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 Chapter 635: Three Trillion Shengyang Pills

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"Do you guys think that this living being has discovered our ploy?"

"That's impossible. We've hidden our Essence Spirits with the True Skill seeds. We're not going to be found out that easily."

"Or perhaps, this living being is truly just making a slow choice."

"Hurry up, hurry up! If the Utmost Being of the Ancient race were to find out that this living being isn't being cultivated by him at this moment, all our efforts would have been for naught!"

The ten elderly figures were getting anxious now. However, Lin Fan was just taking his own sweet time.

He was thinking about one thing.

A powerful being such as the Utmost Being of the Ancient race would definitely be able to sense any disturbance within his own body. If that were the case, Lin Fan could probably only do one of the two, snatch the sea of Shengyang Pills or kill these old fogeys.

'Aiyoh, how frustrating is this!' The idea of making a choice was really a tough nut to crack right now. However, if Lin Fan truly had to choose, he would go for these Shengyang Pills which could only be counted in terms of trillions.

Lin Fan's knowledge right now was far from the knowledge he had known back then. Ever since he had read intensively in the library of the Cloud Sect, there were many figures of Gods of Wisdom that appeared within his mind.

These Wisdom Gods would help Lin Fan to plan and strategize to come up with the best way of settling issues. However, despite that, there would be times when Lin Fan would disregard their opinions and go along with his instinct.

Even though these ten elderly figures were of a divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state, the only thing that was truly left to their names was in fact, just their names after being entrapped by the Utmost Being, Cruel, here for such a long time.

They should be just a shell of their divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state right now, without the equivalent power to boot.

Being trapped here for 10,000 years and forced to cultivate Shengyang Pills day and night without being able to cultivate, their cores should have been long destroyed.

As for this circular way they were seated right now, it was probably just a mere formation to cultivation Shengyang Pills, and that was all.

How strong was the Utmost Being, Cruel? He was someone who could just absorb in all the Saint Spirit Qi in the area with a single breath. That was a horrifying existence. Heck, even if one were to whip the Mythical Parasol Tree right now, it wouldn't be able to match that speed at all.

And all that Saint Spirit Qi was handed over to allow these old fogeys here to cultivate with it endlessly and limitlessly.

The Shengyang Pills here had been accumulated for god knows how many years, and it was like a vast sea right now. If he could get it all, he would truly have struck gold. Entirely, thoroughly struck gold.

On the contrary, if he were to kill an old fogey, that would cause a change in the entire formation. With the powers of the Utmost Being, Cruel, he would most definitely be able to sense that instantly. By then, it would be a real question as to whether or not Lin Fan could get to kill all of these old fogeys.

As Lin Fan was standing there, his brain was slowly moving and making a choice silently. On the other hand, it was a pure panic fest for these old fogeys.

The reason why they had revealed their True Skill seeds were so that this living being could take the bait. However, to their exasperation, this living being wasn't taking any action, and was just revolving around the True Skill seeds just like that.

"Little buddy, how is it going? Is there any skill that you're interested in?"

"If there isn't any, we can try putting all of our True Skill seeds into your body then. From there, we can assist you and try to fuse these True Skill seeds with your body. With that, your cultivation state shall soar into the Heavens and break through all sorts of obstacles in your way."

"It's alright. None of these True Skill seeds suit me at all. However, it still isn't much of an issue for me to help break you guys out of your shackles. The main question is, how do I open them?" Lin Fan smiled gently.

This sentence of Lin Fan had offended the ten elderly figures here.

These shackles were personally empowered by the Utmost Being, Cruel. How could it be something that would be opened this easily?

However, now that such a rare opportunity was dangling before their faces, how could they possibly bear to give it up? Hence, they started going into deep pondering.

Along with the old fogeys, Lin Fan thought as well. His gaze then turned into the center of the formation where the dense Shengyang Pills river laid such that it had already turned into a dimension of its own.

"How many Shengyang Pills are there?" Lin Fan asked.

"Three trillion." The Scarlet Rainbow Demon was still troubled over the issue of the shackles. However, this living being before him was the Big Daddy here, so he had an obligation to respond.

The moment Lin Fan heard the actual number, he was taken aback somewhat in disbelief.

