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 Chapter 622: To Think That There're More Experience Points!

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Lin Fan looked at this lively chick with a puzzled glance as his brows creased. Did this chick have some sort of a problem in her head?

"This metal fork! I-It...it...!"

Zi Yun could not believe that they would be using a Supreme Graded Human Weapon just for barbecuing meat!!!

Wasn't this too wasteful?!

"Oh, that? That's just a Supreme Graded Human Weapon, isn't it? Do you have to react so wildly over it?" Noticing that the chick was talking about the metal fork, Lin Fan chuckled out casually, completely unconcerned about it at all.

It was a mere Supreme Graded Human Weapon. What was there to be shocked about?

However, coming to think of it, the beings of the thousands of races did not have many treasures with them. That would make it understandable for these chicks, who were on the weaker side of things, to have it extremely difficult for them to obtain any treasure on their own.

Piao Piao was stunned at this moment as well as she cast her gaze on the metal fork. To think that this plain looking metal fork would be a Supreme Graded Human Weapon!

In order to verify this fact, Piao Piao went to touch it with her fingers personally. Instantly, she could feel the surge of energy that was cruising through it.


Lin Fan sighed helplessly. Seemed like even if he didn't want to act out, he still managed to get the panties of these chicks in a bunch indirectly. This was truly unexpected.

He had just casually crafted these Supreme Graded Human Weapons. They weren't even anything good to begin with. But, each of these chicks let out a look of wanting to get it yet being completely helpless. Looking at their dilemma, Lin Fan could not help but chuckle out in his heart.

"This meat is good, isn't it? Once we're done with it, you guys can have the metal forks as well." Lin Fan waved his hands dismissively.

These words came across to the ears of these chicks as though this man couldn't give a sh*t about these metal forks!

Piao Piao, Zi Yun, and the others looked at Lin Fan in shock. They then tried their best to repress this feeling of excitement as they wielded the metal forks with trembling hands.

As long as they were to finish the meat, this person was going to give them the metal forks!

This was something that they could have never ever imagined in their lives!

Zi Yun opened her mouth and started with a gentle bite on the meat.

To these chicks here, their greatest goal right now was to finish all of the meat!

Just as Zi Yun placed the meat into her mouth, her face changed suddenly. Her aura began to rise steadily.

"This meat...!" The only thing on Zi Yun's mind right now was the metal fork. However, upon swallowing her first bite of the dragon's meat, she was completely dumbfounded.

That was because as she chewed down on the piece of meat, she realized the endless amount of power that was being released from it! As these powers entered her body along with the meat, they were converted into a long river of energy that rampaged around her body.

Piao Piao looked at Zi Yun, who was changing right now, in astonishment. Without any hesitation, she then chomped down on her piece of dragon meat.

The transformations that happened were exactly the same as Zi Yun!

Without waiting any further, all the surrounding chicks chomped down on their own meats as well. One by one, their faces changed as they revealed looks of disbelief.

At this moment, even Lin Fan was stunned.

Did these chicks really have a problem in their heads? Wasn't this just some meat that they were eating? Did they have to give off such an expression? Was there truly a need for this?

Even though Lin Fan was a divine celestial level 4, Undying state being, the powers within his body were as vast as the boundless seas. Therefore, the power that was contained within this dragon's meat was extremely negligible for him.

However, for these weak chicks, a single piece of dragon's meat was akin to swallowing a godly elixir.

"Zi Yun! Your cultivation state! You've leveled up!"

"Elder Sister, I've broken through!"

"They've broken through too!"

"Why does this dragon meat possess such a strong amount of power?"

"In order for one's meat to obtain an effect as such, one has to at least be a divine celestial level 4, Undying state powerful being! That's the only way its powers can be infused into every single part of its body like this!"

The mass group of chicks looked at one another furtively, each of them revealing a look of disbelief. Zi Yun looked at Lin Fan in utter shock, so much so that her words were starting to stammer.

"Oh, you guys have a keen eye for things. The cultivation state of this dragon was indeed a divine celestial level 4, Undying state." Lin Fan chuckled.

Lin Fan had not expected the meat of this Colossal Dragon to give these chicks this much of a buff.

Upon receiving Lin Fan's response, all the chicks were utterly flabbergasted. To think that they would be able to get a taste of the meat of a Colossal Dragon of divine celestial level 4, Undying state in all their years of living!

This wasn't something they could have ever imagined.

