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 Chapter 639: As Time Goes By

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All of the beings of the thousands of races could not believe the scene that had just appeared before their very eyes. Just like that, the Essence Spirit doppelganger of the Utmost Being's Cruel was gone?


"The doppelganger of the Utmost Being, Cruel's Essence Spirit doppelganger has been extinguished!"

"How did that human do it? Isn't he way too strong?"

"HAHA! This is a day worth celebrating! Long live the Motherf*cking Human King!"f*ck

"All hail the Motherf*cking Human King!"

"The courage of the Succubus race has brought for all of us the most carthatic scene of our lives!"

"Look at how handsome the Motherf*cking Human King looks just standing there! But, why is his arm gone?"

"That battle earlier on must have been really exciting! However, in front of the Motherf*cking Human King, all the Ancient race beings shall be smitten into dust!"


The beings of the thousands of races were exhilarated right now. They couldn't contain this heart of excitement that laid within their bodies right now.

Because to them, this was something that was way too satisfying!

After being repressed by the Ancient race for so long, they needed a hero to stand up and face off against the Ancient race. However, no matter how long they had waited, that day had never ever come.

Even though there were many powerful beings within the thousands of races, some of these powerful beings had gone into hiding entirely, some of them were busy dealing with politics against one another, and others lost their guts immediately at the sound of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race.

But now, the Motherf*cking Human King was here. With absolute strength, he had managed to crush an Utmost Being of the Ancient race! For any being of the thousands of races, this was an event that was thoroughly inspiring.

Cloud Sect...

Grandmaster Yun and Meng Hengtian had been locked in perspective for some time now. At the happenings on the screen, they let out looks of astonishment as well.

"Grandmaster, is this even real? Back when that lad was at the Cloud Sect, he was only that of a divine celestial level 4, Undying state! Even the Essence Spirit doppelganger of the Utmost Being of the Ancient race is divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state!" Meng Hengtian's heart was thumping right now. He did not know what else he should say. No matter what, everything just seemed way too surreal to him.

Grandmaster Yun pondered for a moment, "When you're talking about a savant, you cannot comprehend them with normal logic. Seems like even we have underestimated him."

Grandmaster Yun did not know how else he could explain this. Therefore, the only word he could use to describe this was that he was a savant.


"Hmph! Even though the Ancient race is strong, with the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan, around, everything shall dissipate along with the clouds! My fellow comrades of the thousands of races, do not worry! With my presence, the toppling of the Ancient race isn't too far away!" Lin Fan remarked with an overbearing attitude.

Then, he casually jerked his body. That arm of his that was exploded away regrew out instantly.

Even though Lin Fan did not know what sort of expression the beings of the thousands of races were watching this live stream with, he supposed that they should have been stunned by him.

After that, Lin Fna ended the live stream. Right now, he had to cultivate.

He was still left with 2,700,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills. This was enough for him to manifest out all the living beings in his Paradise entirely and boost his own strength.

Even though his current strength right now is decent, compared to those Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, it was still far too weak.


In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan disappeared from the face of the world. Tunneling down into a deep crevasse beneath the ground, he sat down cross-legged and entered his Paradise.

The residences of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race...

"B*stard. B*STARD!" The Utmost Being, Cruel, was screaming out right now. A boundless might erupted from him.

The moment the Ancient race beings standing guard outside his place felt this chilling intent of rage, they broke out in shivers. They did not know what had happened to cause their Utmost Being such fury, but no one dared to head in and ask. In the eyes of the Utmost Being, all of them were ants. As long as he was displeased in the least bit, he could have them disintegrate into dust immediately.

"Fire Water Empress! How dare you destroy my Essence Spirit doppelganger? I'll kill you! As for that human, there's no way I'm going to let you off either! Since this is the case, Your Utmost Being here shall descend personally and hunt you out!"

It had been a long time since the Utmost Being had left this place. However, right now, he was riled by Lin Fan entirely.

Since he couldn't do anything to the Fire Water Emperor, he could only vent his frustrations on that human.

Instantly, a streak of rainbow rippled out. The moment that rainbow swept across the entrance of the place, all of the Ancient race soldiers who were prostrating on the ground were smitten into dust immediately.

The flames of rage that were burning in the heart of the Utmost Being, Cruel right now could only be appeased with the blood of that human.

Within his Paradise, Lin Fan looked at that lump of mountain of Shengyang Pills that laid there. He was exceptionally gleeful right now. With these many Shengyang Pills, he could definitely bring out all the living beings in his Paradise for sure.

"Burn, burn!"

The connate Paradise Imprint floated gently in the void and emanated an alluring glow.

Bam! Bam!

The Shengyang Pills began to erupt out continuously into a Shengyang river. 2,700,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills... This was an astronomical figure. Even if it were Lin Fan, if he wanted to cultivate out this many Shengyang Pills, it would probably take him 10,000 years or so.

Not only that, he would have to focus all his attention on just pill cultivation for the entire 10,000 years, without the energy to be able to do anything else.


Suddenly, the connate Paradise Imprint began to vibrate upon sensing the mighty, vast Shengyang river.


A sudden sound rang out. Within the connate Paradise Imprint, an image appeared suddenly.


First, it was a long dragon that was crafted. Its body was 100,000 feet long as it swiped its tail into the world. A dragon and an elephant fused together after that.

"Dragon Elephant."

A living being that looked equal parts dragon and elephant appeared within the Paradise. Its bulky body was imposingly unparalleled. Just a single look from it could cause one to feel startled immediately.

"This connate Paradise Imprint is truly a treasure. Each time a living being is manifested, the powers of the Paradise would surge immediately."

Under the influence of the dense Shengyang Pills, the connate Paradise Imprint seemed as though it was in a frenzy as it shone ever more brilliantly.

One by one, words started floating out of it. Each word possessed a boundless amount of energy to it. It was as though these words were from the Heaven and Earth itself, as they were so strong.





Right now, Lin Fan was completely immersed in cultivating. The speed in which the Shengyang Pills were expended was extremely fast. Even though this pained Lin Fan's heart, he knew that it would all be worthwhile.

As he sensed the increment within the Paradise, he felt the same growth as his powers turned thicker and fuller. With that, Lin Fan was extremely happy.

Within the Ancient Saint World, everything revolved around one's strength. Without strength, one was nothing more than a fish on a chopping board that was free for everyone to chop at without the capability to resist at all.

Outside, time gradually began to slip as well.

10 days.

1 month.

1 year.

To the beings of the thousands of races, it seemed as though the Motherf*cking Human King had just vanished from the face of the world all of a sudden.

Some of them thought that the Motherf*cking Human King might have died in the hands of the Ancient race.

Some of them thought that the Motherf*cking Human King might have been captured by the Ancient race instead.

However, most other people still chose to believe that the Motherf*cking Human King was camping in wait somewhere.

But, no one would have guessed that under the deep crevasse beneath the ground, a monstrous entity was being nurtured and produced. Under that deep crevasse, a figure that was akin to a deity in the Heavens shone with a bright light surrounding him. His body was akin to precious jewels, impenetrable by all evils.

3 years later...

A formidable aura erupted forth from the ground ferociously. This unparalleled mighty aura pierced straight into the Heavens. However, in that instant, it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared into nothingness.

It was as though it had never even appeared...