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 Chapter 598: The Sect That Lies Within A Paradise

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The entire Ancient race army was annihilated without a single survivor. The moment Lin Fan's Paradise dispersed, the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World had already felt it.

Rage... Boundless rage.

All of the living beings within the Ancient Saint World found the skies crackling with lightning, as though the end of the world was approaching. They did not know what had happened. A situation like this had no precedence in the Ancient Saint World.

Within their high jewel thrones, the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race smiled indifferently as they received the news from the Heaven's Will of the Ancient Saint World.

For the other seven Utmost Beings, this was of no concern at all. However, the Utmost Being whose district Lin Fan was in was fuming with anger.

Even the death of the Marquis of Despair, heck, that of even Sovereign King Wei hadn't gotten him this angered.

However, the situation was entirely different right now. An entire Ancient race army of a million troops, teen legatus, and countless tribunus... To think that they would all perish within the Fire Water Secret Grounds! How could this not rile the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?

The rage of the Utmost Being caused all the Sovereign Kings under him to shiver in fright. Even though they held pretty respectable positions, they knew that in the eyes of the Utmost Being, they were still nothing but ants.

The death of any one of them was easily replicable by the Utmost Being.

The newly appointed Sovereign King Wei enjoyed a boundless amount of authority. However, he was prostrated on the ground right now while shivering uncontrollably. That mighty head of his was buried deep into the ground. He did not have the guts to even raise his head.

The void shuddered as a long whip appeared, lashing out at the Sovereign King Wei.

Each time the whip landed, the void would explode. At the same time, the Essence Spirit of the Sovereign King Wei trembled immensely, as though it was about to just disintegrate at any moment.

"You had better find this human and bring his head over to me."

After several hundred whips, the Utmost Being finally hollered out. The might of his voice was so strong that the castle of the Sovereign King Wei nearly crumbled. Sovereign King Wei was the only one who was moving, convulsing so badly and nodding his head hurriedly.

"Y-yes... Utmost Being! Your underling shall definitely seek out this human!"

When the void finally calmed down, Sovereign King Wei finally stood up. That fearful face of his changed into a grim and solemn one.

"ALL OF YOU HAD BETTER FIND HIM! IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE HUMAN, ALL OF YOU SHALL DIE!" He was incensed right now. To think that a single being of the Human race could take down the entire Ancient race army. This was an utter humiliation to the entire Ancient race altogether. If he didn't wash this slate clean, he would definitely end up as the laughing stock across all of history!

"Y-yes Sovereign King!" Countless Ancient race beings laid prostrating while nodding their heads in rapid succession.


"The Cloud Sect is just up ahead." Within the void, a group of people was flying right now as Elder Yun He commented while pointing into the distance.

Lin Fan raised his head over. Even though there was nothing in sight before him, he knew that the Cloud Sect must definitely be hidden in a deeply secretive place. If it were to be found that easily, the Ancient race would have come knocking on their door long ago.

Following their approach, Elder Yun He clapped his palms. Using his powers, the void before him split apart instantly.

"Within the Ancient Saint World, any sects would keep themselves hidden extremely deeply. However, many sects were still discovered by the Ancient race eventually, leading to their destruction." Elder Yun He continued. Following that, he brought Lin Fan along with everyone else into the void.

Instantly, the scene before their eyes changed.

It was no longer empty like before. There were mountains, rivers and complete greenery. The birds chirped merrily while the scent of flora was all over the place. This was a picturesque sight to be found on Earth.

Lin Fan looked around. This shouldn't be a place within the Ancient Saint World. This was a dimension all on its own.

He could not help but feel impressed within his heart. Just what sort of a powerful being was the one who had done this? To think that this person could have opened up an entire dimension just like that.

Looking at the bewilderment on Lin Fan's face, Elder Yun He could not hold back his pride.

"This is the Paradise that was opened up by the Founder Ancestor of the Cloud Sect. This is a place that exists within the Ancient Saint World. However, if you do not have the specified powers of the Cloud Sect, any outsider would not be able to gain entry into this place." Elder Yun He explained.

"This is a Paradise?" Lin Fan was a little stumped. Could the Cloud Sect be living within the Paradise of some great powerful being?

'But, wait a minute! If that powerful being were to die, wouldn't the entire Paradise be destroyed as well?'

