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 Chapter 728: Come On, I'm All Prepared

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Lin Fan wasn't intimidated in the least bit by this Dragon Empress Shen Wu and her overbearing speeches. Based on his current strength along with the restriction of the Dragon Slayer Saber, his chances of winning should be 50-50. However, as for the actual result, no one could tell for sure.

"Bald monk, you and the Tenth Prince shall bring the others with you guys to complete the rest of the missions first." This Dragon Empress Shen Wu seemed a little tyrannical and didn't seem like she would be that easy to deal with. In order to ensure that his missions were still completed in time, Lin Fan was prepared to take action now.

"Benefactor, will you be alright?" Reverend Shakya asked worriedly. After all, this b*tch was a Divine celestial level 10 state being!

"Hurry up and scram to complete the missions!" Lin Fan had not expected things to take on this twist as well. Initially, he had thought that he would be able to subdue those four Dragon Emperors with ease. To think that this BOSS would appear.

Well, one of Lin Fan's favorite activities was fighting BOSSES, especially if it was a BOSS chick.

The disposition of Dragon Empress Shen Wu was valiant and her beauty was unrivaled. Actually, the most important thing was that those exploding lumps on her chest were absolutely dumbfounding.

With some slight reluctance, Reverend Shakya brought the masses with him and left the place. But, how could the Dragon Empress Shen Wu let them leave this easily? However, Lin Fan blocked her path.

"Dragon Empress Shen Wu, your opponent is me. Unless you have what it takes to defeat Yours Truly, it's impossible for you to hold them back." Lin Fan remarked calmly.

"Courting death!" Dragon Empress Shen Wu yelled out as the halberd swung through the void, slicing it into two. The force was so devastating it could burn down the world.

"God Battling Twelve Halberds!"

In the hands of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, the halberd seemed to have a life of its own. Taking on a myriad of forms with extremely unusual techniques, the halberd pierced through the void, causing ripples to reverberate out. All of a sudden, Lin Fan found himself surrounded by these ripples.

One by one, vortices made up of power opened up around Lin Fan.

"You've got some capabilities there."

Lin Fan moved around continuously to evade them. Seeing this Dragon Empress Shen Wu, he was starting to grasp a bit of understanding towards her. She was really strong indeed.

"Hmph. Capabilities? We'll see how you defend against it."

"Eight Desolates, Universal Rising Dragon!"

The Dragon Empress Shen Wu roared out while wielding the halberd with both hands as she pummelled down the ground.


The ground cracked apart as thousands of Colossal Dragons soared from it. Every single Colossal Dragon was similar to that halbered in the hands of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu as they shred through the void to attack Lin Fan with that magnitude of strength.

"Eternal God Body, Indestructible, Imperishable!"

Lin Fan's body jerked as a wave of energy surrounded his body with a shimmering light. Each time the Colossal Dragons slammed against his body, a ripple would form out.

The killing intent of Dragon Empress Shen Wu flashed out as she flung her halberd. The void vibrated out as an intent of the Eight Desolates gushed forth from all directions, bringing every single Law of powers onto this halberd with it.

Lin Fan's brows furrowed as he sent out a punch that was vast and rampaging such that it could not be stopped. Within this punch, countless Calamity Doom Gods bellowed out. Wherever the punch passed, nothing was left alive.


The clanking sounds boomed out and quaked across the entire world. Everything in a radius of dozens of thousands of miles began to destabilize.

The void was reversing its currents as they rose up turbulently and ripped out at everything in their surroundings.

The battle between these two beings was so intense that even a single drop of energy could cause the Saint Spirit Qi within the void to enter a berserk state.

Catching sight of everything before them, the four Dragon Emperors were stunned. To think that this human would be able to hold up against Dragon Empress Shen Wu to such a degree!

"Chick, watch out now! Your big brother's Dragon Slayer Saber is coming!"

Lin Fan wielded the Dragon Slayer Saber and cleaved out towards the Dragon Empress Shen Wu. While the Dragon Slayer Saber wasn't some sort of a crazy treasure, it wielded an innate pressure towards the Colossal Dragons.

The strength of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was consistently being repressed down by this. A series of wild hallucinations were born in her mind, affecting her mental state right now.

'This Dragon Slayer Saber mustn't be allowed to exist in this world, and must be destroyed!' The Dragon Empress Shen Wu thought in her heart. However, her hand motions did not cease because of this as a vast dragon power continued to gush forth.

