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 Chapter 614: This Ground Is A Little Too Hard.

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Listening to those prideful claims of the disciples nearby, Liu Hen's blood was starting to boil.

"My ranking is higher than that of Big Senior Brother!"

"My ranking is also higher than that of Big Senior Brother!"


These relentless claims made their way into Liu Hen's ears, causing him to break down entirely.

Why the hell was every single one of them intent on competing with him right now?

Liu Hen was regretting his actions right now. Why hadn't he killed more Ancient race beings? Following his struggle to fight for the seat of the Grandmaster, he had completely neglected the issue with the Ancient race entirely.

All he did was take his Junior Brothers with him to run through secret grounds in order to display his strength as a Big Senior Brother. To think that these disciples would get all fired up after a few words from this human! This wasn't something that Liu Hen had ever expected!

"Alright. All of you are the true pride of the Cloud Sect then! Look at your Big Senior Brother there! Even though his strength is much higher than all of you, he can't even be compared to you guys when it comes to killing the Ancient race beings!"

"The Cloud Sect belongs to everyone, not just a single person! How can we allow ourselves to live amidst such strife for power?"

Lin Fan was beginning to blab out his nonsense once more. However, the more he said, the more he was starting to agree with his very own words, and how much sense they made!

As for these surrounding disciples, they found themselves nodding with every word that Lin Fan said as well! Suddenly, they realized how right this human was about everything!

It was especially that phrase of 'Your Big Senior Brother can't even be compared to you guys' that was etched entirely within their hearts.

They had not expected the fugitive list to be so good that it would have them stand above their Big Senior Brother in the blink of an eye!

"B*stard f*cker! Full of nonsense!" Liu Hen wiped off the fresh blood that appeared at the side of his lips. His long hair danced in the skies as he pounced on Lin Fan.

Looking at the situation before him, Lin Fan could feel that it was about time by now. However, since he had already come to this point, there was no point in not creating a perfect ending to this act.

"Liu Hen! The only thing you do is lust for greed and enjoyment! How dare you fight with the others just for your selfish wish of wanting to be the Grandmaster? Do you acknowledge your wrongdoings?" Lin Fan continued to retreat while pointing his finger and lashing out at Liu Hen.

"SCRAM!" Liu Hen screamed out in rage. As he used both his palms to slap out, the entire Heaven and Earth seemed as though they were about to be shattered.

Paradise, initiate!

Instantly, Lin Fan caged Liu Hen within his Paradise.

"You foolish thing! How dare you pull me within your Paradise? Today, I shall destroy your Paradise entirely and ensure that your entire core is devastated!" Liu Hen roared berserkly. Every fist of his resembled a dragon that gushed out with immense force, smashing out on the crystallized walls of the Paradise.


The crystallized walls of the Paradise vibrated gently while letting out small ripples of their own.

"How could this be?"

To think that single fist of his hadn't caused the other party's Paradise to be destroyed entirely? Seeing this, Liu Hen was utter shocked, revealing a look of disbelief.

"Oh, you braindead f*ck." Lin Fan wasn't nervous in the least bit.

Now that his Paradise had gone through the Paradise Thunder Calamity, it was far from ordinary. This guy really thought that he could smash down the Paradise of Yours Truly in a single fist? What a big, big dreamer he was!

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan went at it with all he had. The power of Biggra erupted out instantly, turning into countless balls of thick mist that flew out at the face of Liu Hen.

"What's this?" Looking at these balls of smoke floating towards him, Liu Hen let out a look of shock.

"This is your lifesaver!" Lin Fan's body flashed instantly as he leaped out towards Liu Hen as well.

Doomsday Calamity God Fist!

Demon God Wheel!


In the blink of an eye, all of the Skill Gods darted out together. It didn't matter whether or not they would have any use. The most important thing right now was to get Liu Hen's blood rumbling, so that he was able to take in the effects of Biggra even more receptively.

