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 Chapter 646: Dead With A Punch

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There was a gulf of a difference in the powers possessed by both sides. Unless a miracle were to appear, it would practically be a hopeless situation right now.

"Ah! I'm a little tired of talking now. Children, go forth and devour the Battle Emperor Sect so that we can head home and sleep." Sovereign King Zheng gave a loud yawn. He was completely looking down on the Battle Emperor Sect right now. Waving his hands, the entire 10,000,000 troops swooped down onto the Battle Emperor Sect in a swarm that reeked of a seething aura.

"Grandmaster Yun, your opponent is me. You had better start thinking about yourself first. Once the Battle Emperor Sect is destroyed, you're the next to die." Sovereign King Zheng laughed coldly.

The moment everyone from the Battle Emperor Sect caught sight of this massive army, they were dumbfounded. Now that they were surrounded, it didn't matter where they went, up or down.

The Ancient race soldiers growled malevolently one after another.

"Kill all of these living beings!"

"Swallow them up! They must taste delicious!"

The legatus of the Ancient race who were hidden within that army were like devious ghosts, sneaking around, all ready for a sneak attack at any moment.

"Grandmaster Yun! To think that you're here too."

Sovereign King Zheng, who was about to strike out, retracted his hand and stood where he was.

The moment Grandmaster Yun heard this voice, his brows twitched a little, somewhat bewildered. However, when he saw the person who had arrived, he called out in joy, "Lin Fan!"

"It's been a long time. I think it's been around three years?" Lin Fan chuckled.

"Why are you here?" Grandmaster Yun asked puzzledly.

"Why? Grandmaster Yun, are you the only one who can come help defend against the Ancient race fearlessly while I'm not allowed?" Lin Fan smiled.

"Haha...!" Grandmaster Yun burst out laughing. For a moment, he had entirely forgotten about the situation they were in right now.

The elders who had come along with the Grandmaster were initially pretty perplexed over who this person who had arrived was. But upon closer inspection, a person suddenly came to their mind.

The human who was rumored to have a Brokeback Mountain relationship with the Grandmaster! Even though they had not witnessed it for themselves, they had heard of this rumor spreading within the sect before.

Initially, they did not believe in this rumor. After all, what sort of a character was their Grandmaster? How would he engage in an act as such?

However, as time went by, they started to believe in it.

After all, in the entire three years, the one person that the Grandmaster had mentioned the most about was none other than Lin Fan. In fact, Grandmaster Yun wasn't the only one always talking about Lin Fan. Elder Meng Hengtian would talk about him from time to time as well.

Furthermore, there was once during a sect banquet when Elder Meng Hengtian was drunk, and he actually let out some horrifying facts.

"Hais, I wonder where that Lin Fan lad has gone to. Back then, me and Grandmaster Yun had such a good and pleasurable time with him. Even just thinking back about that has me reminiscing about it." The moment these words came out of Meng Hengtian's mouth, everyone were entirely stumped.

However, they did not point it out at all. After all, to them, this must be some sort of a disease.

With that, the elders of the Cloud Sect would then bring back girls repeatedly from time to time, hoping that Grandmaster Yun and Elder Meng Hengtian could walk out of the shadows of this ailment.

When Wu He saw that someone was approaching, he was under the impression that it might be some powerful being. However, when he saw that it was just a young man, he let out a slight sigh.

Seemed like at every critical moment, any small little disturbance would be taken in as a lifesaver even.

The disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect were shocked at this moment. Against these Ancient race beings, they were extremely timid right now. Ever since they were young, they had known how vile and vicious these they were.

However, there were some disciples who had a really high battle intent right now instead.

These were the people who had ascended up from the Lower Worlds. They knew that the more dangerous the situation, the more they could burst forth with the potential they had within them.

"Grandmaster Yun, to think that you would even be in the mood for casual chit-chat even at this juncture. Could it be that you've given up hope of even defending at all?" Sovereign King Zheng laughed coldly.

"Lin Fan, these guys over here are Sovereign Kings Zheng and Qi here. You've got to watch out a little later on." Grandmaster Yun did not know just how strong Lin Fan was right now. However, he knew that if they were talking about a savant such as this guy, he would definitely be at some monstrous hell of a cultivation state with just three years of time.

"That's right! Did you truly kill the Essence Spirit doppelganger of the Utmost Being, Cruel?" Grandmaster Yun asked in a low tone.

Lin Fan's brows frowned a little as he chuckled out, "What do you think?"

"It must be, then." Grandmaster Yun smiled and replied.

"Courting death. Did you guys not hear the words of Your Sovereign King here?" Looking at how the other party was ignoring him, Sovereign King Zheng bellowed out.

"Shout what shout? Would it kill you to wait just a little longer?" Lin Fan looked over at Sovereign King Zheng with a pissed face.

