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 Chapter 676: This Place Is A Little Strange!

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"Indeed, that's a rare and miraculous man. How nice would it be if I could accompany him by his side." The Chief of the Rabbit race muttered to herself.

All the beings of the thousands of races who were surrounding her looked at her with a strange gaze. To think that the Chief of the Rabbit race, someone with such fidelity to herself, would have her moments of being infatuated as well.

"What are you guys looking at? Haven't you guys ever seen a pretty babe?" The Chief of the Rabbit race barked at the crowd with a short scoff. Her petite face was flushed red in embarrassment.


Lin Fan left with a lot of elegance. That grace of his was ever so bedazzling for everyone. For the beings of the thousands of races, that back view of his was too suave.

However, Lin Fan was running really hurriedly at this moment.

If he didn't start running, he would be one hell of a dumb f*ck man!

That bald monk is definitely not going to let this off just like that! If he allowed the bald monk to catch up to him, things would definitely be troublesome!

For his chest to be walloped in such a manner, as a male being, who in the world could endure something like this?

This was especially the case for someone like that bald monk who loved acting bullsh*t as such. If he were to have to walk around the Pugilistic World carrying those two lumps of meat around his chest, wouldn't he just be the laughing stock of everyone out there?

Black Tiger Steals Heart was something that had no antidote to it. It was anyone's misfortune if they were to be struck by it. After all, it was practically impossible for them to revert back to how they were before!

The city of the Sovereign King Wei did leave Lin Fan pretty disappointed in it. It was so damn poor! In fact, he couldn't even be compared to the Marquis of Despair!

And right now, the direction Lin Fan was headed for was none other than the location of the connate Element of Wood. Lin Fan's intentions had always been set on getting stronger. Therefore, he must make sure that his goal was firm.

First of all, he had to seek out the connate Element of Wood, so that the Demon City could evolve into an Utmost Treasure.


The lair of the Utmost Being...

"Motherf*cking Human King...!" Seated on his jewel throne, the Utmost Being of the Ancient race grit his teeth and seethed out. This Motherf*cking Human King had yet to appear for three years. To think that three of his Sovereign Kings would be slain at the moment of his appearance!

For the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, these three Sovereign Kings were nothing much. However, what he could not endure was all the repeated provocations of this Motherf*cking Human King towards his authority.

This was especially the case now that the opening of the Infinite Worlds was imminent. How could he allow himself to be distracted by a mere human?


All of a sudden, the void trembled. A figure appeared from within in the face of the Utmost Being, Cruel.

"It's you." Looking at this figure who was shrouded in a black mist, the face of the Utmost Being, Cruel, was filled with displeasure.

"Lord Saint has ordered me to help you eradicate those ants who're having the time of their lives for you. At the same time, the other six Lords are pretty dissatisfied with your performance." The voice of the man shrouded in his black mist sounded very ominous.

"INSOLENT!" The moment the Cruel heard these words, he was instantly enraged. A tremendous amount of aura erupted forth from him, taking on the shape of a formless gigantic arm that grabbed out at this black shadow.

"I'm only here to inform you of the intent of the other lords." The black figure replied indifferently. Immediately, a vortex appeared before him, swallowing the gigantic arm whole.

"Tell them that I don't require them to butt into my affairs!" The face of Cruel was angered to a frightening level as he shouted out harshly.

"I'm following orders. If you've got anything you're displeased about, please feel free to raise it up with the other seven lords." The black figure was neither afraid nor rude. His voice was ever so ominous, as though Cruel was practically nothing in his eyes.

The deep, mysterious eyes of Cruel shone with a weird gleam. He then shut his eyes, hiding that intent away.

"Alright, since that's the case, I'll hand it over to you then." The Utmost Being, Cruel, replied.

"Farewell." The black figure nodded his head and immediately, his entire figure dissipated away from the hall, as though it had never appeared in the first place.

The moment the black figure dissipated, the Cruel stood up and stared at the illusory seven spires out of his window.

