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 Chapter 609: Domineering Might

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Big Senior Brother's mountain peak was named as the Heaven Raising Peak, implying that it would stand tall between the Heaven and Earth, unparalleled beyond everything in terms of capabilities.

At this moment, a lone figure had appeared at the front of this mountain peak.

"Hmph. Big Senior Brother? If you tear down my house, then I'll tear down your entire mountain peak!" Lin Fan's eyes glint with an ominous glow.

They had gone too far this time... way too far!

The Heaven Raising Peak was shielded by a formation. Without the required permission, most people would not be able to enter this place at all. Furthermore, the formation shield of this mountain peak was extremely strong. Even if someone were a divine celestial level 2, Realm state being, they wouldn't be able to get through it at all.

'Get lost!'

Lin Fan slapped out with his palm. Instantly, that sturdy mountain peak shield formation began to tremble before shattering into pieces.

The appearance of the mountain peak was revealed instantly. As for this earthshattering vibration, every single disciple in the Cloud Sect felt it.

"That human has made his move!"

"The shield formation of the Heaven Raising Peak has been destroyed!"

"Holy f*ck! Isn't that human way too ferocious! To think that he would really go at it!"

At this moment, all the disciples of the Cloud Sect were startled. Without thinking any further, they hurried towards the Heaven Raising Peak immediately. Seemed like there was going to be a big show to watch today!

This human was truly too ballsy! To think that he would even dare to go against the Big Senior Brother!

At this moment, all of the disciples within the Heaven Raising Peak were taken aback. They had just witnessed a single man blowing apart their mountain peak shield formation with absolute strength!

By the looks of it, this man was definitely challenging their authority! How could they tolerate someone like this?

"Who dares to act so brazenly before the Heaven Raising Peak?" A disciple with a respectable aura hollered out in rage.

"Liu Hen! Fang Weifeng! Get the hell out for Your Daddy here!" Lin Fan yelled in rage. His voice was like a heavenly dragon's roar as the entire void exploded under the might of his sonic boom.

Some of the disciples on the Heaven Raising Peak with a lower cultivation state started to puke out fresh blood as their faces turned pale. They couldn't endure a blow of this level.

Lin Fan was floating in the sky above the Heaven Raising Peak right now, looking at everyone below in contempt.

"Hmph! This place has a golden glow to everything. You guys truly know how to live it up, eh?" He scoffed in anger.

"Who are you?" At this moment, some of the disciples rushed forth from the Heaven Raising Peak, each of them glaring at Lin Fan with a wary gaze. They could not understand how someone could have such guts to head over to the Heaven Raising Peak with such audacity.

"Get your f*cking piece of dog Big Senior Brother out!" Lin Fan blasted out.

"Who are you? Do you think that you can see our Big Senior Brother just like that?" A disciple challenged him harshly.

"Hmph! We'll see if he chooses to head out once I tear down the entire Heaven Raising Peak then!" Lin Fan did not wish to talk any further as he struck out immediately.

A gigantic palm that encompassed the entire Heavens slapped out at this disciple.

The palm strike was tremendous in strength, rendering one incapable of defending against it. Especially now that Lin Fan had entered a divine celestial level 4, Undying state, his cultivation state was formidably unparalleled! It wasn't something that these ordinary disciples could hope to match against.

Thud! Thud!

These disciples were sent darting out across the sky like bullets, their faces filled with fright. They could not believe that this man before them could be this strong!

At this moment, the Big Senior Brother had brought some of the disciples out to the Cloud Sect's secret grounds.

"Bloody scum! Our Big Senior Brother isn't around! If you dare to act so insolently, Big Senior Brother will be sure to teach you a lesson once he's back!" The disciples of the Heaven Raising Peak yelled at Lin Fan. This guy was acting way too impertinently!

Looking at these disciples, Lin Fan snorted coldly, "You guys are way too troublesome. But, it's good that he isn't around as well. Your Daddy here shall tear down his entire mountain peak and wait for him to come back then."

Lin Fan's aura toughened up as he kicked out with his leg. Instantly, the sky was filled with shadows of his leg as the True Origins Crushing Kick erupted out everywhere.

