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 Chapter 641: How Could You Guys Not Recognize A God Standing Before You!

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"It's not someone from the Ancient race, but we would do to be careful still."

"Got it, Senior Sister."


The masses nodded their heads as they focused all of their attentions warily on this person who was arriving.

In the Ancient Saint World, the Ancient race wasn't the only danger around. Even if it were someone from the thousands of races, there was a danger associated with them as well.

Otherwise, there wouldn't be syndicates such as the Evil Alliance and such.

Compared to the Ancient race, these syndicates weren't any better off. They were one crueler than the other, snatching and killing anyone on sight.

Lin Fan looked at the group of people who were standing before the chaotic current void right now. A single glance was enough for him to know that their cultivation states weren't all that high. Hence, he didn't put it to heart.

Furthermore, Lin Fan could tell that there weren't any evil auras surrounding these people. Naturally, he didn't take them as bad people then.

When Lin Fan descended, he looked over at them. On the other hand, they were thoroughly fixated on checking him out.

They couldn't tell.

They realized that they just couldn't see through the cultivation state of this fella before them.

In fact, even his aura was hidden entirely from detection. It was as though he was just any other commoner.

"You guys don't have to be so worried. I'm not a bad person." Looking at how these people were keeping guard against him, Lin Fan was pretty speechless. Yours Truly looked so suave and dashing! How could he possibly look like a bad person at all?

"No bad person will ever claim themselves to be one." Ye Tao hid behind his senior sister and blurted this sentence out.

"Aiyoh! Senior sister! Why did you stamp on my feet!" The moment he spouted these words, his senior sister stomped down on his feet.

Towards this retard of a junior brother, she was totally helpless.

"This is my junior brother here. He's inept at speaking. Please don't blame him." Qian Xue replied with an apologetic tone.

"It's fine." Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively, not bothered in the least bit. He then turned his gaze towards this chaotic current void before him.

Looking at how the other party was staring straight at the chaotic current void, Qian Xue spoke up with a kind reminder, "This is the chaotic current void. Within it lies an extremely strong destructive force. If you don't have any item to protect yourself with, it's really hard to get through it."

"Yup, indeed. I can sense the Metal Qi within this chaotic current void. If one's cultivation state is too weak, they wouldn't have the power to make it through at all. The moment they enter, they would most likely be shredded." Lin Fan could tell through the entire chaotic current void with a single look. However, to Lin Fan, this chaotic current void was something that was negligible. It wasn't anything that was difficult to deal with.

When he looked at it, the only reason for doing so was to check out where the connate Metal Element was located or hidden.

This sort of detection method which could ignore this chaotic current void entirely as well was pretty earthshattering and shocking.

However, Qian Xue and the others naturally could not tell what he was doing. They garnered that he must just be contemplating about how to get through this chaotic current void, and that was all.

"We're disciples of the Vastness Sect. This is my Big Senior Brother, Wu Tianhai. These are my junior brothers and sisters. May I know of your name, sir?" Qian Xue introduced the masses and asked Lin Fan.

"Lin Fan." Lin Fan chuckled.

"Brother Lin, this time around for our expedition, we have brought with us multiple objects that could help us tide through this chaotic current voids. If you need them, we can give some of them to you." Qian Xue continued.

"My thanks for your kind gesture. But, I won't need them. Even though this chaotic current void may bring with it a destructive amount of power, it isn't much of an issue for me." Lin Fan waved his hands while smiling.

Even though these guys were wary of him, he'd got to admit that they were pretty friendly.

There were many sects in the Ancient Saint World. Many of the beings of the thousands of races would open up sects so that they could protect their fellow comrades.

Wu Tianhai and Qian Xue exchanged a look with one another. They did not know why the other party would harbor such confidence. However, they did not let out any weird looks on their faces.

"So, what are you guys here to look for? I can try to keep it for you guys later on." This time around, Lin Fan was prepared to swipe the entire place clean. However, these guys seemed nice. Therefore, Lin Fan did not mind leaving some items for them.

After all, they were all comrades of the thousands of races. He ought to look after them a little.

The disciples of the Vastness Sect did not know what this guy meant by his words. However, they still replied, "Our sect has a sword skill that requires the Metal Qi. Hence, we're here to seek it out."

