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 Chapter 673: I'll Save Them

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It was only after arriving in the Ancient Saint World that Lin Fan knew of the existence of the thousands of races. As for the Buddha race, Lin Fan had somewhat of an encounter with them. Back when he was in the Xuanhuang World, his Junior Brother Lu Yan of the same sect was someone who had inherited the legacy of a powerful being from the Buddha race.

But, at the end of the day, the Xuanhuang World was still a sealed world. Even though he had raised his cultivation state really quickly, his path forward was still murky eventually.

Now that Lin Fan was meeting with someone truly from the Buddha race, he was feeling a little reminiscent.

However, didn't this person from the Buddha race seem somewhat impertinent? To think that he would try to stop Lin Fan from killing the Ancient race beings!

"Are you here to stop Yours Truly from killing the Ancient race beings?" Lin Fan asked in a displeased tone.

"Benefactor, your heart is confused." Reverend Shakya gave off a benevolent smile, acting full of bullsh*t and superiority.

"Your mother's heart is confused. Speak in human language!" One thing Lin Fan hated the most was being stopped by others from doing what he wanted to do. This was especially the case for killing Ancient race beings. To think that this person from the Buddha race would be attempting to do so. Then he must really be courting death!

"Benefactor, you...!" Reverend Shakya had not expected this Motherf*cking Human King to insult him over a single sentence he wasn't comfortable with! He was triggered for a moment before retracting his words. He then chanted out a sutra to suppress the anger that rose in his heart.

"Eh?! Isn't that Senior Reverend Shakya?"

"Holy sh*t! It's him! It's the powerful genius being of the Buddha race! He's here to cleanse the masses!"

"To think that even Reverend Shakya would be here! Is he here to rescue us?"

"Senior Reverend Shakya!"

At this moment, all the beings of the thousands of races cast their sights up in the sky above. When they caught sight of the Reverend Shakya who was exuding a radiant Buddha light, they began to discuss fervently.

Seems like this Reverend Shakya was someone who was really famous amongst the beings of the thousands of races.

At this moment, Lin Fan was a little upset. To think that a bald monk would be more famous than he was! This didn't make sense at all!

To think that he was trying his best to massacre the Ancient race. However, at the end of the day, there weren't many who knew about him at all! To Lin Fan, this was nothing but a pain in his heart!

But what Lin Fan did not know was that each time he was out to kill the Ancient race beings, he would leave none of them alive. As such, there was no Ancient race being left to tell tales of his scariness to the others.

Therefore, it was normal for the beings of the thousands of races to not know of the Motherf*cking Human King's existence.

And, the reason why this Reverend Shakya was really famous amongst the beings of the thousands of races was because each time he appeared, he would be reforming the Ancient race beings. From time to time, he would secretly let an Ancient race being off so that he could spread the news out as well.

Gradually, the beings of the thousands of races then grew to know of Reverend Shakya's existence. Compared to him, Lin Fan's publicity methods were still pretty outdated.

The moment Reverend Shakya heard the murmurs of the crowd, he smiled indifferently before waving his hands.

"All of the benefactors present, this poor monk here has sensed that you guys are in quite the predicament. Hence, I have come forth to save you guys. To think that the Motherf*cking Human King would be one step earlier than me. Seems like there's no need for this poor monk's interference into this matter any longer." Reverend Shakya said.

"Senior Reverend Shakya! The fact that you even had those intentions is something that all of us will forever be grateful for!"

All the beings of the thousands of races cried out in gratitude.

F*ck me...!!!

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this, he could feel his nuggets aching. This bald monk was pretty scheming, wasn't he? Without even doing anything, all he did was mutter a few words and nearly stole all the credit and limelight from Lin Fan!

Intolerable! Utterly intolerable!

"Benefactor Motherf*cking Human King, could you give this poor monk some face and let these Ancient race beings off? I'll enlighten them onto the right path." Reverend Shakya turned his head over to Lin Fan and commented.

"No, I'm not giving you any face." Lin Fan rejected him flatly without hesitation.

"The Ancient race has massacred countless beings. They deserve death. If not for the fact that I had arrived in time, that Chief of the Rabbit race would have already fallen into their hands. It's a sin to keep any Ancient race being alive." Lin Fan continued.

The moment the Chief of the Rabbit race heard these words, she shuddered involuntarily. She could imagine the horrors that she could have faced. At the same time, her thoughts were aligned with Lin Fan's. The Ancient race beings deserved death.

"The Motherf*cking Human King is right. The Ancient race must die. We mustn't keep them alive." The Chief of the Rabbit race spoke up.

