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 Chapter 645: Everyone Was Hidden Like Ghosts

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Looking at the situation before him, Grandmaster Yun's face tensed up.

This gigantic blanket of an Ancient race army before him, these guys were practically leaving them with no way out at all.

Even if he could lock down one of the three Sovereign Kings, the moment this entire army rushed up, the Battle Emperor Sect would be drowned into oblivion!

At this moment, Grandmaster Yun was clear in his heart. There wasn't any hope left.

However, even if there wasn't any hope, he was willing to go at it with all he had. After all, the thought of giving up in the face of the Ancient race had never ever come across his mind.

The moment the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect caught sight of the sheer number of Ancient race beings, they were stumped.

The ominous aura that was produced by this vast, boundless army took on the shape of demons by itself. Howling out malevolently, that aura alone was enough to rattle at one's heart.


The disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect swallowed down their saliva as a look of fear filled their faces. They were still trying to hang on despite the situation.

But, when they caught sight of the cruel, sneering smiles on the faces of the Ancient race beings, all the blood started draining from their faces.

"Not bad. To think that the Cloud Sect would bring forth this many elders with them. Evidently, the Cloud Sect is living way too comfortable a life right now. Once I'm done here with the Battle Emperor Sect, I guess it's time to go take a tour around the Cloud Sect, eh?" Sovereign King Zheng jeered coldly.

A boundless aura erupted forth from him, rumbling along like the vast, endless seas. Under the repression of this aura, all the disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect were horrified. They felt as though they had just stepped foot into a deep, endless Hell.

The moment Grandmaster Yun heard these words, he frowned. Evidently, there was some disbelief in it. However, his face returned to normal almost immediately as he glared straight at the Sovereign King Zheng, "After that battle 500 years ago, I haven't exchanged any blows with you. Seems like we'll have a grasp of the base of your powers today."

"Haha! Don't get too hurried now, Grandmaster Yun. To be honest, all of us at the Ancient race had long known about the location of the Cloud Sect. However, based on the wishes of our Lord Utmost Being, it wasn't the time to strike yet. But, I guess it makes no difference whether or not I tell you this today. After all, the next sect to be destroyed will be the Cloud Sect anyways."

Sovereign King Zheng laughed wildly as his eyes shone with a cold intent.

For the Sovereign King Zheng, the beings of the thousands of races were nothing but mere fishes. Each time he needed food, he would kill them.

Even though Grandmaster Yun's hands were hidden behind his back, they were breaking out in cold sweat. The words of Sovereign King Zheng had evidently laid down an immense pressure on him.

He had not expected that the Ancient race would know about the Cloud Sect's location.

However, how could that be right? The place where the Cloud Sect was hidden was extremely inconspicuous. How could the Ancient race possibly find out about it?

But, this was not the right time to be worrying about stuff as such.

Even though there were many powerful beings within the Battle Emperor Sect, there were not many top tiered powerful fighters. Even the cultivation state of Grandmaster Wu He of the Battle Emperor Sect was only that of a divine celestial level 7, All in One state.

Even if he could hold off Sovereign King Zheng, what about Sovereign King Qi?

Based on Sovereign King Qi's powers, he could take down Wu He and the others just by batting his eyelids!

Seemed like he could only depend on himself to hold off against two of them then. Otherwise, there truly wasn't any way out of this.

"Grandmaster Yun, you don't have to overthink about this. Today, the Battle Emperor Sect must definitely be annihilated. You want to hold off against Sovereign King Qi and me? But, I'm afraid you don't really know how strong our children of the Ancient race army are, right? Do you believe that if I were to just order a single command and have all of them strike down, there would be no one left alive in the entire Battle Emperor Sect just like that?" Sovereign King Zheng laughed out tauntingly.

Grandmaster Yun's face turned terrible. Sovereign King Zheng was right. Given their sheer numbers, there was no way for the Battle Emperor Sect to defend against this.

Even all of those elders that he had brought along wouldn't be able to fight against that.

Amongst the 10,000,000 strong Ancient race army, there were countless legatus. Their cultivation states weren't weak either.

If Sovereign Kings Zheng and Qi weren't around, he would have the confidence of killing those legatus. However, now that these two Sovereign Kings were present, there was no chance of him even getting to strike out at them.