Right now, no one on the outside could see within the Paradise at all.

Now that Lin Fan's Paradise possessed its own Dao, it was extremely easy for him to isolate the happenings within from the outside world entirely. Therefore, no one from the top down of the entire Cloud Sect could make out anything that was happening within the Paradise entirely.

The Qi of Biggra was colorless and odorless. Liu Hen took it in one big breath at a time, not feeling anything strange about this just yet.

"Lin Fan, you b*stard! I swear that I won't rest till you're dead!" Liu Hen's eyes were reddening.

He had never once lost his face as such. To think that this human had not only destroyed his Heaven Raising Peak, but had also caused him to lose his image in front of all the disciples! If he didn't kill this guy, there was no way he was going to appease this hatred that was burning within his heart!

"Aiyo! Relentless, aren't you? Who the hell are you trying to scare, man? Tell me, what are you feeling right now?" Lin Fan tossed his robes back and asked in an imposing manner.

"I FEEL LIKE KILLING YOU!" Liu Hen howled out in rage. However, his face changed almost instantaneously.


His breathing was getting hurried now. The power that was surging within his body was striking at Liu Hen's mental self repeatedly. Even his Essence Spirit felt as though it was being infected by this feeling.

"Go f*ck the ground." Lin Fan spat out four words, but it was as though a law was tied with them.

To his terror, Liu Hen realized that his body was no longer under his control! He did not know what this man had done to him! Why was this happening?

"Even though you're trying to resist it in your heart, your body is pretty honest, eh?"

Since they were within the Cloud Sect right now, Lin Fan felt that no matter what, he would have to give the Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect some face.

Furthermore, Lin Fan could tell that this man before him was a genius as well. His potential was pretty decent. Not only that, his position within the Cloud Sect was pretty respectable. If he were to kill this man, he would definitely attract trouble with it.


Piak! Piak!

A series of sounds rang out as Liu Hen laid down sprawling on the ground. Up and down, up and down, his speed was immense.

Looking at the state Liu Hen was in right now, Lin Fan burst out laughing. However, his face turned apologetic almost immediately.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot about this! The ground in my Paradise is pretty hard. You're..."

Lin Fan realized that there was something off about Liu Hen's actions. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the ground in his Paradise was way too tough, that Liu Hen couldn't penetrate through it at all.

However, even a drop of water can cause a hole within a stone if it dripped down continuously. If Liu Hen were to keep up with his perseverance, he would definitely be able to poke out a big hole in the Paradise!

"Thunder Trainer King! Hurry up and come out! It's training time!" Lin Fan waved his hand and immediately, out popped the Academy of Electroconvulsive Therapy. Twerking his bum left and right, the Thunder Trainer King bounced out from within happily.

"Master! Here I am!" The Thunder Trainer King was elated beyond words. To think that his Master would manage to get yet another living being. And by the looks of this, this living being looked pretty strong!

Incredible! This was way too incredible!

"Heh heh..." At this moment, Lin Fan and the Thunder Trainer King were standing side by side. They looked at Liu Hen while sniggering sinisterly.

Waving his hand, the Thunder Trainer King turned into a long whip.

"Liu Hen, do you submit?" Lin Fan chuckled out while wielding the long whip. Liu Hen was spitting out blood while f*cking the ground. He had not expected himself to ever do something as such!

Shame! This was an utter shame!

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! I'LL DEFINITELY KILL YOU FOR SURE!" Liu Hen howled in fury. He felt as though he was going to go insane.

"Oh, don't speak anymore. I know you're definitely indignant. But, don't worry! I'll have you loving me before long." Lin Fan smiled casually, somewhat excited.

After all, it had been a long time since he took on the whip to train someone personally. In fact, this Liu Hen should be the first person he was training up personally ever since he had ascended!

To Lin Fan, this was Liu Hen's honor.

It was an honor to be able to receive Lin Fan's personal care and concern.

What a glorious honor this was for him...