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 Chapter 706: So Much Difficulty For 10,000 Contribution Points?

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Liu Qiangwei was taking quite a while to recover from the shock. This was the first time she came across someone so straightforward.

Two powerful beings all for 10,000 Contribution Points? This was something definitely impossible in her eyes.

In the Guarded Ground, 10,000 Contribution Points could neither be considered as a lot nor little. For the truly powerful beings, 10,000 Contribution Points would be akin to a light drizzle of rain, pretty insignificant.

And for a Divine celestial level 7, All to One state being? They could be considered as truly powerful beings in the Guarded Ground.

"Party leader, you've got to be careful that this isn't a scam going on here." A girl that looked like a lolita within the Rose Party warned softly.

Liu Qiangwei nodded her head. She had her own misgivings as well. Now that she was about to set out for her mission, the Xuan Kui Party had suddenly appeared all of a sudden to snatch away the powerful being that she had rented. And now, there were two powerful beings all of a sudden that were available for rent at just 10,000 Contribution Points? There was definitely something fishy about this in Liu Qiangwei's point of view.

There was no free lunch in this world. There could only be a possibility for this then: These two powerful beings must have been sent here by Fang Xuan.

Either that, or they must be plotting something once they got out of this place.

However, these were just conjectures on Liu Qiangwei's part at this moment without any concrete evidence.

The acceptance of this Earth Tiered Upper Graded mission was extremely important for her. If she were to give up just like this, the losses would be terrible.

"Both Divine celestial level 7 powerful beings, I don't think that 10,000 Contribution Points should be anything important for you guys. I wonder what motives you guys have?" Liu Qiangwei spoke up and asked.

Lin Fan did not feel like replying at this moment. At times, overthinking was a sin indeed.

Bloody hell! Who in the world said that 10,000 Contribution Points weren't important?! Your daddies here were lacking in nothing but these 10,000 Contribution Points!

While Lin Fan did not reply, Fang Xuan, on the other hand, began to laugh out.

"HAHA! Liu Qiangwei! Is there a need to ask? These two guys must be harboring some ill intentions of wanting to have some sort of a relationship with your party, duh!"

The moment Liu Qiangwei heard this, she froze up for a moment. Even though she was discontented with the words of Fang Xuan, he did have a point there. Even at the Guarded Ground, things like these would happen from time to time. Involuntarily, Liu Qiangwei began to worry.

Everyone from the Xuan Kui Party began to laugh out.

"Oh, that makes sense! Once they get outside with these two Divine celestial level 7 state beings following them, everyone from the Rose Party would be nothing but fishes on chopping boards!"

"Look at those breathtaking beauties of the Rose Party, with their long, slender legs. It's truly pretty irresistible."

"Look at that monk with his evil glint and that man over that with that frosty demeanor. They must definitely be cruel people with some pretty intense fetishes!"



"You guys...!" The moment the members of the Rose Party heard these words, their faces turned cold as they glared at everyone in rage. However, they couldn't refute them at all.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the area was really icy. They had come to a stalemate.

All of the people gathered around spectating giggled out without speaking at all. It was as though they were watching a show right now. The reputation of the Xuan Kui Party within the Guarded Ground was pretty prominent. They were quite the strong party. Therefore, there wasn't anybody who would dare to stand out and say anything against them.

"Benefactor, are these guys sick!?" Reverend Shakya said with a rage burning in his heart.

Lin Fan's brows went straight as he glared fixedly at the members of the Xuan Kui Party. Were these guys courting death?

Did they think that it was so easy for Yours Truly to earn 10,000 Contribution Points?! And yet here they were yapping nonsense out of their mouths! If this weren't courting death, what was?!

"What are you guys looking at? Did I hit it on the spot and your embarrassment has turned into anger instead? Why? Do you feel like walloping me? Come on then! I'd like to see just what you can do to me!" The moment Fang Xuan caught the look on Lin Fan's face, he burst out laughing even harder.

At this moment, Lin Fan did have the urge to strike out. How could the authority of the great Motherf*cking King be trampled around by some piss kid like this?

"Chick, how goes it? Say something. Deal or no deal? Tell me if it isn't a deal." Lin Fan glared straight at the Rose Party asking.

"This...!" Liu Qiangwei hesitated at this moment and was caught at a loss of what to do. She was truly starting to harbor some suspicions towards these two men now. After contemplating for a while, Liu Qiangwei clenched her teeth and replied, "I'm sorry, both gentlemen. The Rose Party has decided to give up on this mission."

After she said these words, Liu Qiangwei felt as though she had lost something in her heart. She did not dare to make this bet. Not with the lives of her party members on the line.

"HAHAHA...!!!" Fang Xuan laughed out wildly at this moment, evidently pleased.

Lin Fan shut his eyes gently, unable to tolerate this any longer. This was way too mother*cking much! Was it really so difficult to earn 10,000 Contribution Points?!