At the end of the day, a good-looking man such as Lin Fan was still more popular after all.

Even though the Chief of the Rabbit race respected this Reverend Shakya, if she had to choose sides, she would still stand on the side of Lin Fan.

"Senior Reverend Shakya, we know that you live on the basis of benevolence. However, the nature of the Ancient race beings is cruel and vicious. They've committed endless sins. They've got to die."

"That's right. The Ancient race beings should die!"

"My junior sister was trampled upon by the Ancient race beings! Death be to them!"

"Yes! I won't rest easy for my entire life until all the Ancient ace beings are dead!"


The beings of the thousands of races began to cry out zealously.

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and raised a big thumbs up to these beings of the thousands of races. 'Not bad, not bad! Yours Truly hadn't saved you guys for nothing!'

Reverend Shakya had not expected the beings of the thousands of races to take on Lin Fan's side. This was something he had not imagined at all!

"Bald monk, go back to where you came from. You have no business in this place any longer." Lin Fan remarked.

"Benefactor, please refer to this poor monk here as Shakya or Reverend." Reverend Shakya felt that the term bald monk was way too annoying. He was getting a little frustrated now. If not for the fact that there were so many beings of the thousands of races around, he would have long taught this Motherf*cking Human King a good lesson.

"Bald monk."

"Benefactor, you...!"

"Bald monk."

"Bald monk."

"Benefactor, please show me some respect and I will accord you with the same." Reverend Shakya was a little peeved now. This person here was simply way too disrespectful! He was a genius of the Buddha race who had coursed through the Ancient Saint World for a hundred years now. Since when had he met a human who would dare to act with such audacity before him?

Damn it! Bloody damn it!

"Bald monk." Lin Fan sniggered out and called out once more.

"Alright, alright. Benefactor, this poor monk has had a better upbringing and I shall not hold this against you." Reverend Shakya was about to get mad now. However, the sight of so many beings of the thousands of races around reminded him that he had no choice but to dissolve that anger in his heart.

He must maintain his image as a saintly monk and not lose his cool before all of them.

"Bald monk, since your upbringing is better, hurry up and scram aside. I'm going to slay every single last Ancient race being in this place." Lin Fan added on.

"No." Reverend Shakya shook his head, "Buddha is merciful. I can see a killing sin that's as tall as a darkened mountain. If you don't repent soon, you'll definitely be faced with huge tribulations in your way."

"Bald monk, what has that got to do with you? Yours Truly is going to kill Ancient race beings here. Do you think that you can stop me?" Towards this bald monk, Lin Fan was losing his patience.

Did this guy have a screw loose or something?

Reverend Shakya looked at the vast number of Ancient race beings before him and his eyes shone with reluctance.

"Benefactor Motherf*cking Human King, if I don't enter hell, who would? This poor monk is willing to sacrifice himself in order to save these Ancient race beings." Reverend Shakya truly could not let these Ancient race beings go.

There were so many Ancient race beings here. If they were all slaughtered by the Motherf*cking Human King, what a waste that would be.

"How do you intend to save them?" Lin Fan grinned.

"This poor monk understands your hatred towards the Ancient race beings, benefactor. In order to resolve this hatred in your heart, this poor monk is willing to be the recipient of it instead. A single punch for an Ancient race being. Benefactor, you shall release as many Ancient race beings as the number of punches I'm able to endure. How about that?" Reverend Shakya replied compassionately.

"Huh? What the sh*t did you just say?" Lin Fan was stumped as though he had just heard wrongly. This bald monk wanted to receive his punches of love? Who in the world could endure even a single punch that was laid down?

"Bald monk, don't say that I didn't warn you, man! Yours Truly isn't going to be responsible for these punches of mine!"

"Benefactor, come. All of this is this poor monk's own will." Reverend Shakya said.

Looking at this Motherf*cking Human King before him, Reverend Shakya's mind began to plan out.

Based on the power that was released when the Motherf*cking Human King struck earlier on, his cultivation state should be around divine celestial level 6 or 7.

Based on his 'Indestructible Body of the Angered Buddha Vajra', he should be able to withstand it. Furthermore, there were many offerings from the beings of the thousands of races within his Paradise to boost his own body. With that, he should be able to resist a few tens of thousands of punches.

This should be a steady transaction that he had confidence in. Not only could he let the Motherf*cking Human King know just how strong he was, he could also display a good show before the beings of the thousands of races and let them respect him once more with this heart rattling performance.

On the other hand, Lin Fan only had a single thought in his mind.

There must be something wrong with this bald monk's head.