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 Chapter 594: I Will Be Sure To Return The Favor For Today's Kindness!

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"All of you dear Ancient race soldiers and warriors! I, Lin Fan, shall remember the kind debt that you guys have bestowed upon me! In the future when I overthrow the Ancient race, I will definitely leave some mercy for them because of your kindness today!"

Lin Fan was filled with gratitude towards these Ancient race beings.

Looking at how those Ancient race beings of only utmost and azure celestial level would take the power of thunder without fear all for his sake, just so they could be smitten into pure dust against it, Lin Fan's heart wrenched with pain.

Just how noble must one's heart be in order for them to be so selfless?

Not only that, some Ancient race beings weren't completely struck to death by the thunderbolts. Now, they were just limbless here and there. With their injuries, they should be seeking treatment behind the scenes.

However, despite their severe injuries, they were still pointing up at the sky and screaming at the power of thunder, resisting it with all they had until they were eventually disintegrated into dust.

'You...!"" Even though all the Ancient race beings were extremely angered by Lin Fan's words, there was nothing they could do about the situation at all. Each time there was a break in the thunderbolts, all ten legatus would seize the opportunity and channel all of their powers towards the crystallized walls of the Paradise.

Each time they struck out, Lin Fan could feel all the energy within his body rumbling, as though his powers had dipped by a good half.

However, under the support of his pills and the Mythical Parasol Tree, Lin Fan was still managing to hold on.

"Ancient race warriors, watch out! You're all about to be struck down once more!" Looking at the situation in the sky, Lin Fan gave off a kind reminder.

To Lin Fan, it was for the better that there were less Ancient race beings that died each time.


Yet another thunderbolt struck down as the ten legatus hurriedly retaliated immediately.

The Paradise Thunder Calamity possessed a power of destruction within it. Even with the current power of thunder, it couldn't deal any immediate damage to them.

However, this power of destruction would accumulate within their bodies. After a certain point, it would definitely implode and destroy everything within.

At this moment, the Ancient race beings were howling in anguish. Each time the Paradise Thunder Calamity rained thunderbolts down onto them, their skins would split open, with black smoke rising from it.




The Ancient race soldiers were wailing out in pain. Their cultivation states weren't that high at all. Therefore, they couldn't withstand this Paradise Thunder Calamity at all. With that, there were many of them who would end up dead or severely injured.

"Despicable! Shameless!" The ten legatus of the Ancient race blared out repeatedly. They could no longer tolerate this.


Since they couldn't take down this Paradise at all, the only choice left for them was to kill off this living being.

Looking at the charge of the ten legatus towards himself, Lin Fan's expression changed immediately. If they were to clash with him together, he wouldn't be their match at all!

But, before he was to go into hiding from them, how could Lin Fan allow these Ancient race brothers of his to continue suffering like this? Therefore, he grabbed a large number of pills and tossed them up into the sky. They erupted within the Paradise and scattered down onto the bodies of the Ancient race beings with their healing properties.

Instantly, all of these severely injured Ancient race beings were healed up.

Even those Ancient race beings who had a limb or two short right now found their bodies regrowing out.

"Ah! I'm alright now! All of my injuries are healed up!"

"Haha! Not dead! I'm not dead!"

At this moment, some of the Ancient race beings cast a suspicious glance at Lin Fan, wondering what this living being was up to. However, the ten legatus were hollering non-stop. To them, this bloody living being was way too despicable!

Lin Fan entered his Stealth mode without any hesitation. With that, he started cruising around his Paradise in circles.

"The thunder's coming! Watch out, guys!" Looking at the changes in the sky, Lin Fan let out yet another kind reminder. Upon hearing these words, some of the Ancient race beings were startled and began to defend against it excitedly once more.

"That f*cking ignoble fella! If we were to catch him, we'd definitely tear him into shreds!" The legatus of the Ancient race were incensed.

They had never once met with such an abominable living being in their lives!

'Ding...Eternal God Body Experience Points +1,300'

All of these thin thunderbolts could not deal any damage to Lin Fan at all. However, not all of the Ancient race beings were as lucky as him.

Those who had the worst lucks found themselves turning into dust by the bolts. Those who had slightly better luck? Really severe injuries, and that was all.


Each time a thunderbolt struck down, a series of tragic wails would ring out as well. All of these tragic wails were the sounds of the Ancient race beings. Under the power of thunder, they were filled with torments in both their hearts and bodies.

Looking at the gigantic sea of troops of the Ancient race, Lin Fan was cheering them on in his heart, hoping for them to endure until the very end of it all.

