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 Chapter 725: The Enemy Has Come Knocking

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"Benefactor, this fella seems really cocky." Reverend Shakya whispered.

"Yes, I can see that." Lin Fan exchanged in a soft voice with Reverend Shakya. Lin Fan had no idea who he was at all. If not for the fact that those surrounding observers had said it out, he wouldn't even have known that this guy was called Hong Jingtian.

Right now, everyone was secretly gloating at the sight of Lin Fan being pressed back by Hong Jingtian such that he was unable to reply at all. Seemed like this guy still had some tact left in him to know of how powerful the Raging Desolate Party of Hong Jingtian was.

But something that had them all stunned happened.

Lin Fan cut off the words of Hong Jingtian directly and stepped forth, sending a skyrocketing aura with an imposing voice, "Cut your crap in front of Yours Truly. I'll see you here at the missions' public square two days later."

"Let's go."

Lin Fan swept his hands and took the entire Revolutionary Army into his Paradise. He knew that if they were to get into a gang fight with the Raging Desolate Party right here, the Revolutionary Army would definitely lose.

The physical strength of the members of the Raging Desolate Party was for real. Even if they didn't use any other skills or powers, they would be beasts in a human form. Even with the protective gear of the Revolutionary Army, they wouldn't be a match for the Raging Desolate Party.

However, after their return, things would be different.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan delved into the light screen and disappeared without a trace.


At this moment, everyone in the public square was going wild.

"What did he just say?! Two days later?! Is he really intent on waging war against the Raging Desolate Party?!"

"Mad! The Revolutionary Army has gone mad! This is the Raging Desolate Party we're talking about!"


Hong Jingtian's face was grim right now. To think that there would be a party who would dare to challenge the Raging Desolate Party as openly as such. Even those members of the Raging Desolate Party were chuckling out right now.

"HAHA! This Revolutionary Army is simply way too hilarious!"

"Their courage is admirable. Though, we'll just have to see if they've got what it takes to match the talk!"

"But, this is just as well. To think that in the period of rest we're going to get after suppressing the Sovereign King Heaven Frost, we would even get some entertainment! I wonder how long it has been since we've fought with another party."

"It's been thirty years. Ever since our Raging Desolate Party took on the seat of the top party in the Guarded Ground, there hasn't been any other party who had dared to provoke our Raging Desolate Party."

"That's right. How time flies."


Entering the Paradise, the members of the Revolutionary Army were entirely dumbstruck by everything before them.

"To think that the Paradise of our party leader would be as such! How grand!"

"That's right! Look, there're even living beings! This is a phenomenon that can only occur after one's Paradise is extremely intricately crafted!

"Compared to the Paradise of the party leader, my Paradise seems abysmally small!"

"Amitabha! Have all of you guys come to receive an Electroconvulsive Therapy?" At this moment, the Thunder Trainer King walked out majestically. Looking at this many living beings before him, he let out a dazzling smile. It had been a long time since he had trained something. The frustration was having him pent up.

"Amitabha, this poor monk here is Reverend Shakya. I wonder what's your name, Master?" The moment the Thunder Trainer King appeared, Reverend Shakya could sense a strong power of Buddha surging forth.

The moment the Thunder Trainer King caught sight of Reverend Shakya, his eyes sparkled. All this while, he had been craving to learn that Purification skill of Reverend Shakya. If he could learn it, he could go on to the next level and turn into a Reforming Buddha Lord.

Instantly, Reverend Shakya and the Thunder Trainer King looked at one another while chanting out Buddhist sutras and engaging in an in-depth interaction.


Lin Fan had already sent out his other two Essence Spirits to conduct their own operations. His main body was leading the masses of the Revolutionary Army.

If he were to complete all of the missions, he should have 10,000,000 Contribution Points.

By then, he would turn rich overnight, and would be able to exchange for anything he wanted to.

Until now, Lin Fan had not checked out on the type of things he could exchange the Contribution Points for within the Guarded Ground. This was causing him to feel extremely excited.

So Near, Yet So Far. Instantly, he crossed thousands of miles.

When Lin Fan let everyone from the Revolutionary Army out of the Paradise, Reverend Shakya heaved a sigh.

"Benefactor, to think that there would exist a being with such a profound knowledge of Buddhism within your Paradise!" Reverend Shakya lamented out. The Thunder Trainer King had Reverend Shakya thoroughly convinced.

"Bald monk, you've met with the Thunder Trainer King?!" Lin Fan was stunned. The Thunder Trainer King shouldn't have trained up Reverend Shakya, right?

"Yes, this poor monk has met him. Our interactions were close to our hearts and I have benefited much from his knowledge. This was especially the case for that lightning carrying mysterious object of his. It was incredible. This poor monk was about to give it a try myself before I was pulled out by you, benefactor." Reverend Shakya sighed.

"WHEW!" Lin Fan could not help but heave out a sigh of relief. Thankfully he made it in time. Otherwise, this bald monk would be in for a tragedy.

"Alright, here comes out first mission guys. Stay attentive guys, let's go!" Lin Fan rallied as he rushed down to the small Ancient race base below him.

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army focused their attention. Looking at the ancient race base, their spirits were high strung as they waved the war flag high and shouted.

