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 Chapter 627: Isn't This Just A Live Broadcast?

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Lin Fan looked over into the distance as the black clouds surged through the entire place. This was a formidable aura, one so strong that it was causing others nearby to feel suffocated.

This was especially the case for that castle that was faintly hidden within those dark clouds. It looked akin to a Hell on its own. Within it, there were baleful howls of vengeful spirits and specters that were walking by.

"Just what kind of background is this sh*t from?"

Just as Lin Fan was still puzzled, the leader of the Succubus race frowned as her face was slowly being filled up with horror. Lin Fan caught sight of this change in her expression and understood. The leader of the Succubus race knew where they were from.

"Leader of the Succubus race, who are they?" Lin Fan asked.

"That's the moving palace of the Evil Alliance Prince!" The face of the leader was extremely terrible right now as she shivered uncontrollably. Compared to the Ancient race beings earlier, she seemed even more afraid right now.

Evil Alliance Prince?

Even though Lin Fan did not know who this person was, he knew that there was an extremely nefarious syndicate known as the Evil Alliance. Could this Evil Alliance Prince be someone from that same Evil Alliance?

Zi Yun and the others were initially in the atmosphere of a new lease of life. However, at this moment, they lost that to the incoming dread.

They knew that the Evil Alliance Prince was extremely cruel. Many fellow beings of the Succubus race had been abducted by this Evil Alliance Prince. Before long, the only thing that was returned of their bodies were corpses that were completely dried up.

The beings of the Succubus race had no idea how the Evil Alliance were discovering them. Each time they changed a base or location, they would somehow be found by this Evil Alliance. They were extremely frightened in their hearts, like birds trapped in cages.

To think that the Evil Alliance would come knocking right after they had just gone through an escape from being hunted down by the Ancient race army.

"Motherf*cking Human King! Please save us!" Zi Yun turned her gaze to Lin Fan and let out a look of begging.

This Motherf*cking Human King before them was extremely strong. If he were to render his assistance, the Succubus race might just be able to get out of this alive.

However, the Evil Alliance was extremely strong within the Ancient Saint World. Each and every one of their members were extremely vicious and cruel beings. Not only that, this Evil Alliance Prince was someone who was extremely mysterious. Legends even had it that he was someone reigning over most of the Evil Alliance, with an extremely high status in that syndicate.

"When you guys have the chance, make your escape." Lin Fan looked over in the distance. However, his vision was in fact cast even further from where he was looking.

He could sense a feeling of detection that was sweeping over towards him. It seemed as though someone was observing him from somewhere far behind.

The moment the beings of the Succubus race heard this, their faces changed. Could it be that even the Motherf*cking Human King wasn't a match for the Evil Alliance Prince?

However, thinking back at the methods of the Evil Alliance Prince, it was understandable.

The previous leader of the Succubus race was someone who did not agree with the evil practices of the Evil Alliance as well. Therefore, she stood up against them in resistance. Eventually, she was taken down with ease before she could even have a chance to retaliate.

"Motherf*cking Human King, you should be the one to leave first, please. Since you're not a match for them, there's no need for you to needlessly sacrifice your life for ours." The leader of the Succubus race sighed. Eventually, they were still far too weak. So what if they could escape once? How many more times could this carry on?

"No, it's not that. While the Evil Alliance Prince may be strong, he isn't enough to have me being afraid. It's just that there's going to be an even more fearsome existence that will descend upon us soon."

Even though Lin Fan was pretty nervous in his heart, he felt that he had an obligation to do this.

If he hadn't witnessed it for himself, the anxiousness within Lin Fan's heart wouldn't be removed no matter what.

"We can stay here and help you." The leader of the Succubus race replied.

"The one who would descend before us later should be an Utmost Being of the Ancient race." Lin Fan flicked out with his finger. Instantly, a fresh drop of blood appeared.

"Take this drop of blood with you guys. Take good care of it."

The moment the beings of the Succubus race heard these words of Lin Fan, their faces changed immediately. Even their breathing got hurried.

"U-utmost Being of the Ancient race?"

These words were akin to having the Heavens toppling before their very faces, rendering them weak and powerless. In fact, their hands and feet were running cold instantly at the sound of these words.

If they were to compare the Evil Alliance Prince with the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, that would be comparing a toddler and a full-fledged adult!

Lin Fan had seen this day coming a long time ago. After all, his behavior had been way too outrageous. The way he was squashing the Ancient race beings was akin to squashing ants.