"You guys are meddling far too much."


"Seems like this is the place I should be exploring!" After dozens of days, Lin Fan finally came to a stop.

This was a forest that was covered with a dark green shade. Furthermore, this place was preventing him from using his consciousness to explore and check out the condition of the vicinity.

Compared to the other places thus far, this palace that contained the connate Element of Wood was extremely strange.

"The connate Element of Wood is undoubtedly the origin of life. The signs of life around are definitely exuberant. Just look at this patch of trees surrounding it, to think that they would be flourishing this lusciously." Checking out the surroundings, Lin Fan could not help but comment.

However, Lin Fan did not let his guard down because of this. After all, he had seen a fair number of skeletons around this area as well.

Some of the skeletons were extremely dated, while others seemed as though they were recently deceased.

Landing from the void, Lin Fan walked in the direction forward.


Suddenly, a clean, crisp sound startled Lin Fan. Lowering his head, he realized that he had just caused an extremely beautiful jade white bone to be broken into two by stepping on it.

"The previous owner of this skeleton must have been someone who had a deep and mysterious power to him." A single glance was enough for Lin Fan to tell that this skeleton was extraordinary.

'Ding...Congratulations on discovering Skeleton of a Divine celestial level 7, All in One state powerful being.'

"Indeed, it was as I had thought. The owner of this skeleton was pretty special." Placing the skeleton down, Lin Fan could not help but focus his attention.

Even a Divine celestial level 7 being could die outsides this place. If that were the case, what sort of dangers would this place that contained the connate Element of Wood hold?

However, based on the map that was drawn by Fairy Hongyun, she indicated that this place wasn't all that treacherous at all!

Seemed like the facts that Fairy Honguyn knew about were outdated by now.

Creak, creak, creak!

Suddenly, a series of sounds that Lin Fan could not understand rang out from behind him. He could sense it with his spirit. Creasing his brows, he turned around instantly and slammed out with his palm.

"What's this?"

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Tree Demon.'

"Tree Demon?" Lin Fan frowned. This was the first time he was hearing of a living being as such. This wasn't even recorded back in the books of the Cloud Sect's library!

However, come to think of it, even those books themselves could turn into Book Spirits. If that were the case, then it would make sense that these trees which were blooming in such conditions where life energy was exuberant could turn into Tree Demons.

"Holy f*ck. Seems like this connate Element of Wood isn't all that easy to obtain after all. Before I've even entered the place, I'm meeting with all of these sh*t. I've got to be more careful on my way inside I suppose."

'The first to strike gets the advantage, and the last to strike shall suffer.'

Lin Fan would not just stand by idly like a fool waiting for these Tree Demons that were lying in wait for him in the dark.

"Hmph! You guys wanna sneak attacks in on me? Then, Yours Truly shall just have to chop down all of you today!" Lin Fan wielded his Eternal Axe and cleaved out in all directions. A sharp flash of an axe cleaved out, destroying all the trees in a radius of tens of miles.

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Tree Demon.'

'Ding...Congratulations on killing Tree Demon.'

The cultivation states of these Tree Demons weren't all that high. Some of them were only at Azure celestial cultivation state. Even the highest amongst them were just Desolate celestial cultivation states. They weren't anything troublesome to deal with at all.

"This way, it'll be much safer." Looking at how everything in a wide radius was empty now, Lin Fan was elated.

With this current situation, he would just have to see what other Tree Demons could have the guts to give him any troubles. As for the Tree Demons that were watching from the dark? The moment they caught sight of everything before them, they yelped out in shock.

"This living being is so damn vicious!"

"Devour him! We must definitely eat him up!"

"How dare he kill so many of our comrades? He must die!"

"All of you, don't be brash. We'll let him enter the secret grounds first. Once he meets those terrifying existences within, we'll just have to camp for him to come out with grave injuries. By then, we can rush at him altogether and eat him up as food."

"Yes, Tree Emperor."