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 Chapter 698: I Was Brought Up Being Threatened.

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Lin Fan had not expected this old man to be so crafty and have such a deeply laid out plan. To think that he would fall into his trap in a moment of carelessness.

"Young lad, the path that this old fellow has been through isn't something you can imagine. Then again, when I was young back then, I was also someone with an immense caliber to my name. But, the fact that you're able to make a fool out of me to this extent is something worth being proud of. You're a disciple that this old fellow is taking in for sure. Under my guidance, you will definitely be able to surpass me for in the future." Feng Qingzi was extremely pleased right now. The more he looked at this lad before him, the more he was satisfied with him.

Cultivation wasn't dependant on one's potential only. It depended on one's smarts as well. All of those stone-heads who only knew how to cultivate day and night without having any brains would ultimately come to no good end.

Furthermore, there were so many geniuses and people with unparalleled potential amongst the beings of the thousands of races. But as the saying went, 'The true king is the last one left standing.'

Only those who could manage to live till the end could deserve to be the winner.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes. Why in the world did these words sound so familiar?

'You should be proud.' Bloody hell! These were the type of words that Yours Truly had always told everyone else out there! However, given the situation right now, Lin Fan could only sigh out helplessly.

At this moment, Lin Fan released the bald monk out from the Heaven and Earth Smelt. After trapping the bald monk for such a long time, he didn't even know if the latter would go crazy because of it.

"Aiyah! I'm finally let out! How now, benefactor? Did you manage to run away? I'm gonna say this first! Those who were present are entitled to a portion of the share as well! We've got to split the loot properly, eh?" After being locked up within the Heaven and Earth Smelt for such a long time, Reverend Shakya had given it a deep, long thought.

This was the storage ring of Senior Feng Qingzi! How great would the treasures within be? If he could even get his hands on one or two of them, he would be rich!

However, when he saw how strange Lin Fan's expression was right now, Reverend Shakya's face changed as his heart stopped beating for a second. He turned his head to the side instinctively, and all of a sudden, Feng Qingzi's figure came into his view.

Thinking back at the words he had just spouted out, Reverend Shakya knew that he had f*cked up.

"Cough, cough! Benefactor Lin! How can you just take the storage ring of Senior Feng Qingzi just like that? Do you know how immoral that act of yours was? We've got to return the storage ring to Senior Feng Qingzi! Ah! Senior Feng Qingzi! You were here as well? Indeed, the arms of justice are overreaching indeed! Nothing escapes from them!" The moment Reverend Shakya thought of the words he had said earlier on, he felt extremely messed up and tried to salvage the situation.

"Bald monk, don't bother acting now. Bloody hell! Even though you're someone from the Buddha race, I know just how cheap you are, gosh!" Looking at how this bald monk would speak according to the circumstances, Lin Fan felt that he was long used to it.

Damn it! He had really done it this time around. However, despite that, there was still no chance if someone wanted Lin Fan to be convinced so simply.

"Old man, I'm indignant. We'll have another test if you've got the guts." Lin Fan's brains were running wild once more. No matter what, he must get out this place today. Taking Yours Truly as a disciple? No one in this world had the capacity to do so.

"Oh? What sort of a test is it again this time around?" Feng Qingzi chuckled out calmly. After being scammed once, he wouldn't be taken in so easily for the second time. Feng Qingzi knew that this lad was really crafty.

"It's really simple. You see this brick in my hand? Let me knock you with it. If you don't puke blood because of it, we'll take it as my loss." Lin Fan took out the Nine Five Legendary Brick. This was his final resort.

As for stuff such as Black Tiger Steals Heart and True Origins Crushing Kick, Lin Fan felt that it'd be better not to use those. If he were to deal any damage to this old man, it'd be hard to say that the old man wouldn't come seeking him for revenge.

If he were to gain someone else by his side just like this bald monk, that'd be quite the tragedy as well.

"Why should this old fellow let you take the knock?" Feng Qingzi could not sense any power emanating out from this brick. However, looking at how cunning the lad was, it was as though he was determined on going with him at it.