'Three trillion!?' How f*cking crazy was this? Even if he were to count for all eternity, he might not even be able to finish counting all of them!

If these three trillion Shengyang Pills were to burst forth from a Dao Weapon, Lin Fan wondered if this could even bust a breach in the entire Ancient Saint World.

Standing before the Shengyang Pill river, a thought came into Lin Fan's mind, 'I'll give it a shot. I've got nothing to lose anyway. Compared to these old fogeys, this is way more valuable anyways.'

'Three trillion. Three goddamn trillion. I may not even be able to cultivate this much in my entire lifetime!'

At this moment, the Utmost Being of the Ancient race had opened forth a path for Lin Fan. He hated himself for not coming up with this idea first. The idea of enslaving a bunch of powerful beings to have them churn out Shengyang Pills for him in his Paradise all day and night! If he had thought of that, he wouldn't be as poor as he was right now!

"Little buddy, what are you trying to do?"

"Little buddy, all of these Shengyang Pills belongs to the Utmost Being of the Ancient race! You mustn't touch them at all cost! The moment you touch them, he would be sure to sense it! By then, it'd be too late for all of us!"

"Little buddy...!"

Looking at how Lin Fan was stepping into the sea of Shengyang Pills, the ten elderly figures wanted to stop him as their faces took a huge turn. However, it was all too late for that.

They knew that this vast amount of Shengyang Pills was definitely a heavenly fortune for any being of the thousands of races. One couldn't possibly peel their eyes off of this. After all, this was the stash of the Utmost Being that he had accumulated over 10,000 years.

"Haha! All of you bloody old undead sh*ts. How dare you plant your consciousness within your True Skill seeds? If Yours Truly had really delved in, Yours Truly might have been snatched over by you guys. But your sneaky and devious tricks are way too naïve in the eyes of Yours Truly here. All of these Shengyang Pills? I'll accept them graciously."

"Roc's Breath!"


In a jiffy, Lin Fan opened his mouth wide, and with a breath that was as humongous as mountains, he sucked in the Shengyang Pills endlessly into his tummy.

At this moment, an immense amount of energy burst forth as his Paradise caged this entire sea of Shengyang Pills within it.

A Shengyang Pill Dragon was devoured by Lin Fan just like that.

One trillion in his hands.

Using a claw-like grip, Lin Fan reached out and grasped at yet another Shengyang Pill Dragon, tossing it within his Paradise.

Two trillion pills in his hands.

One trillion Shengyang Pills was equivalent to one Shengyang Pill Dragon.

"Y-YOU'RE MAD!" The ten elderly figures were pale with shock at how wantonly this living being was stealing the Shengyang Pills. What use would he have even if he stole them? This was still within the body of the Utmost Being, Cruel! It was not as though he would have a chance to make it out later on!

In the blink of an eye, three trillion Shengyang Pills were stolen by Lin Fan just like that.

But, before Lin Fan could even celebrate over this, the void above him trembled as a gigantic vortex appeared above him.

"Living being! How dare you steal at the riches of Your Utmost Being here? You deserve death for your crimes!" An overbearingly shrill voice whirled out of the vortex.

The moment the elderly figures heard this voice, their faces changed immediately as they let out shouts in an endless amount of fear.

Before Lin Fan knew it, a figure had appeared all of a sudden before him.

The Utmost Being, Cruel, looked at this living being before him. Even though there was no expression on his face, his heart was a little jolted. He could not really understand how this living being could dodge his refining powers.

Anything that entered his belly, even if it were an Utmost Treasure, it would definitely be refined into a pure stream of energy.

However, none of this mattered to the Utmost Being, Cruel. After all, the outcome of this living being was none other than death itself.

"Cruel, you're the one who swallowed me. Whether or not you can refine me into your body is none of my business! As for these three trillion Shengyang Pills of yours, they are all mine whether you like it or not! There's no way you're getting them back!" Lin Fan snorted coldly. The true powers of the Utmost Being were indefinitely strong, which was something that Lin Fan knew.

However, to Lin Fan, the most important thing in life was fighting. Even if he couldn't fight, he had to.


The Utmost Being, Cruel, did not say anything more. Opening his hands that covered the entire sky, he grabbed out at Lin Fan.