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 Chapter 599: Please Seek Justice For Me, Big Senior Brother!

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"Lin Fan, this is where you'll be staying. Here, hold on to this token, because no one from the sect really knows you. To ensure that there are no unnecessary problems, please carry it with you wherever you go. Also, the Grandmaster has instructed that if there's anywhere you wish to head to, feel free to let me know and I'll bring you over." Fairy Hongyun settled Lin Fan down.

Ever since they had returned to the sect, Fairy Hongyun was feeling much more relieved. After all, she had to be constantly on her toes outside.

Lin Fan looked at the token in his hands, wondering what material was used to fabricate this. There was a magic cloud carved on it, which should be the emblem of the Cloud Sect then.

"Hongyun, if it's possible, I would like to take a look at your library." The reason why Lin Fan had arrived at the Cloud Sect was because he wanted to read up intensively, so that he could accumulate more knowledge about this world.

"I'll arrange that for you tomorrow. Please take this place as your own home. The senior and junior brothers are all really friendly." Hongyun gave a gentle smile that was akin to a breeze in spring. "I'll go and hand down some affairs before taking you on a tour around the sect."

"Alright, please get busy first. I'll just take a look around myself." Lin Fan replied. Looking at the surroundings, there was no wonder this place was like a fairyland on earth within the Ancient Saint World.

Everything was peaceful and harmonious. The feeling was similar to a sect back in the Xuanhuang World.

Compared to the treacherous nature of the Ancient Saint World outside, Lin Fan felt that it would be a good choice to reside at a place like this for the rest of one's life should there be no issues at all.

After Fairy Hongyun took her momentary leave, Lin Fan turned around inside his house and entered a state of inner calmness.

"Now that the Dao of the Paradise is formed, I can easily enter the Undying state at any time I choose to."

Lin Fan took a quick check of his current status. Due to the fact that he had cultivated Blood Sea and the Eternal God Body, his physical body state was extremely tough. There were signs of life within every single one of his cells. He could easily enter the Undying state with just a single thought.

However, there was nothing truly appealing about the Undying state for Lin Fan.

He might as well take the time to properly strengthen his Paradise and have it develop to its perfection. That would certainly be a boon for his future cultivation as well.

The Mythical Parasol Tree had taken root within his Paradise and its leaves were flourishing while taking in the energy of the scorching sun from the True Essence of Fire. On the other hand, the long river that was formed from the True Essence of Water was slowly seeping into the Mythical Parasol Tree and nourishing its roots.

Looking like pearls under the luster of the radiant sun, Shengyang Pills emitted a faint glow as they dropped down from the Mythical Parasol Tree in the thousands.

Right now, the speed of producing Shengyang Pills was extraordinarily fast. However, Lin Fan knew that by the time he was done, the speed of production for Shengyang Pills would definitely be even more rapid than right now.

Casting a single look down, Lin Fan's eyes seemed to be penetrating through the different Hells. Currently, the Eighteen Levels of Hell were all empty while the big ancient demon sat cross-legged in cultivation.

If he wanted the Paradise to start working properly, he might have to put in more effort than this.

With this level of his Paradise, Lin Fan was just fumbling his way through. There was a lot more for him to slowly discover.


Within the Cloud Sect, there existed a mysterious place on a mountain peak.

This mountain peak was shrouded by a barrier of light. Without the approval of anyone within, no outsider could possibly step foot within this place.

At this moment, a man stood upright outside this mountain peak. His face was infuriated, as anger burned within his heart. However, he made sure to hold that sense of rage within himself and maintain the appropriate respect on his face.

"Junior Brother Fang. I heard that you were injured within the Fire Water Secret Grounds. What are you doing here at my place instead of recuperating properly?" Suddenly, a voice rang out from the mountain peak.

This voice was casual and calm. However, there was a sense of authoritativeness hidden within it. The moment the voice rang out, it was as though there was an emperor sitting on his high throne, looking down at the masses in disdain.

"Senior Brother Liu, your junior brother here has been bullied by someone. I implore you to seek justice for me, senior brother." Fang Weifeng could barely contain the wrath within his heart. However, he knew that he was definitely no match for that human himself. Therefore, he could only beg his senior brother for help. Hopefully, his senior brother could step in and avenge this indignance for him.

