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 Chapter 730: It's Too Difficult!

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Grounds of the Colossal Dragons...

A Colossal Dragon laid prostrated on the ground with its scales letting off a gleaming golden light. Its eyes were malevolent as they looked down at the rest of the world.


The void vibrated.

A battered figure appeared out of nowhere. If Lin Fan were here, he would be really indifferent. Wasn't this just the Exploded Titty Dragon Empress?

"DAMN IT! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM! THE REVOLUTIONARY ARMY OF THE GUARDED GROUND, I'M GOING TO KILL THEM ALL!" While there weren't many physical injuries on the body of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, the pain of having one's b*obs bursting was something that was intolerable for anyone.

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu was a woman as well. Therefore, she was naturally quite concerned about her looks. Unless there was an absolute need to, she would always take on the form of a human and would rarely revert to her true form.

"This is something we have to consider seriously. We mustn't disturb the Guarded Ground." Sitting on that prostrating Colossal Dragon was a man whose might was exuding out in all directions.

He was the Ancestor Dragon of the Colossal Dragon race, possessing torrential powers. Even if the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state being, she wasn't his match at all.

However, since he was someone who hadn't obtained an Eternal God Seat, he himself couldn't be compared to the Guardian of the Guarded Ground either.

"Ancestor Dragon, I must have him pay the price." The face of Dragon Empress Shen Wu was frosty. She could not tolerate this at all. Looking at that flat airport where once stood her perky proud chest, her heart was filled with a burning rage.

"Just like that, my chest is gone!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu's heart was bleeding out right now as her tears flowed out. Her expression was distraught, and it was anguishing to look at her.

An infinite amount of vengeance plots floated through the mind of Dragon Empress Shen Wu. She wanted this guy dead without a burial ground. Even if his entire corpse were minced into dust, it still wouldn't do to quench this hatred within her heart.

Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun was expressionless. Using a single thought, he was able to break through all the restrictions of time and space to retrieve the Dragon Empress Shen Wu. However, against that person, there was nothing he could do either. Unless his physical body were to head there, if it would be hard to kill the other party.

The Tenth Prince, the four Dragon Emperors... Even though they were important in the heart of the Ancestor Dragon Wan Zun, the opening of the Infinite Worlds was on the cusp. He had to plan for that properly.


The next day...

Public square of the Guarded Ground...

There were many living beings gathered here. All of them were waiting for a joke, an abnormally huge joke.

The Revolutionary Army had taken on a total of 300 Earth Tiered missions, leading to a shortage of missions for all the other major and minor parties within the Guarded Ground. As for those Heaven Tiered missions, there were only a few parties who could accomplish them.

"Hmph! I bet that the Revolutionary Army wouldn't be able to complete them."

"What's the use of taking on so many missions? What a waste of time."

"And they want to go against the Raging Desolate Party as well. What a bunch of fools that are tired of living! Even though each of them have a Spirit Weapon protective gear, the members of the Raging Desolate Party are not to be underestimated. Every single one of them possesses the power to cause a Spirit Weapon to burst apart."

The Berserk Dragon Party and the Sword God Party were present right now as well. Nie Kuanglong's face was especially scary to look at. Ever since he was done in by the Revolutionary Army, he had turned into a laughing joke of the Guarded Ground.

Even though there was no one who dared to openly mock him, he knew that he was the laughing stock of everyone behind his back. For Nie Kuanglong, this was something he could not endure at all.


The void rippled.

"They're here, they're here! The Revolutionary Army has returned!"

Everyone held their breaths and looked at the distance fixatedly. This Revolutionary Army which had made quite the name for themselves recently had returned.

However, most people were actually keeping their sight on Nie Kuanglong and Feng Wushuang.

Both of their parties were schooled by these guys. Therefore, both of them should be the ones who did not want the Revolutionary Army to complete the missions the most.

"What are you looking at?" Sensing the gazes that were cast on him, Nie Kuanglong turned around and shouted out coldly.

Naturally, nobody's gaze dared to linger any further. Even though the Revolutionary Army had dared to bully the Berserk Dragon Party, it didn't mean that anyone else could do the same to them.

"Hmph! What's he so cocky about? Didn't he get wrecked by the Revolutionary Army all the same?"

"That's right! Actually, I'm hoping that the Revolutionary Army can complete the missions so that the Berserk Dragon Party can get a good face'smack again."

"This time around, after the return of the Revolutionary Army, even if I have to cry, whine, or threaten with suicide, I'm going to join the Revolutionary Army!"