He must definitely try his best to save these Ancient race beings and not have them die off so easily. Otherwise, the strength of the thunderbolts would definitely increase over time to a point where he couldn't handle it any longer.

"Proud warriors of the Ancient race, know no fear! Let me help you guys!"

Lin Fan might be lacking in a lot of things right now. But, one thing he did not lack was healing pills. Therefore, he tossed out yet another significant amount of healing pills to rejuvenate the vitalities of these Ancient race beings.

"HAHA! I'm healed up once more!"

"Not dead! I'm truly not dead yet! Haha...!"

The Ancient race soldiers were raving at this point. By now, their spirits were so high, it was akin to having a Battle God possessing their bodies, giving them an unperturbed aura. It was as though they had completely forgotten that this entire mess was created by a living of the thousands of races in the first place.

"Just who in the world are you?" The Ancient race legatus blasted out.

"I am the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan! All of you need not be overly thankful towards me. It is in my character to revive the dead and rescue the injured. Together, we shall get through this Paradise Thunder Calamity! Let's discuss any other issues we have after we get out of this place!" Lin Fan tossed his robes aside as his face changed yet again.

"Take care, guys! I see lightning flashes once more!"


Upon hearing these words, the Ancient race legatus nearly spat out all the blood in their mouths.

Even though they were absolutely determined to kill this guy right now, this fella was way too devious! Each time they got close to him, he would disappear from the spot without a trace. Before they knew it, he would appear far in the distance!

As for those Ancient race beings who were struck half to death by the thunderbolts, they would be screaming in agony each time the waves rained down once more.

"Please don't revive us any longer! We can't take it anymore! We want to die, please!"

The Ancient race soldiers could barely take it any longer. At the start, they were pretty exhilarated each time they found themselves recovering from the severe wounds inflicted by the thunderbolts. However, the pain that rained down on them was like a gigantic mountain crashing down on them. They couldn't endure it for much longer!

The fact that the thunderbolts seemed to be getting even stronger was causing them to break down emotionally at this moment! In the eyes of the Ancient race beings, Lin Fan represented the advent of a peerless demon.

He wouldn't even grant them the wish of death!

In the blink of an eye, 1,000 thunderbolts had passed.

Lin Fan's physical body state had leveled up as well. Right now, he was a divine celestial level 3, Paradise state being in terms of physical body state. Also, the crystallized walls of the Paradise no longer required Lin Fan's powers for sustenance.

Right now, the crystallized walls were as sturdy as they could be. Even the combined attacks of the ten legatus could not damage it at all.

Lin Fan realized that the Paradise was evolving along with the Paradise Thunder Calamity. If they were to tide through the entire Paradise Thunder Calamity, he wondered how strong it would get by then.

This was something that he couldn't even begin to imagine right now. Perhaps, even someone like Sovereign King Wei might not be able to shatter his Paradise at all.

Everything was progressing towards that path of perfection right now.

However, this was the moment when something troublesome was happening for Lin Fan.

"B*stard! How dare you try to make use of us from the Ancient race! Today, I shall make sure I blow up your Paradise!" An Ancient race legatus yelled. Those malevolent eyes of his were filled with the flames of fury.

'Just what is he trying to do?' Lin Fan was bewildered. However, the next scene had him pretty worried.

"Since I can't break through your Paradise, I'll only have to detonate my own Paradise in order to blow yours up!" The Ancient race legatus was thoroughly enraged by now. He was now ready to sacrifice his own life in order to disrupt Lin Fan's plans.

Instantly, a devastating aura emanated out from the body of this Ancient race legatus.

"H-hold on! Calm down! Let's talk things through!" Lin Fan called out. Even if this Ancient race being were to detonate his own Paradise, he might not be able to blow open a crack in Lin Fan's Paradise. However, Lin Fan's concern right now was that the other Ancient race beings might end up being collateral damage in the blast!

The power of thunder was getting stronger by the waves. If the number of people sharing the burden were to lower down, it would be extremely dangerous!

No, he had got to stop this!

"Damned living being! Even if I've got to die, I'll ensure that you fail in your plans! If I were to allow someone like you to continue getting stronger, it would be disastrous for our Ancient race!" The Ancient race legatus hollered.

He had already realized that if things were to carry on this way with this living being tiding through his Paradise Thunder Calamity, he would definitely become someone utterly horrifying.

This was the only thing he could do if he wanted to nip Lin Fan in the bud.

"FOR THE ANCIENT RACE...!" Without any bit of fear, the Ancient race legatus screamed in a deranged manner.

'Holy f*ck! How can I allow you to succeed!' Lin Fan was riled right now. This guy was being completely uncooperative!