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 Chapter 636: Man, Feels Good To Have A Backing!

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At the place where the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race resided, eight towering spires stood in a circle. In the center laid a bottomless, pitch black abyss. A woman with breathtaking features and an unparalleled might was kept within.

"Cruel, the intent of Fire and Water isn't something that you can peep at." Even though the Fire Water Empress was trapped within this endless abyss by the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, her aura hadn't diminished because of it. With the Fire Water Robes draped over her body, her aura was ever so dominating.

Fire and Water were never meant to coexist. No matter how deep the cultivation state of the Fire Water Empress was or how far she had trodden over the entire ancient times to wield control over these two True Essences, the path of fusing them together was still a process that was arduously slow.

However, the aura that she was emanating right now was somewhat strange.

The gentleness and soothing powers of Water, and the berserk and merciless powers of Fire were intertwining with one another. The extremities of Yin and Yang along with the logic and wisdom of the universe laid beneath her feet. It was as though every single step she took could reverse Yin and Yang and upturn the Heaven and Earth.

"Fire Water Empress, your aura... How could it be?" The true body of Cruel looked at the Fire Water Empress before him and let out a look of astonishment.

The Fire Water Empress chuckled snidely, "You wouldn't understand."

"That's right, I wouldn't. But, I'll have you know that I bumped into something really interesting today. From a being of the Human race, I caught a trace of your aura. However, he has been devoured into my tummy and is now stuck there, unable to escape." Cruel laughed out.

The moment the Fire Water Empress heard this, her brows creased. Someone with a trace of her aura? Could it be that fella?

"Oh, it seems like you DO know him then. I suppose the reason behind the fusion of your dual Twin Essences must be because of him then, eh? To think that the pure and irreproachable Fire Water Empress who has trodden over the ancient times and reincarnated multiple times would take a liking to a being of the Human race who is just like an ant. Indeed, that's how far you've fallen from grace. HAHA...!" Cruel laughed wildly as though he was really pleased.

"Cruel, you're honestly nothing but a young punk. If not for the repression of the Heaven's Will, Your Emperor here would have had you slaughtered like a dog long ago. Do you believe that you'll definitely die if you lay your hands on that human?" The Fire Water Empress's gaze was sharp. It was as though her words should never be doubted in the least bit.

Cruel's face turned terrible gradually. It was as though this warning of the Fire Water Empress was causing him to feel really displeased.

"Hmph, Fire Water Empress, you can't even protect yourself right now. You had better just take care of yourself first. No, I won't kill that human. I'll just turn him into my slave and endure torments day and night. I'll let you have a good look how someone whom you have chosen shall end up as a dirty and loyal dog for the Ancient race." Cruel growled menacingly.

"At the start of the Manhuang, the Fire and Water were born as a radiant light that filled the Heaven and Earth."

Instantly, the long robes of the Fire Water Empress started moving on their own without any wind. Her gentle, tender hands danced in the air smoothly.

Time, space...one by one, they appeared before the Fire Water Empress.

A series of images appeared as though they were passing through all of eternity.

The living spirits were inspiring and bringing on all spirits. Fire allowed the living beings to escape a life of living like beasts while Water cleansed these living beings of their dirtiness.

These series of images ran through like a story, depicting an era after another.

All the living beings were worshipping Fire and Water. To these countless living beings, these were God Spirits bestowed upon them by the Heavens.

Gradually, Fire and Water started to develop a spiritual consciousness of their own and began to break free from this.


The Fire Water Empress pointed out with her finger. A beam of light that pierced through everything and penetrated into the body of Cruel.

"My powers are unparalleled and supreme. My might shall be compared to no one else. No matter how the world changes, my Essence Spirit shall never be destroyed, ever."

At that moment, Cruel's face changed, "Fire Water Empress! To think that you would dare to strike out!"

"Cruel, in my eyes, you're far too weak. Look at the other Utmost Beings. Which one of them hasn't existed for a long time now? You're the only pitiful worm amongst all of them."

Without any anger or despair, the Fire Water Empress gradually retreated back into her darkness.

"DAMN IT!" Looking at everything, Cruel's heart was burning with a boundless rage. There was no way he could tolerate this.


At this same moment, Lin Fan was welcoming the attack of Cruel. Even though he was a little nervous in his heart, he wasn't afraid at all.

