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 Chapter 660: Essence Spirit Secret Skill

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Lin Fan slapped out with his palm, bringing forth rumbling powers. Converting into a Skill Spirit, it suppressed down the flesh and blood of the Old Master of the Fox race entirely with ease.

Thousands of dense and thick tree branches from the Mythical Parasol Tree shot forth and pierced the mess of flesh and blood.

"A piece of meat that wishes to fight the Heavens? God! What a fool's dream! If you want to kill me, Lin Fan, you've got to be ready to pay the price for it." Lin Fan scolded out as he started to receive the channeling of energy from that piece of meat.

As a powerful being of divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state, the Old Master of the Fox race possessed an immense amount of power in his body. Every single piece of flesh could be said to contain a world of its own. Within them, their powers rumbled furiously as every single cell could manifest out into a dragon of power.

A powerful being as such was someone one could only meet through fate. If one could kill even one of them, one would have lucked out immensely.

Even though those elderly figures he had subdued earlier on were all Eternal God state beings as well, if Lin Fan were to compare them with the Old Master of the Fox race, they were practically worlds apart.

To put it into a better perspective, both the Old Master of the Fox race and the old fogeys were akin to a vast sea of their own. However, the amount of seawater they possessed were a world of difference.

'Ding...Expereince Points +100,000'

'Ding...Expereince Points +100,000'


"This is really pleasurable indeed!" To think that refining this piece of meat here would already provide him with these many experience points. If he could kill the whole being entirely, wouldn't that be beyond crazy?

However, Lin Fan knew that he mustn't needlessly chase after such things. At the same time, the burden of turning strong was being felt by Lin Fan once more.

He had realized that he had been too naïve for a long time now. At the start, he had thought that Cruel was already pretty darn strong. To think that there would be someone stronger than him.

The eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race had never once changed. Other than the Ancient One who had fallen, who knew what sort of old monsters those other seven were, and how long they had existed so far.

It would be impossible if he wanted to continue viewing them with the perspective set for a normal person.



Suddenly, the Weapon and Skill Spirits within the Paradise let out exploding sounds of their own as they were undergoing some changes. It was as though the absorption of that meat earlier on was causing them to evolve.

Doomsday Calamity God Fist!

Nirvana Finger!

All of these skills were changing one by one as every single Skill God went through their own evolutions.

"Calamity! Calamity!"

Doomsday Calamity God Fist was a skill that was growing the fastest amongst them all. Perhaps this had something to do with the environment it was in right now.

For the beings of the thousands of races, the Ancient Saint World was a calamitous place in itself. Under this sort of aura, the Doomsday Calamity God Fist was receiving plenty of Calamitous Qi being emanated from everyone in the surroundings, growing consistently.


A figure of a Doomsday God stood around several hundreds of thousand feet tall. His feet were standing atop a pitch black python while his hands were wielding the winds and flames of disasters. His entire being was surrounded by a Qi of destruction.

A pair of black gazing eyes looked down on the masses, repressing the other Skill Spirits so direly that they could barely raise their heads.

"Calamity God! That's about enough! Don't go overboard now!" The Spirit of Biggra felt his eyelids twitching, evidently somewhat displeased. This Calamity God was being pretty insolent, seemingly going overboard by causing the other Skill Spirits to huff out heavily with deep breaths.

"Big brother, I'm sorry! Seems like I got a little excited earlier on." The Calamity God's eyes were domineering and filled with destructive powers. However, at this moment, he looked down at the Spirit of Biggra and bowed his head down, apparently in fear.

"Good!" The Spirit of Biggra nodded his head in acknowledgment silently. Out of all the skills, the Spirit of Biggra reigned supreme after all.


Lin Fan did not put such things to heart at all. He now cast his sights over at the stone sculpture from the Battle Emperor Sect.

Grandmaster Yun had sneakily told him that this was a treasure. If he had said so, this must definitely be a treasure then.

And, it was evident that Grandmaster Yun himself had the intentions for Lin Fan to take this away. Hence, he did not leave it back for the Battle Emperor Sect.

How could these intents escape the astute observations of Lin Fan?

'Ding...Congratulations on discovering Stone Sculpture of Battle Emperor's True Body.'

'Battle Emperor's True Body Stone Sculpture: Able to craft into a third Essence Spirit.'

"To think that it would be something like this!" Lin Fan was filled with glee right now. This was something he did not expect.

