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 Chapter 675: The Difference From Human To Human

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When the Chief of the Rabbit race heard these words, that frosty expression of hers flushed red as she rolled her eyes at these fellas who were spouting nonsense.

However, that flat chest of Reverend Shakya which had suddenly enlarged like this did leave the Chief of the Rabbit race with some slight envy.

Involuntarily, she turned her gaze over at Lin Fan. She could not help but brew some ideas of her own. The Rabbit race were a bunch of people who were really proud of their figures. However, at this moment, she realized that the Motherf*cking Human King had a way to enlarge her chest. Now, THAT did give her something to hope for.

However, these were just momentary thoughts.

"Hais! Bald monk, Yours Truly has already said so from the start. This punch of mine mustn't be taken. But yet, you chose not to listen and insisted on going along with it. Now, do you have anything else to say about it?" Lin Fan was helpless right now. Some guys would only know the meaning of regret after it was all too late.

Looking at the pained expression on the bald monk, Lin Fan felt a little sorrow for him. Yours Truly didn't mean to hurt anyone, but this old man just chose to not listen!

"It hurts! It's going to explode!" Reverend Shakya clutched at his chest with both his hands, trying to soothe this pain consistently. However, for Reverend Shakya, the more he rubbed, the more it hurt.


Looking at how Reverend Shakya was fondling those breasts of his that were about to explode, the beings of the thousands of races could not help but gulp down their saliva.

If they were to ignore that face of his, this pair of melons would definitely be the most beautiful melons in the entire Ancient Saint World.

Even the voluptuous Chief of the Rabbit race couldn't compete with that at all!

However, with the situation as it was right now, it just looked really strange and weird, such that no one would dare to look at it directly.

"Don't worry, they're not going to burst. It'll just hurt for quite a bit. Just bear with it and it'll be done." Lin Fan said consolingly.

However, Lin Fan was stunned by those gigantic lumps on the chest of Reverend Shakya as well.

This didn't make sense at all.

In the past, if he wanted the lumps to be this huge, he would have to hammer on it dozens of times. Why in the world were they this big with a single strike this time around? Could it be that Black Tiger Steals Heart had leveled up?

"Aiyoh! I can't take it anymore! I can't bear it!" Even a Buddha as esteemed as Reverend Shakya could not help but give in to the pain as he rolled on the ground while crying out.

That face of his which was filled with compassion and benevolence was now close to tears.

"Don't worry, don't panic. It'll all be over real soon." Looking at the pained expression of Reverend Shakya right now, Lin Fan was exasperated. However, there was nothing he could do about this.

There was no way to release one from the pains of Black Tiger Steals Heart at all.

For the beings of the thousands of races, this was truly a day where their sights were opened up. To think that even the horrifyingly strong Reverend Shakya would relegate to such a state with a single move!

Just what sort of powers did this Motherf*cking Human King wield?!

At this moment, Reverend Shakya, whose face was frightfully white and filled with pain, was tumbling on the ground. He did not know how things could have turned out like this.

Why in the world did the Indestructible Body of the Angered Buddha Vajra not work?

This time around, he was going to lose his face so, so badly!


In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan cast his sights on the Ancient race beings. These guys must be exterminated. If one did not remove the roots when plucking out weeds, they would grow out when the spring breezed past once more.

"Bald monk, you've lost your wager. These Ancient race beings shall all be killed by Yours Truly." Lin Fan said to Reverend Shakya who was rolling around on the ground.

Reverend Shakya wanted to reply. However, given the state he was in right now, he could not even bring himself to say a single word. After all, the swelling lumps on his chest was bringing him an endless amount of pain.


As he pointed out his finger, a bright Sword Will shot out.

One turned into two.

Two to four.

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled by the multiplied Sword Wills.


These Sword Wills that descended from the sky sliced through everything as they ripped across the world. All of the Ancient race beings did not even have a chance to fight before they were killed on the spot.

For the current Lin Fan, these Ancient race beings were no longer worth much experience points.

The only thing that were useful was their essence, spirit, and vitality. These were things that the Paradise required.

In a single breath, hundreds of thousands of Ancient race beings were killed just like that. This lightning speed could be considered even supernatural.

