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 Chapter 670: Birth Of The Yin Yang Dragon

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For everyone from the Phoenix race, everything that had just happened was way too astounding. This human before them was indeed matchlessly valiant!

To think that the geniuses of the Colossal Dragon race would fall one after another just like that! Even the Tenth Prince of the Colossal Dragon race had lost his dignity entirely and bowed down to this human begging for mercy! If they hadn't witnessed it with their very eyes, they wouldn't have believed this fact if they were hearing it from others!

"You guys, don't call me Senior. Call me Motherf*cking Human King." Lin Fan tossed his robes and replied calmly.

Senior? Gosh! Who in the world would know who he was if they just said that term outside? Of course, the Motherf*cking Human King was better.

"Yes, Senior Motherf*cking Human King!" How could the members of the Phoenix race disobey Lin Fan at all? Naturally, they followed along his wishes.

"Yours Truly here has some sort of a relationship with the Phoenix race. Therefore, you guys don't have to worry. I won't do anything to you guys." At this moment, Lin Fan's thoughts went to Chicky.

That ugly little Chicky who loved f*cking chickens.

Thinking back, it had been quite a few years since he had seen Chicky now. He wondered when he could finally return to the Xuanhuang World and bring Chicky up here to enjoy the days of killing some Ancient race beings.

Based on Chicky's fetishes, he would definitely be overwhelmed with joy in this place.

"Ah! Senior Motherf*cking Human King has some sort of a relationship with our Phoenix race? Could it be that you're acquainted with an elder of ours or something?" The Phoenix race members asked.

"It's got nothing to do with your elders. Alright, you guys can leave now. If there's a chance, Yours Truly would make his way over to your Phoenix race for a trip to inquire about some things." Lin Fan replied.

Lin Fan could still remember how things were when he had first met Chicky in the Xuanhuang World. Back then, Chicky's mummy was dragged away by a gigantic arm in the sky. Even up till now, Lin Fan did not know who that arm belonged to.

However, he knew that he hadn't managed to find out the owner of that arm back in the Xuanhuang World. If that were the case, there was only one possibility: The owner of that arm must be from the Ancient Saint World.

But the thing was, at that time, the Ancient Saint World was still sealed away from the Xuanhuang World. How then did the owner of the gigantic arm manage to break through the barriers into the Xuanhuang World?

At this point, Lin Fan could sniff out a conspiracy.

If only he could find out what method the other party had used. Didn't that mean that he would be able to head back to the Xuanhuang World too?

The members of the Phoenix race looked at Lin Fan before waving their hands, "Then, we'll make our leave first, Senior Motherf*cking Human King!"

For these members of the Phoenix race, this trip could be considered as a success even though they did not manage to snatch over any treasures. After all, the Colossal Dragon race had suffered considerable losses. Not only had they lost three geniuses of the race, even their Tenth Prince had been subjugated.

And even crazier was the fact they had found out the secret behind the Ancestor Dragon's Reincarnation of the Colossal Dragon race! If they were to spread this within the sect, it would definitely be quite the shocker!

Who knew if the Chief of their race might even decide to reward them for it!

Once the members of the Phoenix race were gone...

That handsome, suave, righteous, and compassionate expression of Lin Fan took an outright change.

"HEHEHE! Seems like this went pretty well. I've really earned big time now!"

Looking at the sinister laughter of this human before him, the Tenth Prince could feel his heart clenching as a strong fear surged into the core of his body.

"Don't kill me! I'll do anything you want me to!" Under the deterrence effect of the Dragon Slayer Saber, the Tenth Prince had long lost all of his guts. Even though he was vengeful in his heart, he did not have the will to resist any longer.

This was an oppression, downright oppression!

The Dragon Slayer who specialized in chopping off the heads of Colossal Dragons...

"Tenth Prince, don't worry. I'm a really friendly person. I'll definitely not have you killed." Lin Fan sniggered out. That benevolent face of his DID seem a little friendly at this point.

"Thank you, Motherf*cking Human King! Thank you!!!" The Tenth Prince felt as though he had just received a new lease of life, thanking Lin Fan relentlessly.

"Don't worry now. Yours Truly here is a really, really friendly person. I'll never massacre the innocents for no reason. Come, let's go to my Paradise for a good round of interactions. That way, you can truly understand the hospitality of Yours Truly." Lin Fan patted the head of the Tenth Prince gently before entering his Paradise.

"Seems like I've got yet another Training Partner entering!"