"You!" Sovereign King Zheng had not expected the person before him to be this brazen. He then chuckled out frostily, "Good, very good...!"

"Sovereign King Zheng, this man before you is the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan. Even your own master, Utmost Being, Cruel, has suffered a loss before his very face. Do you really take yourself as someone that's stronger than Cruel?" Grandmaster Yun declared in a loud voice.

This sentence wasn't meant for the Sovereign King Zheng. It was meant for the ears of everyone out there.

He had noticed how the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect was looking. In a situation as such, how could they possibly win over the Ancient race?

However, just as Grandmaster Yun spoke out with those words, its impact was indeed explosive.

The entire Ancient race army was stunned as their sights turned towards Lin Fan. The mighty name of the Motherf*cking Human King was as loud as thunder that was booming in their ears.

Just how many Ancient race soldiers had died in the hands of this guy? God knew how many. There were too many to be counted.

The moment Grandmaster Wu He of the Battle Emperor Sect heard these words, his face changed immediately. He definitely believed in the words of Grandmaster Yun.

These disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect looked at the figure in the void with a blank expression on their faces. This man was the great Motherf*cking Human King?

The supremely powerful being who had killed the Essence Spirit doppelganger of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?

The feeling of the adoring gazes from the masses was so great that Lin Fan could not help but straighten his back. His aura turned extremely calm on the surface while he was sniggering in his heart.

This buff of bullsh*t from Grandmaster Yun came at a time where he was caught totally unaware. But that didn't matter. Yours Truly loved it!

"He's the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"The Motherf*cking Human King who has killed the Ancient race beings the entire world over!"

"Ah! To think that our idol would come forth and rescue us!"

"Haha! We won't have to die now! With the Motherf*cking Human King around, what else do we have to be afraid of?"

"That's right! Just f*ck them up! Let us stand firm and fight together with the Motherf*cking Human King, killing the Ancient race beings till they've got nothing left to their names!"


Looking at these burst of cheers, Lin Fan felt a little embarrassed now.

Grandmaster Yun looked over at Lin Fan and gave a heartened smile. It had been three years since he had seen this guy. But still, he could tell that this lad had matured quite a fair bit. To be able to remain so composed upon hearing this many praises coming at him... Not bad, not bad.

Lin Fan pushed down with his hands, indicating for the crowd to get silent.

Grandmaster Yun's face was filled with a calm smile. At this moment, everyone's morale was extremely high strung. As long as Lin Fan could motivate them a little, it would definitely dispel the fear from their hearts, allowing them to face the Ancient race army with confidence.

"Fellow brothers! Today, whomsoever we're unhappy with, we f*ck them up! Who's afraid of whom? We'll f*ck these Ancient race beings back into their mother's womb! We'll f*ck them up so hard that their parents wouldn't be able to recognize them! We'll f*ck them up so..." Lin Fan was beyond excited right now.


"That's right! If we're unhappy, we f*ck!"


Grandmaster Yun looked at Lin Fan and sighed helplessly. Seemed like he had thought too much.

And just at this moment, Lin Fan pointed his finger into the distance. He then looked over at the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect and shouted out, "Tell me, what's over there!"

"Sovereign King Wei of the Ancient race."

The disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect did not know what their idol was trying to do, but they still replied earnestly.

"You're wrong! There's nothing there! It's just a tuft of air!" Lin Fan replied.

"Eh?" Everyone was stunned. What did he mean? Wasn't the Sovereign King Wei obviously there?

But just at this moment, a loud explosion rang out. By the time everyone turned their heads into the distance, they were utterly dumbfounded by what had just happened.

The Motherf*cking Human King had just punched the Sovereign King Wei into oblivion with a single punch!

"Tell me now, what's that?"

Lin Fan blew the dust off his knuckles. Indeed, he was killed with a single punch. So damn bloody weak!

Everyone from the Battle Emperor Sect waited with bated breath. At this moment, they all screamed out together.


"That's right. All of you guys have a good eyesight! Alright, now, follow my tempo and let's go! Pick up our weapons and give them a good round of f*cking!" Lin Fan's emotions were raving in all directions right now. The sight of this many Ancient race beings available for the plucking had him extremely emotional right now.

"Pick up our weapons!"

"Follow the Motherf*cking Human King to f*ck them up!"


"Lin Fan, hold it in! H-hold it in...!" At this, Grandmaster Yun and the others were completely stumped. Just what sort of a tempo was everything going at right now?

Even Sovereign Kings Zheng and Qi were stunned. Where in the world did this guy spout out from?

But just at this moment, yet another explosion rang out from the distance.

"To think that it would be you."

This voice was filled with an endless rage.

Lin Fan raised his head and looked up into the void. He could not help but be puzzled. Just who in the world were these two fellas? Did he even know them?