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 Chapter 674: This Is A Wonderful Sensation

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At this moment, both men had thoughts of their own.

Lin Fan was afraid that he might hammer this bald monk to death with a single punch. Even though this bald monk loved acting bullsh*t, his intrinsic nature wasn't bad.

No one with any evil intent, ghost, or demons alike could escape from the scrutiny of the system. As for Reverend Shakya, he was thinking in his heart that his physical body state wasn't all for show.

The Indestructible Body of the Angered Buddha Vajra, which was claimed to be the toughest to master within the Buddha race, was successfully cultivated by him. As such, his physical body state was so strong that it was at a state of being horrifying.

Furthermore, he had the booster of his powers and the offerings as well. That was even more horrifying than horrifying itself.

This was a transaction he was absolutely confident in.

Not only could he get these Ancient race beings to be reformed, he could even put on a good show in front of all these beings of the thousands of races. Where else could he get such a bargain?

"There seems to be some tension between the Motherf*cking Human King and the Reverend Shakya!"

"That's right. The Motherf*cking Human King wants to kill the Ancient race beings, but Reverend Shakya wants to reform and enlighten them!"

"Hais! I guess we should just sit back and watch. An issue like this isn't something we should stick our heads in."

For all of these beings of the thousands of races, a situation like this was rather tricky indeed. Both sides were powerful figures. Furthermore, both sides were fighting with the beings of the thousands of races in their minds.


"Bald monk, you've truly got to reconsider this once more. Don't come and argue with Yours Truly if something bad really happens in the end." Lin Fan said.

"Benefactor, rest assured, this poor monk's words are golden. Even if I were to be killed by you by accident, I would never begrudge you." Reverend Shakya replied with a solemn expression. However, he was laughing within his heart. 'This has got to be a joke! Based on Your Buddha's capabilities, does this human really think that he can cripple me? This guy must be living in a fantasy land!'

"Alright then! Prepare yourself." Lin Fan sighed out. Since this was the case, he had no choice but to properly exhibit his strength.

If that were the case, so be it then. He could use this opportunity to let this bald monk know of the strength of Yours Truly. At the same time, he could let this bald monk know the price one had to pay if they wanted to act bullsh*t before Yours Truly.


Reverend Shakya muttered out the Buddhist chant and turned extremely saintly all of a sudden. A series of Buddha lights shone forth from behind his body. Instantly, a figure of an eight-handed Angered Buddha with a ferocious face appeared behind Reverend Shakya.

A series of Buddhist music were converted into golden lotuses and scattered into the world.

"With the body of the Angered Buddha, all evils shall make way."

In the blink of an eye, it was as though Reverend Shakya's body was imbued with gold in it. It shone with an elegant, compassionate, and saintly aura. It seemed as though this aura that was emanated could purge and cleanse all the demons in this world.

"Benefactor, come. This poor monk here has made his preparations." Reverend Shakya was a proud man. After cultivating for a hundred years, he had even caught up with the seniors of the previous generation.

Therefore, he was filled with both pride and confidence.

Despite that, he held on to a pure heart. At its root, he still wanted to salvage the beings of the thousands of races.

"To think that in my lifetime of living, I would be able to witness the Indestructible Body of the Angered Buddha Vajra from Senior Reverend Shakya!"

"You're right. Under the bask of this radiant golden Buddha light, I feel as though my soul has been purified. Even those feelings of hatred and negativities towards the Ancient race beings are slowly disappearing!"

"Rumors had it that for the sake of reforming the Ancient race beings, Reverend Shakya had once endured the beatings of the Ancient race beings without retaliating for a full year!"

"He's indeed an esteemed monk! If only there could be more high monks such as Senior Reverend Shakya within the Buddha race! How nice would that be?"

Watching everything before them, the beings of the thousands of races could not help but mutter to themselves.

There were good and bad people in this world. It was the same for the Buddha race. There were Buddhas who were on the path of reforming others while there were Buddhas who had fallen into the abyss and turned evil.

"Not bad! The gimmicks are pretty decent indeed. Just this physical body state alone is the strongest that Yours Truly has ever come across just yet." Lin Fan could not help but praise him.

But this was the truth indeed. The physical body state of this Reverend Shakya before him right now. If he were to categorize it according to cultivation states, it would be equivalent to that of a Divine celestial level 6.

It was truly the first time Lin Fan had ever seen someone who could train up their physical body states to such a degree.

