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 Chapter 664: A Stripping Robbery.

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"You're nothing but a shameless and despicable person!" Long Yumo lashed out.

At the same time, he was filled with regrets in his heart. Why hadn't he killed this person earlier on? Who knew that this person would possess with him a treasure of this sort?

This was extremely regrettable.

However, what could he do even if he were regretting it right now? Catching sight of this living being acting so brazenly before him, anger was fuming out of every single part of his body.

"Little buddy there! Did we have some sort of a misunderstanding somewhere? You're a righteous person, aren't you? We're just exacting justice for the Heavens here!" The members of the Phoenix race cried out.

"Little brother there! Can you let go of your big sister here?" A chick from the Phoenix race spoke up. Her voice was tender and gentle right now.

Lin Fan did not reply. Instead, he tossed his robes back and placed his hands behind his back.

"Hais! To think that I, Lin Fan, have never ever displayed my name upfront even when I took down 10,000,000 Ancient race beings, fought the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, and slew the Sovereign Kings. That's because I know that my deeds would definitely be carved into the hearts of the beings of the thousands of races."

"As for the beings of the thousands of races, they would call me as the Motherf*cking Human King affectionately. I wonder if you guys know of this name." Lin Fan looked over at Long Yumo calmly.

This was a high-ended name. By right, he should know about it.

"Motherf*cking Human King?" Long Yumo was a little puzzled. He then burst out laughing.

" HAHA! Honestly, you truly exaggerate yourself, don't you? To think that a stinky lad would dare to call himself a King! What Motherf*cking Human King and what not? I've never ever heard of this name, ever!"

"Holy f*ck...!" When he had mentioned his name, Lin Fan was already prepared to receive the respectful gaze of the other party. But when he caught sight of the disdainful look on Long Yumo's face, a question popped into his head.

Did they truly not know who he was?

Or, was it that the Ancient Saint World was simply way too big, such that his name was only spread in a small area?

Lin Fan looked at the Phoenix race in a stoned expression.

When the members of the Phoenix race caught sight of his gaze, they shook their heads earnestly. The truly did not know who he was.

"F*CK ME!"

At this moment, Lin Fan truly understood the meaning of failing to act bullsh*t but receiving a slap on the face instead. However, he could not figure it out no matter how hard he tried. He was so famous! How could they not know about him at all!

The Succubus race had helped him to do a live broadcast, didn't they? Or was it that the radius of the live broadcast was way too small, resulting in many people not knowing about his great name just yet?

"Holy f*ck! That Succubus race is just a sham! How could they not work hard on improving their innate skill? To think that the covered area would be this small! How are they going to compete against the Samsung race in the future?"

"Alright, I don't care what sort of a King or whatnot you are. But, I'd advise you to let go of me!" Long Yumo yelled out in a harsh voice. Without making any sound, he sent out a strain of his consciousness.

This consciousness was one that was seeking help.

"Cut the crap! I've never ever let go of any prey that falls in my hands. Since you don't know the name of Your Motherf*cking King here, I'm going to let you remember this the hard way. Alright, listen up now! The man who is dealing with you guys today is called the Motherf*cking Human King!" Lin Fan said with an imposing tone, and then started moving.

"What are you trying to do?! What are you doing?!" Long Yumo started yelling out.

"What am I doing? Naturally, I'm plundering you, duh! Indeed, you're a wealthy Colossal Dragon! Your fingers are all wearing storage rings!" Lin Fan caught sight of how all ten dragon claws of Long Yumo were sparkling with jewelry. He was almost blinded by this dazzling radiance.

Indeed, this was a really wealthy Colossal Dragon! A single look and Lin Fan could tell that he was a mini tycoon!

"You had better stop that! You beast!" Long Yumo could not control his body right now. All he could do was watch in frustration as his valuables were being stolen by the other party. Unable to resist at all, he could only fume in his heart.

Treasures! These were all his precious treasures!

It had been a long accumulation process for him to obtain all of them! If this human were to take away all of them, he would be left with nothing!

Bloody hell! So much for being kind and righteous! He was a worse bandit than all bandits out there!

All ten storage rings were placed inside Lin Fan's storage. However, based on Lin Fan's rich experience built from his many years of robbing others, he knew that Long Yumo must definitely be hiding more treasures privately.

That was because even though Long Yumo's face was terrible right now, it wasn't the sort of anguish that one's face would have when their parents were dead. Therefore, his losses should only be comparable to that of flesh wounds right now, but not at the point where his heart felt gutted just yet.

"What are you trying to do? You're already taken all of my valuables!" Catching sight of the invasive look on this man's face, Long Yumo cried out as he could not help but start to feel nervous in his heart.

"Oh, what are you getting all flustered about? I didn't even ask you if you're hiding anything else, right? But, since you're looking so guilty, I garner that you should be. Seems like I've got to conduct a more thorough search then!" Lin Fan nodded his head calmly to this fact.

"N-no! It's all gone! I assure you that it's all gone! Don't you go overboard now!" Long Yumo had never expected a day as such to come for himself.

Even though his position within the Colossal Dragon race wasn't the highest of all, he was the richest Colossal Dragon out there. Even amongst his own race, there were many beings who wanted to plunder a bit of his riches. Therefore, for all these years, Long Yumo had come outside all alone, searching for a quiet place to hide himself while safeguarding his treasures daily.

To think that he would be discovered by these guys from the Phoenix race, and to top it all off, this darned human being!

"Overboard? How dare you say that I'm going overboard? Initially, I had intended to let you off. But, it seems as though if I don't do something right now, I wouldn't be able to portray the true overbearing side of Yours Truly!" Lin Fan was angered right now. He was such a friendly person! To think that someone would dare to say that he was going overboard! How could he tolerate such an insult?

"Motherf*cking Human King! You're not overbearing at all, no! This Long Yumo is the one who does not know what's good for him!" The members of the Phoenix race did not know what sort of background Lin Fan was from. However, at this moment, they were all controlled entirely by that heart striking treasure out there.

There was no way they could act insolently towards the other party now. If they did, their brains would have truly been trampled upon by donkeys.

"Yes, that's right. You're very right. Seems like I've got to go overboard for just a bit now." Lin Fan placed his hand on Long Yumo's shoulders.

"W-what are you trying to do?" Long Yumo was panicked instantly. He did not know what this human was up to!

"Bare Nudeness."

Instantly, Long Yumo felt a cooling sensation across his body as a chilling breeze blew by him.


The two chicks from the Phoenix race suddenly screamed out. Their eyes grew wide open. They could not believe this before their very eyes!

To think that Long Yumo would be stripped clean!

At this moment, the entire atmosphere around them turned really weird.

Long Yumo, who was in his birthday suit, was still dancing with both his legs. That little object in between his legs swung from left to right with virility.

"How could this be?" The two chicks from the Phoenix race shut their eyes immediately, unable to bear watching this indecent and shy scene!

"HAHA!" On the other hand, the other four men from the Phoenix race burst out laughing instead.

The worse that Long Yumo was having it, the happier they were at his misfortune.

"BEAST! YOU'RE A BEAST!" Long Yumo was flushed red right now. Unable to hold himself back, he spat out a mouthful of blood in his despair.

But even so, Long Yumo could not stop dancing to the tune of 'The second Set of National Radio Calisthenics for Elementary School Students'.

"Holy f*ck! Indeed, you're still hiding some treasures within for yourself!" Lin Fan squatted on the spot and rummaged through Long Yumo's clothes.

Suddenly, he exclaimed out in shock and joy.