"Oh! It's a Colossal Dragon this time around!"

"Master, are we going to chop him up into eight pieces?"

"His cultivation state seems decent! If we were to devour him, that'll probably increase our strength by quite a bit!"

The moment they entered the Paradise, the Tenth Prince was surrounded instantly. Hearing the conversation going on around him, his face turned extremely pale.

He could tell from the expressions of these guys that they were keen on eating him up! How scary was that?!

"Save me! Please don't eat me up...!" The Tenth Prince was frightened beyond words right now. To think that something as such would ever happen to him! This was especially the case for that Motherf*cking Human King! A single look by him was enough to have him freeze up entirely!

The aura that was being emanated out from the Motherf*cking Human King was causing him to feel really uneasy. It was as though the entire heavens were toppled down onto him, repressing him so badly that no one else could get to him.

"Quieten down, quiet. We've got a new friend entering now! Why're you guys not welcoming him properly?" Lin Fan clapped his hands and announced.

"Aiyah! So, it's a new friend! Seems like I've got someone to harm in the future now!"

"Oh, I'm so filled with happiness right now! In the past, I was always the bullied one! Seems like I've got someone to bully now!"

"Look at that soft tender skin on this Colossal Dragon! He must definitely be fun to toy with! In the future, I can play with him whenever I'm bored!"

"Thunder Trainer King, come on out!" Lin Fan was speechless towards these guys by now. The sort of effects their skills had, the way their minds ended up being.

Since every single skill were really sinister on its own, these Skill Gods naturally inherited their natures.

Extremely sinister!

"Your Trainer King is here." Exuding a holy aura that could cleanse the masses, the Thunder Trainer King walked over briskly.

At this moment, Lin Fan looked over at the Tenth Prince with a really friendly expression on his face. The Tenth Prince, however, was standing there rigidly. He was feeling really disturbed and uncomfortable within his heart.

Lin Fan waved both of his hands once more. It was getting a little restless in the place really.

It had been a long time since Twisting Heaven and Earth has been deployed. However, once it was used, it was enough to create a devastating impact that would have even ghosts and gods crying over it.

"Stand still now."


The Tenth Prince bolted upright. His legs were trembling with a numbing sense of horror.

He did not know what was going to happen later on. However, he had a really bad feeling about it when he caught sight of the Motherf*cking Human King's expression.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath. In the blink of an eye, his gaze shone with a sparkle as he roared out.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth! Fusion of Yin and Yang!"

All of a sudden, a hand filled with a demonic nature stretched out from the void. This hand was interchanging between black and white, causing currents of energy to flow out from it.

Suddenly, a heart wrenching wail rang through the Paradise.


"Bear with it! If you want to turn into a Yin Yang Dragon, you must endure the pain in your nuggets!" Lin Fan was accurate with his skill. One strike was all it took.

Suddenly, the body of the Tenth Prince began changing. The Qi of Yin and Yang within his body was extremely unstable right now.

"Master, what's going on with him? Why do I sense some sort of a horrifying change going on within him?"

All of the Skill and Weapon Spirits present were bewildered right now.

"He's evolving." Lin Fan tossed his hand out and deployed Bare Nudeness. Instantly, the Tenth Prince stood stark naked before everyone else.

"Holy f*ck! Look at that tiny thing at this groin area! It's actually shrinking down now!"

"AHAHAHA! To think that it would turn into the size of a groundnut!"

'Holy f*ckamoly! Guys! Check it out! His chest is expanding! They're bloody hell flying into the heavens now!"

"Who's calling for me?" Long Xuan asked.


"What's going on?! No, no! I don't want this! Please let me off, Motherf*cking Human King!" Sensing the own changes within his body, the Tenth Prince was extremely shocked as he yelled out.

"Thunder Trainer King, drag him down for your training." Lin Fan ordered.

"Alright. Now, Your Trainer King here has never tried training this sort of a living being with an abnormal gender just yet! Seems like this will have my perspective of the world widen up once more! Indeed, following my Master will only give me more knowledge of this world. From this day forth, the world shall know of yet another new dish in the history of Training!"

"Come and follow me." The Thunder Trainer King tugged at the hair of the Tenth Prince as though he was dragging a dead pig along with him into the Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy.

No matter how badly the Tenth Prince was wailing out right now, it was all to no avail.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, it has gone as he had willed it to.

In his hands, the Ancient Dragon's Reincarnation would definitely be brought to a state of glory for the world to witness!