If he were to put in a bit more hard work and push this to a higher state, it would even be enough for him to go up against the Utmost Being of the Ancient race!

"My thanks for your praise, benefactor. Do use your fists, benefactor. This poor monk will neither dodge nor hide from your punches." Upon hearing the praises of this human before him, Reverend Shakya was elated.

Did he see that? Such was the strength of Your Buddha's physical body state. It was evident that this human must be stumped by his physical body state as well!

If he were to tell this human before him that Your Buddha was still keeping something up his sleeves, he wondered how the human would react to that.

The more he thought about it, the more Reverend Shakya could not help but let out a sinister grin.

Lin Fan looked at those knuckles on his tender fists and blew the dust off them gently, "Alright bald monk, prepare yourself. Yours Truly is going to come with it."

"Come. If I don't enter hell, who would? Today, let this poor monk endure the fists of hatred of this benefactor then." Reverend Shakya said out with a radiant voice.

Watching this scene before them, the beings of the thousands of races found themselves lost within it for a really long time. This was an extremely rare scene for them. In fact, it was one that they might never be able to come across in an entire lifetime.

In this wager on the lives of the Ancient race beings, they favored Reverend Shakya.

Even though the Motherf*cking Human King was powerful, the great name of Senior Reverend Shakya was renowned. Furthermore, the Indestructible Body of the Angered Buddha was an extremely complex skill of the Buddha race. Once it was cultivated by someone, they were practically invincible to the world.

At this moment, Lin Fan made his way towards Reverend Shakya slowly.

His two fists extended as his palm slowly stretched itself out. All his fingers seemed as though they were ready to pinch at something.

Calm and normal, there wasn't a single trace of power rippling forth from them. Looking at the attack of the Motherf*cking Human King, Reverend Shakya could not help but lament in his heart.

'Seems like this Motherf*cking Human King is sharing the same line of thought as myself.'

To Reverend Shakya, there was no way this causal looking skill could possess any form of killing power to it. He presumed that this Motherf*cking Human King was just trying to test his determination.

At this moment, Reverend Shakya could not help but feel a newfound respect for Lin Fan.

Even though this Motherf*cking Human King would not stop at calling him bald monk left and right, he still kept a noble heart for saving the masses of the thousands of races.

This was a friend worthy of making.

At this moment, Lin Fan arrived before the face of Reverend Shakya. His eyes shone with a glimmer.

"Black Tiger Steals Heart."


At this point, Lin Fan's hands were clutching onto the chest of Reverend Shakya.

Even if it were Reverend Shakya, he had not expected the human to behave as such. To think that he would grasp out at those little raisins of his!

The beings of the thousands of races let out an astonished look as well, wondering what this was all about.

The moment this move of the Motherf*cking Human King came forth, they were befuddled. They wondered how a normal looking move as such could possess any form of a miraculous use.

"Benefactor, please carry on." Reverend Shakya was feeling an extraordinary sensation going through his body right now. Even though it was a man who was clutching at his chest, he could not deny that this sensation was pretty decent indeed. Reverend Shakya could not help but feel that he wanted to experience this sensation once more.

"It's alright. Once is more than enough." Lin Fan was done with his work here. The moment Black Tiger Steals Heart was unleashed, it was destined to be a bloodbath.

Reverend Shakya looked at the Motherf*cking Human King with a baffled look, wondering what he meant by that.

However, that calm face of Reverend Shakya took a turn for the worse in that instant. Those eyes that were filled with a Buddha nature within them began to change into those of shock.


Reverend Shakya could feel some changes going on in his own chest. This was a change that was indescribable. However, he could truly feel every single bit of it. It was real.

"If you wish to cry out, please do so." Lin Fan commented in a serene manner.

"Benefactor, this!" Reverend Shakya could not understand just what in the world was going on right now. However, he suddenly felt a sense of pain surge right through into his heart.


"It hurts...IT HURTS! How did it come to this?" Reverend Shakya could no longer maintain that composed face of his as he clutched onto his chest with both hands.

"Guys, look! Doesn't the chest of Reverend Shakya seem like it's enlarging?"

"How can that be? Reverend Shakya is a male!"

"Holy f*ck! It DOES seem to be expanding! Guys, look! It's getting larger! It looks even larger than that of the Chief of the Rabbit race!"

"What in the world is going on!? The Motherf*cking Human King had only grabbed it casually! How could he deal such damage with it?"