All of a sudden, everything between the world seemed to have been turned into a world of dragons, as an infinite number of dragons swam through the skies and roared out.

"Hmph! Seems like Yours Truly must play dirty now."

'This Dragon Empress Shen Wu is really strong indeed. If not for the fact that this Dragon Slayer Saber is suppressing her powers, she might have been on the advantageous side by now.' Lin Fan understood this in his heart. Not only was the Dragon Empress Shen Wu really formidable, her powers were really profound as well.

However, with the Dragon Slayer Saber he had, he did not have to fear those things.

Train! He must train this woman!

If he could train up this Dragon Empress Shen Wu and have her cultivate the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation, the effects would definitely be explosive!

However, with that, this ravishing and breathtaking Dragon Empress Shen Wu would then have to turn into a Big D*ck Chick!

At this moment, Lin Fan felt the need to take down the Dragon Empress Shen Wu swiftly. While the Nine Five Legendary Brick did not have much use for it right now, the Spirit of Biggra did.

In that instant, Lin Fan slammed out with an infinite amount of palm strikes, causing the entire sky to darken down.

The Spirit of Biggra swam out across the world as an endless amount of mist surged out.

The brows of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu furrowed. However, she did not pay much attention to the mist.

"Human, just what sort of a background do you hail from?" Now that she was unable to take down Lin Fan over a long time, the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was feeling a little bewildered.

How could such a powerful being be someone unheard of?

Even though the Ancient Saint World was big, as a powerful being, she would naturally know of the other powerful beings.

The moment Lin Fan saw that the Dragon Empress Shen Wu wasn't guarded in the least bit against the Spirit of Biggra, he was overwhelmed with joy.

"Hey, Big B*obed Chick! You had better listen up! Yours Truly is the party leader of the Revolutionary Army of the Guarded Ground, Lin Fan. From now on forth, you shall bow down to the charm of Yours Truly and have a taste of your brand new life!" Lin Fan commented casually, and without any more trash talk, he hurled out towards the Dragon Empress Shen Wu.

From Lin Fan's point of view, he had to get the blood of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu pumping more vigorously than ever. With that, by the time the Spirit of Biggra attacked her inner heart, Yours Truly would be able to obtain the victory for sure.

As for the effects that would come after the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was triggered by the Spirit of Biggra, Lin Fan naturally had some defense mechanisms against that now. He would definitely not let the issue of the Fire Water Empress repeat itself here.

Something like that was a purely humiliating experience for Lin Fan.

Absolute humiliation.

"God Battling Eight Desolates!"

At this moment, the aura behind the Dragon Empress Shen Wu rocketed all of a sudden. Evidently, the fact that she was taking such a long time to take down Lin Fan was getting her a little anxious.

"Finally, she's going to use her ultimate move."

Lin Fan could almost guarantee that the Dragon Empress Shen Wu must have obtained some sort of a treasure. Otherwise, there was no way she could be so ferocious.

Not only that, all the skills and divine powers that she had showcased earlier on were not skills that belonged to the Colossal Dragon race. Evidently, she must have had some other sort of an encounter somewhere.


At the moment where the Dragon Empress Shen Wu reached the peak of her aura, she underwent an unusual change as her eyes shone with an astonished look.

"You...!" The Dragon Empress Shen Wu pointed her finger at Lin Fan in some disbelief.

Within the heart of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, there was an irresistible energy occupying it.

"You what you? Are you starting to realize just how wonderful of a man Yours Truly is and you're having an urge to come force yourself on Yours Truly?" Looking at the state of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out.

The mythical effect of the Spirit of Biggra was something that Lin Fan was long familiar with. In fact, he even knew what sort of changes it would bring to one completely.

If one hadn't had a chance to experience it for themselves, they would never ever know of the wondrous sensation that this would bring forth.

"What's wrong with the Dragon Empress? Why is her aura going all wild?"

Looking at the scene in the void, the four Dragon Emperors could not help but feel shocked. They did not know what was wrong with Dragon Empress Shen Wu, but they could sense the changes going on.

At this moment, Lin Fan took the initiative to stride forth and strip the clothing off his chest before raising his brows, "Come on. Yours Truly is prepared."

The consciousness of the Dragon Empress Shen Wu was gradually being replaced. This was even more pronounced when she caught sight of the perfectly defined chest muscles of Lin Fan that were oh so white. She felt her tongue going dry and thirsty as she was going to implode out from within.



The Dragon Empress Shen Wu tossed away the halberd in her hands and bolted off towards Lin Fan, unable to wait any longer.