The moment the disciples caught sight of this scene in the sky, they were startled. They wanted to resist. However, they had no chance of fighting back against this skill at all.


In a jiffy, the entire sky was filled with tragic screams.

To these disciples of the Heaven Raising Peak, this one single kick was way too vicious! They only thing they could feel right now was the most arduous pain known to anyone in this world.

The throbbing pain in their nuggets was causing them to lose all hope in life.

One by one, they clutched at their crotches and laid down on the floor uncontrollably while bawling out in pain. Those faces of theirs, which were in the pink of health initially, were now all ghastly pale, as bead like sweat started to drip down from their foreheads.

They glared at Lin Fan with an immense hatred. However, that could only last for a split second as they were overwhelmed by this immense pain in the next instant, causing them to be lost within the world of pain of their nuggets.

The disciples who had arrived to spectate were gaping at this sight.

To think that this human would be this quick to act!

To think that he would take down all of the disciples of the Heaven Raising Peak in an instant, causing them to lose their fighting wills instantly. Wasn't this way too strong of him?

"That's right! Big Senior Brother Liu Hen has headed to the secret grounds with the masses. There's no way he's going to be back this soon!"

"If Big Senior Brother were to head back and catch sight of this scene, he would definitely blow up! By then, this human would truly be in deep sh*t!"

"Eh? Now that such a big affair is happening, why are the elders and Grandmaster not here yet?"

"I've got no idea. Let's just stay put and watch. But, be mindful to never ever step in. This isn't an affair we can hope to interfere in."


"Hmph! What an extravagant lifestyle! These guys really know how to live it up, eh? To think that the beings of the thousands of races out there are enduring a lifetime of suffering while these guys are lapping it up in life right here! The only sh*t they know is bullying their comrades!'

"How dare they provoke me as such time and again? On account of their fellow comrades, I decided to let them off with their lives. To think that they wouldn't know what's good for them! Do they truly take Lin Fan as a f*cking pushover?" Lin Fan railed out in wrath.

"You tore down my house? I'll tear down your bloody f*cking mountain peak in return!"

Lin Fan was going to make a stand today. He would have everyone know the consequences of messing with Your Daddy!

"Hey guys, check it out! What's that human trying to do?" The moment the surrounding disciples caught sight of Lin Fan's actions, their faces turned pale in shock as they let out a look of disbelief.

Lin Fan slapped out with a single palm and grabbed out at the Main Hall. A massive amount of energy surged out from his hand. Using that enormous amount of strength, he tugged hard and uprooted the entire Main Hall in a single grab.

Bam! Bam!

The ground shook as the mountains shuddered. That majestic Main Hall was caught in Lin Fan's palm at this moment.


In the blink of an eye, the entire humongous Main Hall disappeared before the eyes of everyone present. At the same time, the lid of the Heaven and Earth Smelt opened up and smelted the entire Main Hall.

'Ding...Congratulations on smelting out Trash Metal.'

"Hmph. A glided exterior but it's all shabby and ruined on the inside! All of these are a bunch of trashes!" Lin Fan tossed out that piece of trash metal.

That massive heap of trash metal descended from the sky and was embedded deep into the grounds of the mountain peak.

By now, everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

"To think that he would destroy Big Senior Brother's Main Hall!"

"Scary! This is way too scary!"

"If Big Senior Brother were to head back and see this, he'd definitely explode for sure!"

"Holy f*ck! Seems like there can only be one survivor between them this time around!'


The moment the disciples of the Heaven Raising Peak caught sight of this piece of trash metal, they started howling out. They wanted to scold this human. However, the pain at their crotches rendered them totally unable to do that.

"In this era, the Ancient race treads along overbearingly and slaughters the beings of the thousands of races wantonly. What f*cking use are these golden, shining sh*ts? Today, I, Lin Fan, shall burn down the whole Heaven Raising Peak entirely!"

Lin Fan hollered out. That domineering might of his covered the sky and blanketed the earth. The moment everyone felt this aura pass by them, they shuddered in cold sweat.

Amidst this might, they could feel and sense his endless fury.