"Master, give me 150,000,000,000 Shengyang Pills and let me unleash my powers in my full berserk!" The Big Ancient Demon howled out. Right now, they were no longer paupers. That endless supply of Shengyang Pills was enough for them to run rampant to a certain extent, unleashing a power that no one could hope to compare with.

"Me too! My ways of Training are getting insatiable!"

"Alright, everyone, prepare! So what if it's the Utmost Being of the Ancient race? Today, we'll let him know about our might!"

"Burn! Burn!"

In that instant, hundreds of billions of Shengyang Pills burst forth and erupted. Converting into a boundless stream of energy river, they surged into the Demon City and the body of the Thunder Trainer King.


The Big Ancient Demon growled out in fury as the aura of his body was getting stronger by the second. One by one, mysterious runic symbols glowed with an essence gleam as a mythical power was emanated from them.

The Big Ancient Demon, the King of all Demons.

"Bastard! How dare you use the wealth of Your Utmost Being for yourself! Go to hell, all of you!" Cruel yelled out as an endless rage burned within his body.

"Cruel, don't you dare go overboard! When Your Demon King here was striding over the Ancient Saint World, you were still playing in the mud and your mother's titties! YOU go to hell!"

The Big Ancient Demon hollered out as he punched out with a fist. An incredible amount of power surged forth. This fist was earthshattering, enough to devastate anything before it.

"Brother Big Demon, let me help you!" Under the booster of the Shengyang Pills, the body of the Thunder Trainer King was buff and bulked right now as well. Seated on a Twelve Grade Lotus Seat, the long whip in his hand danced.


The long whip swung out into the sky and lashed out sharply on Cruel's palm.

"How can this be?" Cruel's face change immediately. The burning of billions of Shengyang Pills had allowed the Big Ancient Demon and the Thunder Trainer King to unleash their strongest moves.

This move was enough to annihilate the entire world. Even if it were a God, he too would have to be destroyed.

Even though this was quite the sting to Lin Fan's heart, it would all be worth it if he could get rid of this doppelganger.

However, Lin Fan could tell that this skill was way too extravagant, wasn't it? To think that it would cost a few hundred billions of Shengyang Pills! What sort of an idea was this?

The Utmost Being, Cruel, had taken over 10,000 years for these three trillion pills. And just like that, he had used up 10% of it so easily. This way of spending it was way too scary!


Under the might of this move, the arm of Cruel began to crumble down as though it could not withstand the force of it.

"B*stard! How dare you destroy my arm? I'll have you dead!" Right now, Cruel was incensed. A fearsome amount of energy rippled out from him.

"Utmost Being, spare us!"

"Utmost Being, spare us!"

The ten elderly figures started begging. They were like little boats in the middle of a raging tsunami right now. They didn't have any control of their own and could just be sunken at any moment.

Cruel swept his robes and shifted the ten elderly figures elsewhere. The ten of them were his fortune. He couldn't let them die just like that. He would still have to depend on them to cultivate out more Shengyang Pills for him in the future.

"Human! You've got to die today!" The body of the Utmost Being, Cruel, began to expand rapidly as his aura did the same.

At this moment, Lin Fan was exasperated. If this were to go on, what was he to do?

Even if he had three trillion Shengyang Pills, it was pretty impossible for him to kill this guy with that. After all, he himself was far too weak right now.


Just as Lin Fan was prepared to receive his death, a mysterious energy tunneled through and surrounded Cruel within.

"Fire Water Empress? How dare you use my true body to penetrate over here? You want to save this human? But, I'll never let you succeed!" Cruel screamed out. Slapping out with his palm, he covered Lin Fan up like the Five Finger Mountains.

At this moment, Lin Fan was still not too sure of the exact circumstances. However, the moment he heard the name of the Fire Water Empress, he leaped with joy in his heart. So, this was how good it felt to have someone backing oneself!

At critical moments, there would always be someone to assist one!

However, Lin Fan was not going to express gratitude for this favor. After all, his weak and feeble body had endured the trampling of the Fire Water Empress. It was only right that she gave him some compensation for it.

But, looking at the situation right now, Cruel was suppressing his own powers so that he could deal with the Fire Water Empress' powers first.

Most likely, once he had taken down the powers that the Fire Water Empress had sent over to assist him with, he would come over and deal with Lin Fan.