But, that shouldn't be the case as well, judging from the current situation. However, Lin Fan did not probe about the exact circumstances. Since Elder Yun He did not bring it up, Lin Fan didn't want to inquire further about it either.

A myriad of shining, golden houses floated gently up in the void. A pathway was connected to each and every one of these houses.

At that moment, a beam of light shone over from the distance. In a jiffy, it appeared before Lin Fan's face.

"Who are you?" This was a young man who had appeared before Lin Fan. His cultivation state was of azure celestial middle level.

The moment he caught sight of Elder Yun He and the others, his expression turned into one of elation, "Elder Yun He! You guys are back! I'll report about this immediately!"

With that, the young man retrieved a jade green flute. Placing it by his mouth, he played a tune before keeping it back in his storage.

"Elder Yun He, was the expedition to the Fire Water Secret Grounds successful?" The young man asked curiously.

Given their strength level, it would be rare for them to be able to head out on expeditions unless an Elder would take them out. The other alternative would be for them to reach a divine celestial cultivation state. Otherwise, they would probably only be able to train up within this Paradise.

"A narrow escape." Yun He replied tartly.

The moment the young man heard this, his face changed immediately. Turning around, he realized that there were approximately half of those who had gone only returned. With that, his face turned slightly grimmer.

He knew that those senior brothers would have most likely perished.

"Lin Fan, let us head to the Main Hall first." Elder Yun He continued.

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head.

The moment Lin Fan and Elder Yun He made their leave, the young man who had welcomed them looked at the back view of Lin Fan inquisitively.

"Senior sister, who is that person?" The young man asked.

"He is a pride of the Human race. If not for his presence, all of us would have died in the hands of the Ancient race."

"That's right, junior brother. If only you had seen the prowess of that man. If you were there, you would definitely have been shocked into tears."


As he heard the stories told to him by his senior brothers and sisters, the young man's mouth dropped even further as his eyes widened with a look of awe.

At this place, the only one fuming with anger was Fang Weifeng. Pushing Weitian away from him, he flew into the distance alone.

Looking at the direction his senior brother had flown towards, Weitian's brows creased slightly. Eventually, he came to terms with it.

'Senior brother, you're being blinded by rage. But, please don't do anything that might cause you harm!' Weitian had accepted the facts by now. Anyways, he wouldn't be going against Lin Fan anymore.

By the looks of it, Lin Fan wasn't even a human. He was way too strong. Even their Big Senior Brother Liao Hen may not be as sick as this human.

Within the Main Hall...

Lin Fan was staring intently at another man.

This middle-aged man donned white robes. He looked like a meek scholar with a fleeting aura around him. However, he brought with him an air of superiority from top to toe.

It was this very middle-aged man who had tided through the Paradise Thunder Calamity of 188 Spirit Qi Cyclones.

This was the Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect.

Lin Fan could sense that the cultivation state of the Cloud Sect's Grandmaster was higher than even that of Sovereign King Wei.

Divine celestial Level 8, Universal Elixir state.

"Indeed, you're a pride of the Human race! That strength you possess is absolutely astounding. Thank you for saving the members of my sect." The eyes of the Grandmaster seemed as though they could perceive through anything. Immediately after, he cupped his fists together to express his thanks.

"You're too polite, Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect. It's just that, in order to help me tide through the Paradise Thunder Calamity, Elder Yun He and the others had forsaken the Dao Weapons they obtained within the Fire Water Secret Grounds to me. I hope that you do not blame it on them." Lin Fan replied.

"Yun He, you did well. It's just a few Dao Weapons, that's all. To think that we're able to retain a pride of the Human race with that. If you were here at the Cloud Sect, I wouldn't have minded even if I had to rein in the strength of the entire Cloud Sect to assist you." The Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect replied.

Lin Fan observed the words of the Grandmaster keenly. He couldn't sense any bit of hypocrisy within them. As such, he was thoroughly impressed by this person as well.

Seemed like he had arrived at a good sect. If that were the case, it shouldn't be an issue for him to take a short rest at this place.

"Hais, it's just that I didn't expect for us to be discovered by the Ancient race beings. Regarding this matter, I'll have to conduct a thorough investigation into it. Yun He, kindly arrange for his accommodation. Once I'm done with this matter, I'll head over to continue with the reception."

"Yes, Grandmaster."