If this were in the past, Lin Fan would definitely not have known about its mythical usage. However, ever since he had read through all the ancient records within the Cloud Sect, he was now extremely familiar with all sorts of Utmost Treasures out there.

The moment one reached a divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state, they would be able to craft out a second Essence Spirit of their own. This Essence Spirit could grow together with the original body, turning stronger over time. If the original body were strong, the second Essence Spirit would be strong as well.

Now, for most people, if they couldn't find any strong treasures in their lifetime, they would most probably be stuck at the state of the second Essence Spirit.

However, if they could find an Utmost Treasure, they could make use of it to craft out their third Essence Spirit.

And, this Battle Emperor's True Body Stone Sculpture seemed just right for a third Essence Spirit.

However, this was an important treasure of the universe! Even within the Ancient Saint World, it would be hard to find something like this.

To think that Grandmaster Yun would actually let Lin Fan have it instead of keeping it for himself. That was something Lin Fan could not have imagined.

"Grandmaster Yun! You're a great man indeed! This gratitude is something I will note down and remember!" Lin Fan said gratefully.

"Essence Spirit split! The third Essence Spirit! Cultivate!"

Lin Fan communicated with his second Essence Spirit. Splitting his consciousness into three parts, they began to converse with themselves.

"Infusing powers within."

Lin Fan grabbed out at the empty void before him with a claw like grip. Countless dragons of power surged out as they dove into that stone sculpture.

And just at this moment, Lin Fan could feel his spirits rattling. The moment they entered this stone sculpture, a consciousness burst forth from it.

"I am the Battle Emperor. I am the God and Ancestor of the Dao of Battle."

This consciousness manifested into the shape of a man. This man stood tall and upright between the world, with an extremely sharp aura. Even though it was just a strain of its consciousness, it bore an expression that was ever so domineering.

"You're the Will of the Battle Emperor?"

"That's right. If you wish to turn Your Majesty into your third Essence Spirit, we'll just have to see if you've got what it takes!" The Battle Emperor replied in a solemn tone without the slightest bit of anger.

"Holy f*ck!" Lin Fan had not expected that there would be a test. Unable to contain himself, he struck out immediately, sending a fist over to the head of the Battle Emperor.

"Flashy without substance! You've got the momentum, but no strength to back it up! Your Majesty here has a Heavenly imbued indestructible and relentless body!" The Battle Emperor roared out as his entire body shone with a golden glow.


"What? Your Majesty was defeated just like that?"

"What the fuck is this sh*t? Is this retarded?" Lin Fan held on to the Nine Five Legendary Brick in his hand and shook his head helplessly.

Initially, Lin Fan had wanted to suppress this guy down with just a single punch. To think that this would be so egoistic that he would start churning his own physical body state, intending to take on Lin Fan's blow head on.

Under these circumstances, if Lin Fan did not use the Nine Five Legendary Brick still, wouldn't he be a fool then?

Instantly, the Will of the Battle Emperor dissipated, and his powers started flowing out unobstructed and endlessly. At this point, Lin Fan could sense the connection of his aura to another bloodline.

"Third Essence Spirit... Cultivate!"

Lin Fan cried out loudly. The Battle Emperor's True Body Stone Sculpture opened its eyes suddenly, shooting a bright light out of it.

Its facial expression started shifting and changing, until eventually, it looked exactly like Lin Fan. Even its aura was the same as Lin Fan now.

"Divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state."

"HAHA! Not bad, not bad! Seems like I've got two Essence Spirits now!" Lin Fan was elated right now.

'Ding...Congratulations on cultivating out your third Essence Spirit.'

'Ding...Congratulations on my owner for being so great! Tadah! A reward of an Essence Spirit Secret Skill, 'Super Fusion'."

"Holy f*ck! It's been a long time since I've seen something such as a reward and the likes!" Lin Fan knew that the system would reward him from time to time. However, it had been a long time since the previous reward that he had received. To think that he would receive this Essence Spirit Secret Skill just by cultivating out his third Essence Spirit. This was pretty decent indeed.

'Ding...Discovered Essence Spirit Secret Skill, Super Fusion. Learn?'


Of course, he had to learn this! This was definitely some method to strengthen himself. How could he not learn it at all?

But the moment he learned it, Lin Fan's expression changed immediately, turning pretty exasperated.

This type of fusion...holy f*ck!