This was an Earth Tiered Lower Graded mission and it wasn't difficult at all. There was only a single Divine celestial level 5 Ancient race being within this base. Therefore, it was extremely carefree, without any difficulties at all.

In the blink of an eye, wherever the Revolutionary Army passed, nothing remained alive.

As countless of Ancient race beings were drowned under the mighty assault of the Revolutionary Army, countless of living beings were salvaged with it.

Each time the Revolutionary Army appeared, they would be righteous and proclaiming justice. With that, many living beings in the Ancient Saint World now knew of this powerful party which was the Revolutionary Army.

But for the Ancient race beings, this was a calamity. They did not know where this Revolutionary Army spouted out from. They were like beasts that killed Ancient race beings each time they came across them. In fact, they seemed really hurried about it as they wouldn't even bother with a single word of nonsense against them.

Burnt to nothing!

Robbed to nothing!

Killed to nothing!

This attack strategy of triple emptiness was completely glorified in the hands of the Revolutionary Army.

Everyone from the Revolutionary Army was extremely excited as well. Since when ha they ever had the chance to experience something like this? They could not have imagined that there would ever come a day which brought them this much happiness.

Back in the Guarded Ground, they were always targets of discrimination for different parties. But, ever since they had joined the Revolutionary Army, they were akin to brave warriors.

And, each time they saved someone, they would be akin to heroes who were revered and praised.

This feeling was simply way too fabulous.

One day later...

The rewards for the members of the Revolutionary Army were bountiful. Lin Fan did not take in any of the riches from the Ancient race beings. He allowed the members of the Revolutionary Army to keep it all for themselves. Therefore, for these members of the Revolutionary Army, this trip out here was simply way too beneficial!

"Benefactor, our speed may be fast, but we're only done with fifty missions so far!" Reverend Shakya could not remember how many Ancient race beings he had reformed this far as well. But, even with a rough calculation, they shouldn't be less than hundreds of thousands.

"There's no hurry. Within this day, we only have to complete another fifty more. I've already handed the rest to my Essence Spirits." Lin Fan replied.

The moment Reverend Shakya heard this, he chuckled out, "Ah, seems like benefactor still has a trick up his sleeves. This poor monk has overthought things."

"Bald monk, this expression of yours is really sneaky. Is there anything?" Reverend Shakya's face was a little sad. Lin Fan could tell it with a single glance.

"Benefactor, it's been such a long time since we've been together. As such, feelings have blossomed between us as well. But, look at this poor monk's chest here. How about you help out this poor monk a little." Reverend Shakya said.

Initially, Lin Fan thought that Reverend Shakya was long used to it. To think that he would still be keeping this in his mind.

But even then, there was nothing Lin Fan could do at all.

"Bald monk, there's really nothing I can do. If I had a solution, I would have long released you from it. Or perhaps, you might have to wait till Yours Truly is able to cultivate this skill to its maximum. By then, I may be able to uncover some way to do so." Lin Fan replied.

"Hais!" Reverend Shakya sighed out, evidently exasperated.


Just at this moment, a bright beam of light shot out from the void sinisterly. If not for the fact that Lin Fan's senses were extraordinarily sharp, he might not have realized it at all.

"Who's there!" Lin Fan's face focused up as he sent out the Heavenly Dragon's Music. A Colossal Dragon of powers surged up and dissipated that light beam.

This guy was unfriendly and extremely suspicious. Just that strike alone had Lin Fan taking notice of it.

"Come out before Yours Truly!" Lin Fan's face was frosty as he grabbed out towards the void in a claw-like grip. It was as though the entire Heavens were under Lin Fan's control.

All of a sudden, multiple figures flashed out. With an angry opening of their mouths, a series of dragon roars rang through the Heavens.

The moment Lin Fan saw this, he could not help but chuckle out.

"So, it's the Colossal Dragon race of the Old Ancient Beasts. Is there anything you guys require?"

Within the void, multiple elderly figures floated there with a malevolent expression, "Hmph! How dare you kill the Tenth Prince of our race and ask us if there's anything we require?!"

Lin Fan frowned. Seemed like the enemy had come over knocking. However, this was a huge misunderstanding! The Tenth Prince was living his life properly right now!

And not only that, he had even cultivated one of the three godly skills of the Colossal Dragon race, the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation!

But naturally, the credit for all of this belonged to Yours Truly. If not for Yours Truly, would the Tenth Prince be able to learn the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation?

But now that these few Colossal Dragons were here to cause trouble for Lin Fan, weren't they just seeking death?

With the Dragon Slayer Saber, he was invincible in this world.

Instantly, Lin Fan slung the Dragon Slayer Sabre on his shoulders and looked at the few beings from the Colossal Dragon race, "You guys had better straighten your attitude towards Yours Truly. Otherwise, Yours Truly is going to chop you guys down."

All of a sudden, the heavens and clouds surged. The Dragon Slayer Saber emanated a tremendous amount of energy as it encompassed the few Colossal Dragons.

In the minds of these few Colossal Dragons, an image appeared.

The rivers and land were stained with the blood of an infinite number of Colossal Dragons.

The entire Heavens and Earth in this place had toppled over as a sharp killing intent was spreading out all over the place.

Looking at the scene, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out.

The Dragon Slayer Saber was a good item indeed. From this day forth, which Colossal Dragon would still dare to cause any trouble for Yours Truly?