bald monk, what in the world do you think these chicks are up to?"

"Benefactor, this is bewildering for this poor monk as well. Their eyes seemed to be filled with an insatiable thirst, as though they're craving for something!"

In the blink of an eye, the chicks walked past Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya. Instead, they came before the members of the Revolutionary Army and opened their arms wide.

"Come on! If you're a man, whack at me!" The chicks had each chosen a member of the Revolutionary Army and stood there yelling without any care for death at all.

Even fact, some of the chicks were even puffing up their chests. The meaning was clear, 'WHACK AT OUR CHEST!'

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army was flabbergasted right now. This was something way too unexpected! Eventually, everyone flushed a look at Lin Fan, wondering what they should do.

Even though Nie Kuanglong was infuriated in his heart, the fact that the chicks of his party would all stand forth to defend his integrity was something that moved him greatly. However, the sight before him right now was causing him to be watching with his jaws agape.

What in the world was going on here?

"Understood. Yours Truly finally understands!" By now, as long as one wasn't a fool, they would be able to understand the intent of these chicks.

"Since they have asked for you guys to whack them, you guys should give them a beating then." Looking at the hesitation in the eyes of the Revolutionary Army members, Lin Fan eventually opened his mouth and spoke up.

"Yes, party leader." The members of the Revolutionary Army could not help but gulp down their saliva. They focused their attention and punched out with both fists, grabbing out at the chests of these chicks.

"Ah! I'm so happy right now!"

"Even though it stings, everything will all be worth it!"

"Big brother, could you hit me a few more times at that spot? I can still bear with the pain!"

"Haha! It's really getting bigger! BIGGER! From this day forth, I'll see who else would dare to call me flat chested ever again!"



At this moment, Nie Kuanglong finally understood as his heart sank and he spat out a mouthful of blood before fainting over instantly. Even if his cultivation state was heaven revolting, the scene before him was still a blow too deep for him to endure.

Seemed like the reason for them standing out was not to save him, but to have their chests enlarged!

Looking at the pitiable state of Nie Kuanglong right now, Lin Fan could not help but sigh out, "No matter what place it is, no matter how high the cultivation states of the chicks may be, the number one concern in their hearts is still their figures."

"Bald monk, let us take our leave. From this day forth, Nie Kuanglong will forever be a crippled man. Even though this wasn't done by Yours Truly personally, it was still due to Yours Truly. Let us go for a light drink to soothe our nerves." Lin Fan said in reproach.

"This poor monk has the same idea." Reverend Shakya chanted some Buddhist sutras. Seeing the plight of Nie Kuanglong, he felt remorseful as well.


"Party leader, the Revolutionary Army has returned! At the same time, they've completed all 300 Earth Tiered missions!" The members of the Raging Desolate Party reported in shock.

This entire affair sounded like a fantasy tale. If he hadn't seen them submitting the missions for himself at the missions' public square, he wouldn't have believed this even if it cost him his life.

Hong Jingtian's cultivation state was heavenly defying and his mental state was firm as a rock. There was nothing that could rattle him. However, upon hearing this news, he too was rooted at this moment.

There was a look of surprise that flashed on that solemn face of his.

Once everyone left the hut, he walked before the window and looked at the scenery outside while mumbling to himself, "Are they even humans? However, humans or not, they shall all bow down before the Raging Desolate Party tomorrow nevertheless."

After handing in 300 Earth Tiered missions, the number of Contribution Points he received had Lin Fan pretty startled. There were a total of more than 13,000,000 Contribution Points!

For any party of the Guarded Ground, this was an astronomical number of Contribution Points! In fact, they could even be considered the richest party of the entire Guarded Ground right now!

Lin Fan took away the remainder and handed the Contribution Points over to Reverend Shakya while he brought the other members of the Revolutionary Army out for a happy time.

Right now, Lin Fan was faced with a series of items that were being introduced before him as he started taking his pick.

Within the Guraded Ground, any Contribution Points that were earned could be used to exchange for items. Anything that the Guarded Ground possessed was available for exchange.

"Seems like 10,000 Contribution Points can be used to exchange for 1,000,000 Shengyang Pills. But damn it, this is quite the sham. 10,000,000 Contribution Points can only be used to exchange for 1,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills!"

Lin Fan was in an urgent need for Shengyang Pills right now. If he were to bump into a truly powerful being, it wouldn't do to not have any Shengyang Pills.

By now, the Demon City had already been upgraded into an Utmost Treasure, with a shocking amount of power to it. If he could burn up Shengyang Pills for it to go berserk, the amount of power that could erupt forth from it would be unusually scary.

If he had enough Shengyang Pills, even if he met an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, he would still stand a fighting chance. However, the prerequisite for this fighting chance would, of course, be for him to burn up an uncountable number of Shengyang Pills.

"Forget it! Time to see if there's anything else that's good." He was going to fight with the Raging Desolate Party tomorrow. Therefore, he needed to arrange his things properly. Otherwise, given the current strength of his party, there was no way they were going to win.