"Oh. Even though the Metal Qi is pretty decent, it's still pretty low tier. Why haven't you guys considered seeking out the connate Element of Metal?" Lin Fan chuckled.

To Lin Fan's standards, while the Metal Qi could be considered okay, it was really far too weak compared to the connate Metal Element.

"Brother Lin, the connate Metal Element has developed a consciousness of its own and has a strong cultivation state. It's not something we can take as and when we like to. Furthermore, the connate Metal Element lies within that entire Sea of Metal, with countless guardians surrounding it. I'm afraid we might be killed by those guardians before we can even get to approach the Sea of Metal."

Wu Tianhai did not see this as something disgracing to admit. After all, the connate Metal Element was something really strong to begin with. It was well known that amongst the Five Elements, the connate Metal Element wielded the most destructive powers.

Even if it were a powerful being of divine celestial level 5 or 6, they might not have the confidence to say that they could be able to obtain the connate Metal Element, let alone people like them.

"Since we're all beings of the thousands of races, how about you guys just stand here and wait for me a little bit? I'll go and grab some for you guys. No matter what, the Metal Qi is pretty substandard to be honest. If you have a skill that requires you to make use of the Metal Qi, you've definitely got to go at it with the one with the strongest destructive powers. You can't make up quality with quantity." Lin Fan smiled as he walked forth.

The disciples of the Vastness Sect did not know what this man was trying to do. Xue Qian felt that this man did not know his place at all and had an element of bullsh*tting to him instead.

Wu Tianhai just frowned with his brows. He did not know what sort of a background this man would have to say words as such. As for the other disciples, they snorted a little. They felt that Lin Fan was just lying through his nose entirely.

"It's alright, I don't think you've got to do that." Wu Tianhai replied out of courtesy. However, he knew that he would never believe Lin Fan's words no matter what.

However, at this moment, Ye Tao was the one who looked at Lin Fan and had his brows creasing. It was as though he was remembering something. With that, his brows smoothened out as he stood forth.

"Big Brother Lin! My Big Senior Brother wants it!" Ye Tao declared.

That was typical Ye Tao bringing on BIG BROTHER into his words. This was a man who was familiar with the art of sucking up and making connections.

"Junior Brother Ye." Wu Tianhai was a little displeased. However, just as he was going to continue, he was held back by Ye Tao.

"So, I'll have to bother you to bring for us some connate Metal Element, alright, Big Brother Lin?" Ye Tao continued.

Lin Fan looked at Ye Tao keenly, then grinned, "Sure, no problem."

Right at this moment, something that shocked the bejabbers out of everyone present happened.

Lin Fan opened his mouth wide. Immediately, a gigantic suction force came forth from his mouth, causing the entire chaotic current void to be devoured by him entirely.

With that, the vast and boundless chaotic current void disappeared without a trace from the face of the world.

As for Lin Fan? He burped before disappearing in a flash from where he stood in the blink of an eye.

"H-how is that possible?" Everyone from the Vastness Sect was absolutely flabbergasted. They could not believe that someone had just swallowed the entire chaotic current void in a single mouthful!

"T-this...this...!" Wu Tianhai was even more stumped than anyone else. To him, this was way out of his wildest imagination. This was the epitome of horror!

"Big Senior Brother, Senior Sister... What sort of a poor taste do you guys have? How could you guys not have recognized a God standing before us? This is simply way too regrettable. If not for the fact that I was smart, you guys would have trampled onto the benevolence of a God!" Ye Tao replied exasperatedly.

"This is especially so for our Big Senior Brother. The God himself had spoken up that he was going to bring some connate Metal Element for you. To think that you would turn down his offer! Really, now. If I weren't this smart, we would have been left with nothing!"

"Junior Brother Ye, you know who he is?" Qian Xue turned her head around and asked blankly.

"Of course! Don't you guys?" Ye Tao looked at his senior sister suspiciously.

"No, I don't. Who is he?" Qian Xue was bewildered right now in her heart. This junior brother of hers had always been inside the Vastness Sect. How could he have any friends outside?

Ye Tao tossed his robes aside and grinned with a slight smile, "Alright. All of you have got to listen up now. And don't start yelling out, alright?"

"Hurry up and tell us."