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 Chapter 696: Little Buddy, Come On Out!

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"Benefactor, why do you not want to take him as a master? This is Senior Feng Qingzi we're talking about! Do you know how many geniuses have tried bowing to him as a master but failed?" Reverend Shakya said with a throbbing heart.

"If you want to take him as a master, go and do it on your own! Bald monk, are you going bonkers over wishing for a master?"

"Oh, I'd LOVE to! But, it's a pity that Senior Feng Qingzi does not take an eye upon this bald monk. No matter what, this poor monk here is a genius of the Buddha race! How is it that I turned into someone incapable in the eyes of Senior Feng Qingzi?" Reverend Shakya remarked regrettably.

"Cut the crap! This old man isn't too smart anyways. Did you see that? His storage ring! The amount of treasures within this must be immeasurable!" Lin Fan said excitedly.

"So what if they are immeasurable? I guarantee that Senior Feng Qingzi would definitely appear before you instantaneously once the time's up. By then, all you can do is look at this storage ring go." Reverend Shakya replied.

"Bald monk, why are you so stupid? Forget it, I'm not going to bother talking more with you. Later on, don't resist me. I'm going to keep you within my treasure first." Lin Fan remarked.

"Benefactor, are you for real? This is the storage ring of Senior Feng Qingzi!" Reverend Shakya called out in astonishment. Feng Qingzi was a crazily powerful being! If his items were to be so easily taken, everyone would have done so long ago!

"Of course, I'm for real. Who's kidding with you now? Alright, time's about to be up. Once I'm done with this heist, I'm going to be helluva rich!" Lin Fan did not wait for the bald monk to say anything anymore as he kept him within the Heaven and Earth Smelt.

By now, five breaths had already passed. This time around, Lin Fan ran faster than anyone could have ever done so. However, he knew that this Feng Qingzi was someone with real capabilities as well. No matter how far he ran, he would definitely be caught by this guy in a jiffy. He had to think up a plan.

"Old man, you're the one who came knocking on my doorsteps. You can't blame Yours Truly for this!" Lin Fan did feel a little guilty for taking this old man's storage ring all for his own. However, when he thought of his accomplishments to come in the future, he forgave himself.

He was definitely someone who was going to go at the Ancient race with his life from here on forth! Well, this storage ring of the old man? He might as well just take it as a form of support from an elder for his junior then!


"Aura retract!"

Lin Fan laid flat on the ground, staring up at the skies. He did not believe that the old man could truly find him out. He had the system to help him hide his aura. Even if it were a super duper ultra powerful being, they would definitely not be able to find him out.


Ten breaths were up...

Back when Lin Fan had run away, Feng Qingzi sent out his consciousness to check it out. He found out that this lad had run all the way forward before coming to a stop somewhere. He then grinned.

After that, Feng Qingzi did not hurry at all. He just waited out slowly as he took back his consciousness.

The strength of this little buddy from the Human race was decent. At the same time, his potential was unparalleled. However, even if that were the case, it was still far too weak for Feng Qingzi.

There were all sort of mythical uses unlocked when one got to Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state. If one weren't of this cultivation state, they wouldn't be able to sense it at all.

No matter how far he ran, Feng Qingzi could appear before him in the blink of an eye.

"This little buddy is interesting indeed. But that's fine. Ten breaths are up now. Time to go seek him out." Feng Qingzi stroked that white beard of his as he smiled gently. With that, the disposition of a great man was emanated out from him instantly.

However, just as Feng Qingzi was trying to seek out Lin Fan's location, his face changed.

"How can this be?"

Feng Qingzi's face was turning terrible right now. Unable to believe it, he tried searching once more. Using his consciousness to sweep through the world, no matter which direction he looked at, there was no trace at all.

"Impossible! How can this be possible?" Feng Qingzi was no longer able to maintain his composure. This was something that was absolutely inconceivable in his mind! Even though that little buddy of the Human race was strong, how could he possibly escape his search?

At that moment, Feng Qingzi leaped forth from the ground and headed in the direction where Lin Fan was.

"This old fellow's storage ring is still in the hands of the other party!"