Right now, the atmosphere of the entire place was extremely repressive. All of those disciples of the Battle Emperor Sect who were being pushed back felt their entire spirits being caged up.

Some of the disciples sat on the ground, crippled and with listless eyes. Before they had even gotten to the battlefield, they had lost their fighting spirits.

Some of the disciples wielded weapons in their hands. However, those weapons were trembling all the time uncontrollably.

"I-I'm afraid."

"I don't wish to die! But I hate the Ancient race. Therefore, I've got to remain strong!"

"The Ancient race has killed my parents, but yet here I am being so useless! Even though fifty years have passed and the enemy stands before my eyes, I'm still as afraid as ever!"

Amongst them were some genius disciples. They were unparalleled within the same cultivation states and it only took them a short time of training before they got to the strongest states of training respectively.

In the eyes of the Grandmaster, elders, and fellow disciples, they were poised to be the strongest existences in the future.

However, it was all too late for that now.

After all, the enemy would never accord them with the chance to turn into that strongest existence they were meant to be. There were countless of beings of the thousands of races. However, amongst them, only few would get the chance to turn strong and grow up.

The rest of them would undoubtedly die along the way.

The Ancient race wasn't dumb. They knew that they mustn't allow these beings to get stronger. After all, they would definitely be a formidable force to deal with once they were strong.

And, the beings of the thousands of races did not let the Ancient race down either. Each and every one of them were as timid as mice and would never band up together.

Taking this invasion of the Ancient race army against the Battle Emperor Sect this time around for example, if the beings of the thousands of races were to band up and stand strong together, even if the casualties were innumerable and the losses substantial, they would be able to hold them back.

However, that was all in theory.

Wu He looked at the disciples under him, feeling helpless in his heart.

At this moment, somewhere else in the void...

A shroud of black mist moved around. Within this black mist, a group of people were hidden within.

"Palace Master, it's going to be over for the Battle Emperor Sect." An elderly figure with dried up skin and draped in black robes croaked hoarsely.

"Gui Pu, you're right. Even I had not expected the Ancient race to send forth these many soldiers for the operation. Even those two old fogeys, Sovereign Kings Zheng and Qi are here. If they truly want to protect the Battle Emperor Sect, they would have to have ten divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state powerful beings at the very least."

"Palace Master, that is undoubtedly just a tale of fantasy." Gui Pu replied.

"That's right. However, our purpose this time around isn't to help the Battle Emperor Sect of course. The Utmost Being of the Ancient race killed my son. I'll have him pay the price. Since I can't kill the Utmost Being himself, I'll just have to settle for three of his lackey dogs." This middle-aged man with a demonic charm scoffed out coldly. His tone was filled with a boundless fury.

This man was the Palace Master of the Evil Alliance. He was also the father of the Evil Alliance Prince.

"Wait till the Sovereign Kings Zheng and Qi get into a scuffle with that old man Yun. By then, Your Palace Master here shall head down to clean them up in one fell swoop." The Evil Alliance Palace Master remarked frostily.

"Palace Master, if the Utmost Being of the Ancient race catches wind of this, wouldn't it be..." Gui Pu asked at the side.

"Hmph. So what if that happens? Even though the Utmost Being of the Ancient race is powerful, don't we have anyone here at the Evil Alliance that's capable as well?" The Evil Alliance Palace Master asked.

"Eh? Palace Master, look over there. The Fox Emperor is here as well." Gui Pu turned his head into the void nearby and frowned. When he looked over, he caught sight of a man whose aura was akin to that of the royalty in the Nine Heavens. Embracing beautiful ladies in both his arms, he laid down on a throne made of foxskin and squinted his eyes while glaring at the happenings below.

"To think that that crafty fox would be here too. He must be here to take advantage of the situation." Evil Alliance Palace Master smirked icily.

"Watch out for him later on. This crafty old fox is someone who wouldn't even bat an eyelid at being nefarious. His methods are extremely vile."

"Yes, Palace Master."

The Evil Alliance Palace Master and the Fox Emperor exchanged a casual glance, not too bothered about the other. For the both of them, as long as their interests did not clash, they wouldn't bother the other.