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 Chapter 707: The Meaning Of True Horror

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After Lin Fan and the others had left, a wave of discussions burst forth from the people at the public square.

"They're really heading over? Do they not know how horrifying the Sovereign King Thunder is?"

"The Sovereign King Thunder is one of the key generals under the Utmost Being, Saint! His mastery over thunders is incredibly tyrannical! With a single wave of his hand, the entire sky would be filled with thunderbolts!"

"Hmph! They're just courting death." Fang Xuan scoffed coldly. "The Sovereign King Thunder is someone extremely strong. Even someone of the same cultivation state wouldn't be a match for him."

"Liu Qiangwei, you guys had better thank me. If not for me, your Rose Party might very well follow in the tracks of the Hundred Battle Party during your mission because of the egos of those two people you would have rented."

Liu Qiangwei wasn't looking too good right now. However, everything that Fang Xuan said did make some sense as well.

"Party leader, the Hundred Battle Party had once saved us. No matter what, we've got to try holding them back. We mustn't allow the last remaining survivor of the Hundred Battle Party to go send herself to death." A member of the Rose Party commented.

Liu Qiangwei hesitated for a moment, "Alright. We'll go hold them back. No matter what, we mustn't allow the Hundred Battle Party to be annihilated entirely."

Liu Qiangwei and the others instantly turned into long streaks of lights as they chased behind Lin Fan's group.

"Hmph!" The moment Fang Xuan saw this, he could not help but snort out coldly, "We'll leave too. It's time to complete our own mission."


As for everyone left standing at the public square, they were entirely flabbergasted right now. To them, today was akin to a fantasy tale that was absolutely unbelievable.

Rescuing people from the hands of Sovereign King Thunder? How was that possible? Anyone in this world would undoubtedly be sending themselves to their deaths!

The might of Sovereign King Thunder was supreme. There had been many powerful parties who had attempted to kill the Sovereign King Thunder only to end up being annihilated entirely and become his food. From then on, there hadn't been anyone who had dared to confront him any longer.

"Benefactor, for us to be heading forth this haphazardly...Are we making a decision that we should be giving more thought to?" Reverend Shakya asked in a soft tone.

"Hmph! What's there to think about? Who knows how many people have been massacred by this Sovereign King of the Ancient race." Lin Fan's expression was indifferent.

It didn't matter what he had to do in order to obtain these 10,000 Contribution Points of his. Wasn't it just to kill a Sovereign King right now? What was so difficult about that?

The moment the chick who had been worrying about her party members from the start heard these words, her face was lost. She did not know if these two people would be able to rescue her party members.

Lin Fan was powerful. Therefore, the speed at which he traversed through the void was extremely fast as well. In the blink of an eye, who knew how many miles he had crossed.

"The Twin Dark Valleys is right up ahead?" Lin Fan pointed over at two mountain peaks that were as huge as two colossal giants standing side by side.

"Yes, it's right up ahead. That was where our party was supposed to complete our mission. However, to think that we would bump into Sovereign King Thunder instead. Sovereign King Thunder is simply way too terrifying. Even after our party leader used all his strength, he wasn't a match for the Sovereign King Thunder at all." The moment the chick thought of everything that had happened earlier on, her face was paler than anything else.

"Terrifying? When Yours Truly arrives later, it will be time to let this Sovereign King Thunder know what true terror means." Lin Fan laughed coldly as he completely disregarded the other party. As for the Rose Party, they had been searching for a long time now. However, they could not catch sight of the figures ahead of them.

"Just where in the world had they gone to? How in the world are they so fast?" Liu Qiangwei looked into the distance with a solemn expression. Up till now, she hadn't caught sight of a single trace of them at all.

"Party leader. Could the both of them have abducted her to somewhere far away to do something bad to her?" The members of the Rose Party expressed their concerns.

The moment Liu Qiangwei heard these words, her spirits were rattled instantly, "We'll head up and check it out. However, we mustn't get too close to the Twin Dark Valleys. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable."

"Yes, understood."


Twin Dark Valleys...

The Ancient race army had set up base here as the Sovereign King Thunder was seated on a throne that was constructed from lightning. There were lightning currents cruising around his body like dragons, filled with a tyrannical and devastating energy.

"Sovereign King, we've locked up those living beings." One of the Ancient race legatus knelt down before the Sovereign King and reported.