The Despair City, the Sovereign King Wei, the Ancient race army at the Fire Water Secret Grounds... Those were countless Ancient race beings.

This has severely threatened the dignity of the Ancient race. There was no way the Utmost Being himself was going to let him off.

And, since the Ancient race beings were no match for him, the only way to take him down was for the Utmost Being to appear personally and smother Lin Fan within his cradle.

If Lin Fan wanted to escape at this moment, he could do so. No one would be able to stop him or find him out.

With the existence of the system, Lin Fan wouldn't even leak out a single drop of his aura. Furthermore, the Stealth ability of his was really strong. As long as he didn't sell himself out, even the Utmost Being of the Ancient race wouldn't be able to find him, and would have no way of doing so.

However, Lin Fan knew that the Utmost Being was really strong. As to how strong he truly was, Lin Fan had no idea.

Therefore, he had to witness it for himself. Just one glance, that was enough.

As long as he could determine the strength of the other party, he would have a target to fight for in his path forward in the future.

"Go on." Lin Fan's battle intent was high strung right now as his blood began to rumble within his body. Utmost Being of the Ancient race, this was the most powerful existence within the entire Ancient Saint World.

True, he might not have the strength to fight against him now. But, if he didn't even have the courage to face him, that'd be way too cowardly.

"Motherf*cking Human King, please turn around." Zi Yun spoke up.

"Why?" Lin Fan asked puzzledly. Taking in a deep breath, he turned around and smiled while asking.

Zi Yun clapped her palms together. Instantly, a light screen appeared before his face. It was like a camera that was recording everything before his face. After that, Zi Yun's palms danced, causing this light screen to disintegrate into numerous portions that flew out into all directions.

"What's that?" Lin Fan asked curiously.

"This is the Mirror Light Curtain, an innate skill of the Succubus race. I'm dissipating these light spots out into all directions of the Ancient Saint World so that all the living beings can accept it. From there, they could then witness everything that's happening right now. Your noble act must be made known to every single living being in the Ancient Saint World, and carved into our hearts for life. After all, you're the sixth person who has ever dared to face up an existence such as the Utmost Being of the Ancient race."


At this moment, Lin Fan's heart leaped with joy momentarily. To think that there was something as such in this place! Wasn't this just the same as a live broadcast?

To think that the Ancient Saint World would have something this advanced!

However, thinking about how he was going to appear before all the living beings of the Ancient Saint World, Lin Fan could not help but groom himself up a little from head to toe. No matter what, he had to come off more presentable.

Instantly, those bright light spots were spread out across the world.

Somewhere far in the distance, a being of the thousands of races caught sight of this light spot and grabbed it in his hands. Instantly, an image appeared before him. On the image was Lin Fan and the beings of the Succubus race.

"In the chaos that ensued while the Motherf*cking Human King saved the Succubus race from the grasp of the Ancient race army, he killed countless Ancient race beings. The Evil Alliance Prince has arrived. And soon, the Utmost Being of the Ancient race shall descend upon this place as well."

Initially, this being of the thousands of races had wanted to squeeze this light spot into nothingness. However, the moment he heard that announcement, he froze up.

"U-utmost Being of the Ancient race!"

These words were like the demons in the hearts of any beings of the thousands of races out there. It was enough to send the chills down one's spine, causing them to shiver uncontrollably.

Some of the beings of the thousands of races who were once rescued by Lin Fan from the Despair City had now entered some of the different sects.

Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect...

A being of the thousands of races who was once rescued by Lin Fan was just living his days idly right now. Thinking back about his tormented days back in the Despair City, he could easily appreciate the freedom and carefree life of his right now.

However, just at this moment, a small little bright light spot found its way dropping down gently from the skies.

The being caught this light spot in his hands as a screen instantly appeared. At that moment, his expression changed. The moment he heard the announcement from within, his ears reddened with excitement.

"Everyone! Hurry and come over! The Motherf*cking Human King's going to face up with one of the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race now!"

This living being was someone of the Dragon race. Therefore, his voice was extremely robust. Especially at this moment, that single roar was earthshattering as it vibrated out into all directions.

The moment the members of the Desolate Ancient Dragon Sect heard it, they were immediately displeased by this disturbance. However, the context of the roar had their faces changing almost immediately as they rushed over from all directions.

Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan.

This was a name they were familiar with! After all, this was the idol of their hearts, the idol who dared to clash head-on with the Ancient race themselves.