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 Chapter 592: I Really Can't Hold On Anymore

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Lin Fan wasn't that bothered about the Ancient race beings at the entrance of the Fire Water Secret Grounds. His own situation with his Paradise already had him with his hands full.

Within his Paradise right now, stormy dark clouds were rumbling in the sky. Berserk and wild, they glided around rampantly. Throwing the lightning flashes into it, part of it was segmented just like spiderwebs.

'The Paradise Thunder Calamity is way too scary! The power of thunder that's being emanated from this thing isn't something any ordinary person can hope to fend against!'

Lin Fan was a little panicked right now. If he didn't deal with this well, this might very well be where he would fall!

Boom! Boom!

The thunderous explosions continued to boom within the Paradise. A thunderbolt that was the size of an enormous python growled out furiously and descended from the sky, encompassing the entire Paradise.

Instantly, Lin Fan tossed a Dao Weapon straight over. This Dao Weapon looked exactly like a brush, and was something that belonged to the Fire Water Empress. However, one could only wonder how long something like this could hold up against the thunderbolt.

The brush Dao Weapon floated into the void and enlarged all of a sudden. Within every single stroke, it seemed like it could scrub the entire Heaven and Earth.

Jerking slightly, the light between the gaps of the brush darted out towards the thunderbolt.


A cracking sound rang out. To think that the Dao Weapon would actually crack instantly under the might of the thunderbolt, with ripples appearing like the back of a turtle's shell!

'Holy f*ck! This Paradise Thunder Calamity is just not leaving us with any way to get out of it!' The scene that unfolded had Lin Fan's mental state absolutely rattled. To think that a single thunderbolt could cause that Dao Weapon to crack as though it could break apart at any moment! How was he supposed to go on like this?!

'How in the world did the Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect tide through his 188 strikes? If they were all like this, there would definitely be no one who could tide through them at all!' Lin Fan's mind was startled right now.

At that moment, yet another thunderbolt flashed as the Dao Weapon did not even have a chance to retaliate. Instantly, it turned into dust, disappearing into nothingness within the Paradise.

What Lin Fan did not know was that the more Spirit Qi Cyclones there were, the stronger the power of thunder generated would be.

Every single strike of the thunderbolts that Lin Fan was experiencing right now was equivalent to 100 strikes for the Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect's Paradise Thunder Calamity.

Thousands of Spirit Qi Cyclones... This was a Paradise that shouldn't be allowed to exist within this world. If he were to tide through this, he would definitely be astoundingly strong and hailed among Gods and ghosts.

In the view of the Saint Spirit World's consciousness, this was akin to ascending the Heavens here!

'I've worked painstakingly hard to get to this cultivation state! How could I possibly fall right now in this Paradise Thunder Calamity? Even if I have to give it my all, I must definitely take you down today!' Lin Fan was ready to fight with all he had.

The only remaining few Dao Weapons of the Fire Water Secret Grounds were all slapped out by him instantly.

Sweeping out with his arm, all of his magical powers turned into a dragon form. Multiple dragons from his powers were infused into those Dao Weapons.

The dazzling brilliance shone through the entire space. Possessing a boundless amount of power, those Dao Weapons erupted forth to stand against the Paradise Thunder Calamity.

Creak! Creak!

Thunder flashed as the entire Paradise turned into a world of thunder instantly. The Mythical Parasol Tree stood upright in the center with its flourishing branches. However, upon being struck by a single thunderbolt, it burst into flames and its leaves withered immediately. There was no way it could resist it at all.

To Lin Fan, this Paradise Thunder Calamity was simply way too scary!

Under the repeated strikes of the thunderbolts, those few Dao Weapons began to crack and break down as well, turning into dust eventually.

'This is really just forcing me onto the path of death!' Lin Fan was extremely pale right now, as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.


The big ancient demon growled repeatedly. Holding up those towering arms of his, he grabbed out at the thunderbolts.


As though it could feel the provocation of the big ancient demon, the Paradise Thunder Calamity gathered an even stronger power of thunder. Under a single strike of that combined thunderbolt, the aura of the big ancient demon diminished a little.

Seeing that, Lin Fan could not help but worry as well. He couldn't possibly let things carry on like this!

The Demon City was the one treasure that Lin Fan wanted to develop the most. It wasn't impossible for that item to become an Utmost Treasure one day!