"Alright." Sovereign King Thunder nodded his head with a complete disregard for these ants.

At the territory of the Utmost Being, Saint, all the living beings were suppressed by the Ancient race on the surface. However, those living beings that were in hiding snuck around and would appear from time to time, making them extremely difficult to hunt out.

And for the Sovereign King Thunder, those living beings he hated the most were those from the Guarded Ground.

All of those living beings there walked around the world and brought much trouble for the Ancient race.

However, the Ancient race could not get close to the Guarded Grounds. Hence, they could not annihilate those living beings there. But, those living beings who dared to come out of it were all suppressed down by the Sovereign King Thunder accordingly as and when he found them.

When a Sovereign King descended, his might would be unparalleled. There was no one out in the world who would dare to defy them.

Within the cages of the Ancient race, there were dozens of living beings right now. Their auras were withered as though they could die at any moment.

"To think that we would bump into the Sovereign King Thunder." One of the hulking men had his arms severed. However, his expression was still resolute as ever. For these powerful beings, regrowing their limbs wasn't something tough. But now that the energy within his body had been expended entirely, there was nothing for him to draw from in order to regrow them.

This hulking man was the party leader of the Hundred Battle Party, Lie Baizhan.

"I wonder if Qiu Yue has managed to make it back to the Guarded Ground." Another party member laid by the side and mentioned feebly.

"All I can hope for is that Qiu Yue would manage to live on properly after returning to the Guarded Ground. With the descent of Sovereign King Thunder, there would be no one from the Guarded Ground who would dare to save us." Lie Baizhan's eyes were looking at the distance with a forlorn expression. However, that look of his changed into one of astonishment immediately.

"Someone's here?!"

"What?! Could it be that Qiu Yue has been captured by them!?" The moment the party members nearby who were drained of their auras heard the words of their party leader, they started panicking as well.

At this moment, Sovereign King Thunder, who was seated on that lightning throne, smirked coldly at the side of his lips, "To think that the ant who had escaped would return with more ants. Hoho."

"Chick, why are you trembling?" When Lin Fan caught sight of Sovereign King Thunder at this moment, he grinned out. However, the chick beside him was shivering uncontrollably as though she was really afraid.

"T-that's the Sovereign King Thunder." She pointed her finger and replied with fear.

Within the void, an illusory figure of a Thunder Devil floated gently behind the Sovereign King Thunder. His might was supreme as his overbearingness reigned over the world.

"So what if it's the Sovereign King Thunder? Just remember that 10,000 Contribution Points of mine, eh? Those friends of yours are caught. But by the looks of it, they don't seem to be in danger of their lives." Lin Fan extended his consciousness. Very quickly, he found the members of the Hundred Battle Party that were being locked up in the midst of the Ancient race.

The arrival of Lin Fan and the others had the Ancient race beings growling out ferociously. However, without the orders of their Sovereign King, none of them dared to make any unnecessary actions.

"Qiu Yue, why are you here?" Lie Baizhan yelled out.

"Party leader! I've brought people here with me to save you guys! The both of them say they can rescue all of you!" The moment Qiu Yue heard the voice of her party leader, an infinite amount of hope bubbled in her heart.

"Save us? Who in the world can save us from the hands of the Sovereign King Thunder?" Lie Baizhan could not help but scoff at themselves with a tone of irony. His gaze then sharpened up as he looked at the two people beside Qiu Yue.

"You b*stards! Why did you have to come? Don't you guys know that the Sovereign King Thunder is here?" Lie Baizhan's was burning with rage in his heart right now. If these two guys wanted to die alone, then so be it! Why in the world did they have to bring Qiu Yue with them!?

"Alright. Shut up in the face of Yours Truly." Lin Fan then cast his sights on that figure in the void. "You're the Sovereign King Thunder?"

"HAHA. That's Your Sovereign King here. Since you dare to head forth, you've got some guts indeed." All of a sudden, the Sovereign King Thunder bolted up and shrugged his body. With that, the entire world darkened as thunderbolts swarmed the Heavens and swam in them like gigantic dragons.

A series of booming explosions cracked through the Heavens.

At this moment, under the fearsome might of the Sovereign King Thunder, everyone other than Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya felt their hearts thumping furiously once more.