"No. Things probably wouldn't go wrong. That little buddy of the Human race has his mind set on killing the Ancient race beings. Naturally, he is someone just and righteous, and would definitely not covet my storage ring. Now that the little buddy is in hiding, if I can't find him, he would definitely show himself out for sure!"

Feng Qingzi consoled himself at this moment.

"Little buddy, where can you be?" Feng Qingzi called out. His long, white beard started to quiver slightly as well. Evidently, he was pretty restless right now.

"How could this be? Even if it's a mere skill that hides one's aura, he should definitely not be able to escape the detection of this old man's search!" Feng Qingzi looked out in all directions and spread his consciousness out as well. However, he still could not find any trace of Lin Fan at all.

"He's here!" Lin Fan laid on the ground and looked up into the sky. At this moment, Feng Qingzi was floating there and searching for him in all directions.

"Hehe. This time around, the old man truly got scammed, eh?" Lin Fan smirked indifferently. Ever since he had entered Stealth mode, Lin Fan did not budge at all. This guy was such a powerful old man. If that were the case, the amount of treasures within his storage ring must definitely be inestimable.

If he were to just waste time as such, it would definitely belong to him eventually!

Time passed by the second and minute...

Feng Qingzi was starting to feel really uneasy. Looking at the darkening skies, Feng Qingzi sensed that something was not right.

"Little buddy, come on out! You're right, this old fellow here has lost. I'm not going to insist on having you as a disciple any longer!"

Feng Qingzi called out. However, other than the cold, lonely breeze that was accompanying him, there was nothing else moving at all.

"Little buddy, don't mess around anymore! Yes, this old fellow was the one bragging! I truly can't find you! Please come on out!"

"Little bug, if you don't come out and you're caught by this old fellow here, I'm not going to be courteous to you at all!"

"Aiyah! Little buddy, please! I'm pleading to you! Please come on out!"

The supreme great man, Feng Qingzi, was pained beyond words right now. He had a feeling that he was scammed. He was truly scammed by that little buddy from the Human race!

The current Feng Qingzi was bashing on himself for making that gamble. At the same time, he was deeply regretting that confidence of his right now!

Given his strength, he was certain that no one in this world would be able to escape from under his eyelids. However, the current situation had Feng Qingzi feeling as though he was given a tight slap across the face.

'This robbery by Yours Truly...Am I being a little too much?' Looking at the heart wrenching expression of Feng Qingzi, Lin Fan could not help but feel like he was in a spot right now. However, in the blink of an eye, Lin Fan had already come up with the perfect excuse for himself.

'It's all for the sake of the thousands of races.'

Even though this old man's strength was decent, he wouldn't even dare to go kill the Utmost Being of the Ancient race! The guts he possessed were simply way too small.

Since that was the case, the burden of the responsibility would lie on Lin Fan's shoulders then.

'Even though the Ancient race is strong, Yours Truly isn't afraid.'

The wealth of such a powerful being must definitely be immense. If he could make use of it, his strength would definitely skyrocket for sure!

After he had thought through things, Lin Fan no longer had the same feeling of guilt any longer.

The days and nights switched places.

The sun was shining brightly as a pair of sleazy eyes were checking out the situation up in the void.

Lin Fan truly had to give it to this old man. To think that he could stand there for an entire day and night. It seemed as though he was ready to wait it out with Yours Truly.

At the same time, Feng Qingzi was truly regretful of his actions. If he had known that this would be the case, he would have never handed his storage ring to the other party! At the same time, he was remorseful over accepting of this wager.

Scam. This was a downright scam!

'This lad should still be nearby somewhere. If I'm going to continue standing here, this lad would certainly not appear for sure. Seems like the only way is for me to go into hiding as well.' The moment Feng Qingzi thought of this, he disappeared from where he was in the blink of an eye. Entering the void, he waited from there patiently.

'Eh? Has he gone away?' Looking at Feng Qingzi's departure, Lin Fan was puzzled.

'No, that can't be. The old man is trying to scam me. This trick has been used by me countless times. There's no way I'm going to fall for it!'

'But, since that's the case, then so be it. It's been a long time since I've taken a good rest as well. I'll just sleep here for an entire month then!'

After that, Lin Fan did not think of anything much any longer. He closed his eyes and went straight to sleep.

First, he would sleep this guy off for an entire month before deciding on his next course of action.