"Oh, so you don't dare to?" Lin Fan would dare to guarantee that as long as this old man would let him knock even just once, he would be lying on the ground like a dead corpse. However, the most important thing was that if this old man wouldn't let him knock, there was nothing he could do about it.

"Lad, you've already lost." Feng Qingzi said.

"I cannot accept that outcome!" Lin Fan yelled out.

"Even if you can't, you've got to accept it." Feng Qingzi replied.

"No, I can't accept it! No!" Lin Fan tossed his head to the side indignantly.

"Senior, I accept it! Please take me in as your disciple!" Reverend Shakya was on the brink of tears by now. On one side, one refused to accept the other as his master. On the other side, there was someone like him who would die to have this guy as a master. Yet, this master wasn't impressed by him in the least bit at all. Who could understand the pain in his heart right now?

"Your potential is way too low. This old fellow here isn't keen." Feng Qingzi was being pushed into a fluster by Lin Fan. Therefore, he did not even have the emotional capacity to give Reverend Shakya any face at all. This caused Reverend Shakya to feel really sad as he squatted down, drawing circles on the floor.

"Old man, why do you have to hurt this bald monk so severely? Even if his potential isn't good, you don't have to be this direct!"

The moment Reverend Shakya heard how Benefactor Lin was speaking up for him, he was filled with immense gratitude. However, he felt his heart being pierced through at the second half of the sentence.

'His potential isn't good? How is that possible?'

'This poor monk has cultivated for a hundred years to reach this state. Who else in this world could compete with him?'

"Lad, this old fellow will ask you one last time. Are you convinced?"

"Hmph! No, I'm not. Even if I were to die, I wouldn't be!" Lin Fan kept a stiff upper lip.

"Alright. Very well. Since that's the case, this old fellow shall not be bothered with you guys any longer." The moment Feng Qingzi was done with that sentence, he left immediately.

"Oi, old man, you can leave if you want to! But you've got to get rid of this thing here first!" Lin Fan was stumped. He did not know what in the world that old man was planning. However, since he was going to leave, he should get rid of this cage first, shouldn't he? Otherwise, how else was Yours Truly supposed to leave?

'Bloody hell! Truly, a single mistake may result in everlasting sorrow! Yours Truly has tread through the Pugilistic World for so long. Yet, this is the first time I'm taking in such a huge loss!' Lin Fan hated it in his heart. However, all of a sudden, he leaped with joy. "That's right! The two storage rings of that old man are still in the hands of Yours Truly! Haha! That guy must have dementia or something! To think that he would even forget something so important as such!"

"Bald monk, you can stop acting now. That old man is gone. We've got to find some way to get rid of this protective barrier. Once we get to leave, I'll pass you some treasures." Lin Fan said.

"Benefactor, you mean what you say?" The moment Reverend Shakya heard the topic of treasures being brought up, he was elated and invigorated once more.

"Naturally." Lin Fan knew that he was a generous man. He would just pick some of the lousiest ones for the bald monk in order to fulfill his promise.

And just then, the void in the distance rumbled and shook, as a repressing aura tore through the void and pressed down towards them.

"Human. I've finally found you!" Lightning crackled and black clouds surged as a pair of evil eyes akin to those of the Heavens bore on them along with an immense amount of essence glow that pressured across the world.

Lin Fan frowned before tossing his hands back. "F*ck! Old man, you're bloody trying to scare me again? Yours Truly was someone who grew up being threatened by others! There's no way in hell I'm going to be afraid of you!"

"Feng Qingzi, we said that we would never intrude on one another's territories. And yet, here you are in the territory of Your Utmost Being here. Are you trying to renege on our agreement?"

The booming voice reverberated through one's ears so loudly they could almost go deaf due to it. As though they were waves on an ocean, the clouds and sky began to rumble furiously.

"This...can't be for real, right?" The moment Lin Fan heard these words, his heart sank. He had a bad feeling about this.

However, he cast that ominous feeling to the back of his head. Lin Fan was almost certain that this was something that the old man had come up with once more.


A thunderbolt split the Heavens and Earth apart as a hulking figure appeared between the world.

At this moment, the world went silent. Every single living being was subservient to this presence as though it was the descent of a king.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of that figure in the distance, his face froze up immediately.

"Holy f*ck! He's really here?"