After Fang Weifeng's words were spoken, the air was dead silent for a while. Suddenly, an irresistible suction force came through from within the mountain peak. The only thing Fang Weifeng could feel was as though his body no longer belonged to himself, as he was dragged into the mountain peak by an invisible gigantic arm that held onto him firmly.

By the time Fang Weifeng could clearly make out everything before him, he found himself inside the inner area of the mountain peak.

Within this inner area were many red-crowned cranes that soared all over the sky. In the vicinity, many disciples were making their way around the place as well.

Even though Fang Weifeng could regrow that palm of his that was broken by Lin Fan with the use of medicinal pills now that he was back in the sect, he did not do so. The reason for this was so that Senior Brother Liu could make out how tragic of a state he was in.

At this moment, Fang Weifeng stared at that tightly shut Main Hall of this place. Disregarding the way he was looked at by the surrounding disciples, Fang Weifeng knelt down on the floor before the Main Hall respectfully. He then cried out in equal parts of fury and sadness, "Big Senior Brother! Please seek justice for me!"

"Yes? So, what exactly is the current situation right now? To think that he would be this vicious with you." The voice from the hall rang out once more.

"Senior Brother, it was a being of the Human race who had severed my palm! Junior Sister Hongyun got acquainted with this human from some unknown place. Looking at how close and chummy Junior Sister Hongyun was getting with that human, your junior brother here felt disgruntled over it. Therefore, I mouthed out with a few insults here and there. To think that the human would throw his temper and slice off my palm just like that! Your junior brother here truly cannot endure this grudge!" Fang Weifeng explained in resentment.

The moment Fang Weifeng mentioned 'Junior Sister Hongyun', there was an evident change in the expression of Senior Brother Liu within the Main Hall. However, he regained his composure almost immediately.

"And, where is this human you speak of right now?"

"Senior brother, Elder Yun He has invited this human back to our sect. Right now, he's residing within our sect." Fang Weifeng replied.

"I see. Since he is someone that is brought back by Elder Yun He, there is nothing much we can do to him. However, since he has you injured, we can't let this issue pass by just like this too, can we? Wenzhuang, make a trip with Junior Brother Fang and have the human pay him an apology. If he refuses to, you can do anything you want to him as long as he doesn't die. What do you think about this, Junior Brother Fang?"

Naturally, this wasn't the outcome that Fang Weifeng had wished for. He wanted to trample on this guy harshly beneath his feet and break all of his limbs. However, he knew that this was the most help that Senior Brother Liu could accord him with.

Even though Elder Yun He's cultivation state wasn't comparable to that of Senior Brother Liu, he was an elder of the Cloud Sect no matter what. And, since that man was someone invited over as a guest by Elder Yun He, they naturally couldn't go overboard with their actions.

'Thank you, Senior Brother Liu.' Fang Weifeng agreed with it.

Even though Senior Brother Fang wasn't going to make an appearance personally, the matter could be considered a done deal with the presence of Senior Brother Zhang Wenzhuang standing up for him.

Unless this fella chose to go against the will of Senior Brother Liu, but would he?

"If there's nothing else, senior brother, your junior brother here shall take his leave." Fang Weifeng added on.

"Hold up. Take this with you." A pill gently flew out of the Main Hall.

Fang Weifeng looked at the pill. The moment he smelled the fragrant aroma, his face changed immediately into joy.

To think that this was a Blood Muscle Multiplication Pill! As long as he consumed this, he could regrow his limbs without any issues.

At first, Fang Weifeng was still slightly vexed over the issue of having to exchange pills from the sect. To think that Senior Brother Liu would be this generous and grant him a gift of such a precious pill!

"Since you got into a disagreement over my sake, I'll confer this pill as a gift to you." The voice of Senior Brother Liu rang out once more. However, there was a tinge of displeasure in his tone. It was as though this displeasure was directed towards that human who was getting close with his Junior Sister Hongyun.

"Thank you, senior brother!" Fang Weifeng was exhilarated right now.

He then turned around to the man standing beside him, "Thank you for the trouble, Senior Brother Zhang."

"Ok." Zhang Wenzhuang nodded his head without saying anything much.

At this moment, Fang Weifeng's thoughts turned towards that darned human. The thought of him trembling and cowering in fear under the might of Senior Brother Zhang had Fang Weifeng excited beyond any words.