The moment the beings of the thousands of races caught sight of this scene, they felt their hearts rattling.

Such overbearing methods!

This Motherf*cking Human King was way too strong!

Reverend Shakya was about to faint by now. The pain that was throbbing in his chest was enough to have him break down mentally. But, the sight of hundreds of thousands of Ancient race beings killed just like that was adding even more torment into his mind.

What a waste! This was simply way too wasteful!

If he could reform all these guys, how much faith could he have produced?

But, it was all too late for words now.

At this moment, Lin Fan tossed back his robes. His long hair rested on his shoulders with a really suave disposition.

Especially when he was in front of the captive beings, Lin Fan had to do his best to showcase the friendliest side of his.

"Motherf*cking Human King!"

All of a sudden, some unknown person shouted out from the crowd. However, that solitary voice was enough to influence everyone's hype like a tidal wave.

Everyone's hearts were for him right now! Today, he had truly carved a mark for himself! If there were any more beings of the thousands of races who did not know who Yours Truly was after today, it would really be weird then!

When Reverend Shakya heard these cheers, he was even more anguished than ever.

Today, not only had he lost his followers, he had even lost his face as well! And right now, he didn't even have any image left!

What a sin!

When he made this trip, he must have forgotten to check the divine almanac for inauspicious events! Otherwise, since when had he bumped into such ill events in the past hundred years of cultivation?

"Everyone, with me, the Motherf*cking Human King around, you can all rest assured that the Ancient race beings will be suppressed in the future. From this day forth, I will ensure that all the beings of the thousands of races will be able to live under this bright and radiant future!" Lin Fan commented.

"Bless the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"Long live the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"From this day forth, I shall be nothing but a braindead fan of the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"I must spread out the great name of the Motherf*cking Human King for everyone out there! The whole world must know that there's a great Motherf*cking Human King fighting for all of us against the Ancient race!"


Hearing these cheers, Lin Fan could not help but fill overwhelmed with joy in his heart. Even though he did not manage to obtain the riches of Sovereign King Wei this time around, the fact that his great name was about to be spread out made all of these worth it.

For someone like Lin Fan, these were the sort of things that gave one's life meaning.

Unable to help himself, he turned his sight towards Reverend Shakya, feeling a little pity for the latter.

At times like these, the difference from human to human was exemplified.

Looking at that sympathizing gaze coming from Lin Fan, Reverend Shakya could almost feel his tears dripping out now. He knew that he had truly f*cked up this time around.

Once these beings of the thousands of races were to get out, they would be sure to spread the news of this as well.

At that time, the name of the Motherf*cking Human King was sure to rise.

And, he knew that he was none other than the prop to demonstrate the feats of the Motherf*cking Human King. In fact, he could even think of the way the news was going to be spread by these beings.

"That Motherf*cking Human King who had caused Reverend Shakya's chest to rupture with a single claw grip? He's the one who had hundreds of thousands of Ancient race beings killed!"

"That's right! That powerful being who had caused Reverend Shakya's chest to rupture with a single claw grip is none other than the Motherf*cking Human King! The killer of hundreds of thousands of Ancient race beings!"


"Alright everyone, let's part ways here. After you leave this place, you guys can look for a place to hide. Perhaps you guys can head North. In the North, there exists the Despair City. I've already annihilated that entire place. Therefore, there must be little to none Ancient race beings there now. It should be safe to seek refuge there." Lin Fan remarked.

The moment the beings of the thousands of races heard these words, there were exhilarated. To think that there would be a safehouse in the Ancient Saint World!

"Thank you, Motherf*cking Human King!"


As he received the gratitude of the beings of the thousands of races, Lin Fan waved his hands indifferently, as though these weren't things he was concerned about at all.

"Alright everyone, farewell then."

"Bald monk, let's meet again if affinity wills us to."

The moment Reverend Shakya heard these words, he wanted to force himself to speak up and reply. But, before he could do so, he realized that Lin Fan had disappeared from the place entirely.

"No! Don't go off yet! What should I do about my chest?" Reverend Shakya yelled out in his heart.

The grief was too deep for tears to even come forth now...