Instantly, Lin Fan retracted his Demon City before tossing out with his Eternal Axe.

Even though it was damaged, the Eternal Axe was a legendary weapon no matter what. It should be able to hold on for a while now. And even if the Eternal Axe couldn't hold up for that long, he could still depend on the Nine Five Legendary Brick.

However, Lin Fan did not know how long either of them could last for.

Even if he were to expend every single thing he had, there were still thousands of thunderbolts awaiting him later on.

'It's over!'

This was the most unfortunate outcome that Lin Fan could come across in his mind.

"Lin Fan! The Ancient race army has already surrounded the exit!" Just as Lin Fan was immersed within his Paradise, Fairy Hongyun's voice rang out. Looking at the dense and huge army of Ancient race beings outside, Lin Fan's face was disgruntled as well.

"All of you guys, don't head out first." Lin Fan waved his hand and stopped everyone.

"What do you want to do?" Instantly, Fairy Hongyun had a bad feeling about this.

Lin Fan turned his gaze at Fairy Hongyun, then looked within the Paradise in his Inner World once more. The thunderbolts were getting ever more berserk.

The Eternal Axe could no longer hold on. There were signs of cracks on the Nine Five Legendary Brick as well.

To think that even legendary weapons couldn't hold out within this Paradise Thunder Calamity, let alone his own physical body.

"I can no longer hold out! This Paradise Thunder Calamity has gone far beyond my expectations." Lin Fan chuckled bitterly. He truly felt that there was no way out of it this time around.

One of the stages of the Paradise's metamorphosis was for him to undergo the Calamity. Of course, he was the main vessel for that. Right now, he was already feeling as though he couldn't deal with it after merely tens of thunderbolts. What else could he do at this stage?

If he had known that this would be the case, Lin Fan would have crafted out tons of treasures and made use of them to block the thunderbolts one by one. However, it was all too late for that.

"But, you...!" Suddenly, Fairy Hongyun realised that Lin Fan was looking at the Ancient race army outside with a weird glint in his eyes. It was as though an inconceivable thought had just appeared within his mind.

"Once the Paradise is destroyed, I will be destroyed along with it. The blast radius should be around a hundred miles. No one will be able to survive in that area. From the get-go, this had nothing to do with you guys at all. If you guys stay within this Fire Water Secret Grounds, you may be able to keep your lives." Lin Fan replied.

Fairy Hongyun did not know what to say any longer. While she knew that Lin Fan's Paradise Thunder Calamity would be extremely frightening, she had not expected it to be this horrific.

From the look on Lin Fan's face right now, Fairy Hongyun understood that all Spirit Weapons and Dao Weapons would definitely be destroyed. At the same time, his own body's core would undoubtedly be expended thoroughly as well.

"It's too late. There's nothing I can do to fend against it any longer." Lin Fan focused his mental state. Even though he had quite a bit of indignance in his heart, he was entirely helpless right now.

Suddenly, Lin Fan turned into a streak of light as he bolted out of the entrance.

"LIN FAN...!" Fairy Hongyun screamed out. However, she knew that everything would come to an end as well.

'Damn it! God damn it! This shouldn't be the end of my path just yet! Why had things come to this? ' Lin Fan's heart was filled with all sorts of regrets.

'There's a living being heading out!'

'Why is there just one of them? Could he be coming out just to scout for them? But it doesn't matter. We'll have him stay behind first!'

The Ancient race army laughed out cruelly at this sight. However, the moment they caught sight of this living being, their faces changed entirely.

The entire body of this living being was wrapped in thunder, as a berserk energy was seeping out of his body continuously!


The expressions of the ten legatus changed immediately.

"Even if Yours Truly's Paradise is to explode, Yours Truly is going to bring all you Ancient race sh*ts down with me!" Lin Fan's eyes were resolute right now.

The changes that his Paradise were undergoing right now were due to his lack of experience and knowledge of this world. If he could have the chance to continue surviving after this calamity, he would definitely try his best to build up his knowledge and not continue as recklessly as before.

'Paradise, open!'

Instantly, that Paradise of Lin Fan which was fraught with all sorts of dangers right now encompassed all the Ancient race beings present within it.


Fairy Hongyun and the others snuck a gaze out of the Fire Water Secret Grounds. Right now, it was a world of thunder out there.