And this chick as well! Why the hell did she have to overthink things? Couldn't this be real at all?! Did Yours Truly really look like a bad guy?!

Lin Fan gripped his fists tightly. He was burning with rage right now. There was a blazing fire that needed an immediate quench to it. Seemed like he could only vent it out on this Fang Xuan then.


At this moment, the barrier vibrated as a figure appeared instantly. The moment this figure appeared, she started screaming frantically.


At this moment, everyone's attention was drawn over, wondering what was going on.

This figure was a woman. By the looks of it, she wasn't too old. Her cultivation state was a Divine celestial level 4 state being as well. However, she was unusually frantic right now.

"Eh? Isn't that a member of the Hundred Battle Party?"

"That's right! Hadn't the Hundred Battle Party gone out on a mission? Why is she the only one back?"

"That mission seemed to be an Earth Tiered Lower Graded one. It shouldn't be too difficult. But by the looks of it, there seems to be some sort of a mishap!"


"Is there anyone who can help me?! Anyone! I'm willing to pay with all my Contribution Points! All I need is to seek everyone's help!" There were many wounds on this chick. Even though they weren't fatal, the look of it was still pretty gutting nevertheless.

"What's happening? Hadn't your Hundred Battle Party gone out for a mission? Why are you the only one here?" A passerby asked curiously.

"As we were completing our mission, we ran into the Ancient race army! Initially, we could have escaped! However, we bumped into the Sovereign King Thunder!" The chick replied with a frightful expression as she looked at the crowd, "Is there anyone who can help us? My party members have been caught by the Sovereign King Thunder!"

The chick was looking despaired right now. Sovereign King Thunder was really strong, and his methods were cruel.

Within the Guarded Ground itself, Sovereign King Thunder alone was a Heaven Tiered Middle Graded mission.

However, there had been no one who had dared to take on the mission at all. Even if there were some powerful beings who had accepted it, none of them had ever made it back.

The moment everyone present heard these words, they were stunned.

"Sovereign King Thunder? That's a horrifying existence!"

"That's right! Who would have the capabilities to rescue everyone from the hands of Sovereign King Thunder?! And that's not even including the Ancient race army that's there with the Sovereign King Thunder! They're not something to reckon with!"

"Seems like the Hundred Battle Party shall disappear from here on forth. At least, there's one survivor."


The chick looked at everyone in anguish. She then turned her sights to Fang Xuan, "Please, I'm begging you! Save my party members! As long as you save them out, our Hundred Battle Party is willing to be the followers of your Xuan Kui Party!"

Fang Xuan waved his hand dismissively without hesitation, "You've got to be kidding. That's the Sovereign King Thunder we're talking about. Anyone who goes is just committing suicide. I think you had better stop thinking about it. The moment Sovereign King Thunder strikes, the only ones who might even have a chance are those immensely strong powerful parties. Other than that, there's no one in the entire Guarded Ground who can help you guys."

The moment she heard these words, the chick's tears began to pour down like a heavy rain. How could anyone from their Hundred Battle Party have the capabilities to seek the help of those immensely strong powerful parties?

"Hais, seems like the Hundred Battle Party is really unfortunate. That party leader of theirs is a Divine celestial level 7 state being! To think that he would be done in just like that."

"Tragic. This is a tragedy indeed."


"10,000 Contribution Points. Rent us. Deal or no deal? Say something. Don't waste any time." At the brink of the chick's utmost despair, a figure appeared before her eyes.

The chick raised her head and looked at Lin Fan. For a moment, she did not know how to speak up anymore.

Lin Fan looked at the chick before him and asked once more, "10,000 Contribution Points. Deal or no deal?"

"You guys had better not go send yourselves to death. That's the Sovereign King Thunder!" Liu Qiangwei remarked.

"Look at those two fellas. They must be going nuts dreaming about Contribution Points. This is just courting death!" Fang Xuan burst out laughing.


Lin Fan was truly incensed right now.

Fang Xuan could sense a sharp killing intent that bolted out from the other party, causing his entire body to jerk and shiver. His heart stopped beating for a moment as he felt as though he had just been sent into the Nine Hells.

"Hurry up and say something. Deal or no deal?" Lin Fan said. "If you continue to hesitate, you had better not blame me if your party members are all slaughtered by the Ancient race!"

The moment the chick heard this, she did not dare to think any longer as she nodded her head furiously.

"Where did you guys bump into the Sovereign King Thunder?" Lin Fan asked.

"At the Twin Dark Valleys, 30,000 miles away from here!" The chick replied hurriedly.

"Forget it. Come with us." The moment Lin Fan thought of the fact that he was still pretty unfamiliar with the territory of the Utmost Being, Saint, he did not dilly dally and dragged the chick with him into the void instantly.

"Bald monk. Follow up."

"Certainly, benefactor."