Instantly, the group of chicks turned their gazes towards that river of blood that was spilled on the ground.

"Could that be the Dragon's Blood of the divine celestial level 4, Undying state Colossal Dragon too?"

"Legend has it that the blood of the Old Ancient Beast Colossal Dragon race is able to strengthen one's constitution. There's even a chance for one's innate potential to be increased! This is especially the case for Colossal Dragons who are stronger! The effects would increase along with their strength!"

Just as these chicks were going to indulge in their urges to leap forth and have a taste of that Dragon's Blood for themselves, a growl came forth from the distance.

"HAHA! To think that you guys would stop running. Now, this does save us some effort."

"These ravishing living beings of the Succubus race are indeed blessed by the Heavens! Each and every one of them looks extremely petite and beautiful! Not only that, their bodies are tender and their scent is extremely nice!"

"C'mon, run! Why aren't you guys running anymore? Is it because you guys are too tired to run?"

These nefarious taunts came from all directions. They were relentless and fearsome, bringing with them a might that caused one to shiver at the sound of them.

To these beings of the thousands of races, the Ancient race was akin to an envoy of the devil himself. Horrifying, cruel, bloodthirsty, without a single strain of humanity.

"The Ancient race is here!" The moment these chicks heard the sounds of the Ancient race, they could not help but break out in cold sweat and exchange glances with one another in fright.

The Ancient race beings had finally caught up. If this were the case, it meant that their relatives must have already been slain by these Ancient race beings.

The thought of this had their entire faces filled with immense anguish.

Lin Fan sat there in a relaxed manner and looked at these figures that were approaching from the distance.

The Ancient race beings had a big built. Each of them was like a small mountain of their own. Their auras were even more imposing with the way they walked.

The pitch black skin and baleful faces were extremely terrifying to begin with. Some of the weaker beings of the thousands of races could even be shocked into screaming just at the sight of these Ancient race beings alone.

Just like that, a few hundred Ancient race beings appeared before Lin Fan's group.

"Eh? To think that there's an additional living being!" The moment an Ancient race being caught sight of Lin Fan, his mouth left out a cruel grin. However, he didn't think much of Lin Fan at all.

Looking at these Ancient race beings, Lin Fan too did not have much interest in them.

Their cultivation states weren't all that high.

Even the highest amongst them was only a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state being.

"Zi Yun, Piao Piao...!" At this moment, there was a cage with countless females within them that laid in the midst of these Ancient race beings.

Amongst these women, some of them were old while others were younger. Evidently, they hadn't managed to escape at all, and were eventually rounded up by these Ancient race beings.

The moment Zi Yun and Piao Piao heard these voices, their faces changed immediately as they let out a look of glee.

At least their relatives hadn't been killed by these Ancient race beings just yet!

"Hahaha, don't get anxious now. You guys will be able to have a reunion real soon!" An Ancient race being laughed mercilessly as his eyes shone with a vicious glow.

"Don't bother saving us! Hurry up and run! You guys are no match for these Ancient race beings! Furthermore, there are more Ancient race beings at the back!" Looking at how Zi Yun and the others had yet to make their way out, those of the Succubus race who had been locked up were starting to get anxious as well.

In this group right here, the leader of the Ancient race beings was only that of a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state being. However, in the army that was coming forth, there would be stronger Ancient race beings there.

Ever since the new Sovereign King Wei had taken the seat, he had turned even more berserk. Activating his gigantic army, he went on a massacre of the beings of the thousands of races.

The moment Lin Fan heard from these Succubus race beings that there were even more Ancient race beings coming forth from the back, his heart was filled with joy as he stood up immediately.

To think that he would get this lucky! The Heavens must really be shining on him!

Yet another big lump of experience points was sending their own asses up his doorsteps!

Taking a step forth, Lin Fan walked towards the Ancient race beings.

Catching sight of Lin Fan's actions, Zi Yun and the others felt their hearts feeling conflicted as well.

This was especially the case for Zi Yun. The first time she laid her eyes on this man, she had already known that he was far from ordinary. However, she wondered if he would be a match for these Ancient race beings.

To these Ancient race beings, this man who was walking towards them was simply just courting death! But since that was the case, it was good as well. It would save them some trouble.

"Ant like living being! Go to hell!" The leader of the Ancient race beings hollered and grabbed out at Lin Fan's brains.

Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and gave off a chuckle as he pointed gently with his finger. That single action had everyone shuddering in shock after that.