"Huh? Aren't you from another party? What? You're going to betray your party now?"

"Betray my a*s! What I'm doing is called, 'Getting back on the right path'. That party leader of mine is way too cruel, and is practically exploiting us! All I'm getting is a measly ten Contribution Points from him daily! That's not even enough for basic entertainment!"

"Buddy, you're living life way too rough, aren't you? At least I'm getting twenty Contribution Points daily!"


At this moment, everyone from the Revolutionary Army appeared on the public square, with Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya leading the way.

Suddenly, the atmosphere seemed really strange.

"Look at the expressions of the Revolutionary Army. They look pretty crestfallen! Could it be that they haven't managed to complete the missions?"

"That's right! I bet that they couldn't! That's 300 Earth Tiered missions we're talking about! Do you think they're gods? Even if they don't eat and sleep, it'd be hard to complete all of them!"

"Even though they did not manage to complete it, the Revolutionary Army is still my idol! They're way too overbearing! Later on, I must definitely treat someone from them to a drink so that he can pave the way for me to join them!"

"That's a good idea! Instead of ridiculing them, isn't it better to help them in times of need? At this dire moment when the Revolutionary Army is at their lowest, if we can show enough care and concern, we should be able to touch their hearts!"

Piak. Piak. Piak.

Suddenly, within the crowd, someone started clapping out loudly.

"Fight on, Revolutionary Army!"

"That's right! Even though you guys didn't manage to complete the missions, your courage is admirable! There's no other party in the Guarded Ground that can compare to this!"

These few people were applauding and cheering the Revolutionary Army on, while the rest of the audience were just jeering out instead.

"Aiyoyo... Isn't this the Revolutionary Army? How about now, didn't you guys complete your missions? Come on, take it out and let everyone else see!" Looking at the expressions on everyone's faces, Nie Kuanglong could not help but laugh out as though he was filled with joy. He came before Lin Fan's face, gloating out.

Nie Kuanglong did not want to say anything more at this point. All he wanted to do was mock them. As long as he could get to sneer at that face one single time, it would definitely help to sooth that indignance in his heart.

Lin Fan raised his head and looked at Nie Kuanglong with a weird expression. He did not know what this retard was trying to do.

"Why? You're thinking of hitting me again? Why? Is there no more room for freedom of speech?!" Nie Kuanglong ridiculed.

"Yes, of course there is room for freedom of speech." Lin Fan replied.

However, some of the audiences began to mutter in discussions.

"This Nie Kuanglong is simply way too much."

"That's right! Actually, the Revolutionary Army didn't really resort to any despicable moves or anything. That was a legitimate gang fight! Nie Kuanglong is the sore loser here!"


"Then that's reason enough! I, Nie Kuanglong, am an advocate for freedom of speech! I speak as I deem fit!" Nie Kuanglong's arrogance was about to hit the roof right now. This was an opportunity he had waited a couple of days for. Now that he could grab a chance to mock the Revolutionary Army with his heart, this was an extremely pleasurable experience!


At this moment, a scene of disbelief unfolded for everyone present.

"You...!" Nie Kuanglong's face was flushed red like a pig's liver at this moment as he glared at Lin Fan in a stumped expression. He then knelt down with a look of pain as he clutched that precious object between his crotch.

A throbbing pain of his nuts surged into his mind, causing him to lose hope towards the future.

Lin Fan's right leg was lightning fast as it struck at the point with exact accuracy. He then chuckled out, "What now? Did you want to laugh at me? Why? Do I have no freedom of whacking someone I don't like now?"

"And who was the one who told you that the Revolutionary Army had not completed the missions? Brothers, tell him! Tell him what's bothering you guys!" Lin Fan waved out with his hands and sighed out. Seemed like it was pretty scary when people were retarded to this extent.

The members of the Revolutionary Army were helpless right now.

"Hais! It's way too hard. Along the way, I've been thinking about how to use those Contribution Points."

"That's right! It's way too troubling! Our party leader wants us to spend all of them today! How do I even spend it all?"

"Eh? Those brothers that had clapped just now, could I trouble you guys to come on down? Come and join our Revolutionary Army in squandering those Contribution Points."


At this moment, the crowd was dumbfounded.

These mother*ckers had been putting on an act from the very beginning!

As for Lin Fan, he was just chuckling out at this moment in an extremely carefree manner. The experience points of True Origins Crushing Kick had grown a little once more.

Such experience points were extremely precious. It was time to collect as much as he could.