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 Chapter 591: Threat Of The Ancient Race Ahead, Threat Of The Paradise Behind.

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The Thunder Trainer King had been playing with thunder for his entire life in order to bring the masses to salvation. To think that he would lay there like a dead corpse after just a few zaps of the Paradise's Thunder Calamity. How horrifying was this for Lin Fan?

"How many strikes of the Thunder Calamity are there in total?" Lin Fan asked Fairy Hongyun straight in the face.

Right now, his Paradise was filled with lightning flashes all over the place. The sheer might of the thunderbolts was both startling and dreadful to behold.

This was the thorniest problem that Lin Fan had to deal with all of a sudden thus far. If he didn't manage this well, there was a possibility that everything might probably go to waste.

Furthermore, given the current circumstances, the system couldn't intervene at all either. After all, this was a tribulation that one had to undergo on the path of cultivation.

However, the reply of Fairy Hongyun had Lin Fan's heart shattered immediately.

"The amount of Paradise Thunder Calamity strikes is equivalent to the amount of Spirit Qi Cyclones." Fairy Hongyun's face was fraught with worries right now. She had not expected to come across a Paradise Thunder Calamity of this sort within her entire life.

If Lin Fan could tide through the horrifying Paradise Thunder Calamity this time around, his achievements in the future would definitely be unlimited. The strength of his Paradise would definitely go beyond anyone's imagination.

Noticing the expression in Lin Fan's eyes, Elder Yun He was filled with fright as well.

They knew that if Lin Fan could not tide through the Paradise Thunder Calamity, that would lead to the rupturing of his Paradise. By then, the berserk energy that was formed from his Paradise Thunder Calamity could most likely have all of them killed because of it.

In fact, even the Fire Water Secret Grounds might be smitten into emptiness.

However, they did not tell Lin Fan any of this. They could sense that Lin Fan was pretty unfamiliar with the Paradise Thunder Calamity. If anything were to happen midway, they would then intervene to explain for him in the hope of raising his probability of tiding through this.

By the looks of things right now however, the odds of them making it through seemed close to zero.

"This...!" Upon hearing these words, Lin Fan's face turned pale immediately. However, he recovered almost instantaneously as a fervent fighting intent burnt in his heart.

'Yours Truly's life is really tough! How could I possibly be killed by a Paradise Thunder Calamity as such? No matter what, I'll hold on till the very end!' Lin Fan grit his teeth tightly, bent on giving it his all.


The Ancient race army had been waiting for a long time now.

"Those beings of the thousands of races who had entered the Fire Water Secret Grounds must have already gotten their hands on the treasures within. However, they would never have expected that the entire entrance would be surrounded by us of the Ancient race!" Looking at the torn open entrance of the secret grounds, an Ancient race being laughed coldly.

The Ancient race beings had encircled the entire entrance by now, ensuring that no one would be able to make their escape.

A single glance over could see the entire vicinity coated in black. Growling furiously, there were multiple powerful beings of considerable strength mixed within the Ancient race army present.

If any beings of the thousands of races were to catch sight of this dense, enormous army of Ancient race beings present, they would definitely be scared sh*tless and run away with their tails between their legs.

When the Ancient race army came forth, any being of the thousands of races would make way for them.

"Legatus, shall we stay in wait out here or head in there to slaughter all of those living beings?" An Ancient race tribunus asked, his face malevolent with a vile aura. This was especially the case in his eyes, which seemed to contain two figures of bloodthirsty demonic gods.

"Your legatus here can have all of these ant like beings dead in an instant. However, the reason to have the entire army here is just so we can show them the true might of the Ancient race. Since that's the case, Your legatus here shall just pick a random hundred soldiers to enter with me in order to take them down!" The Ancient race legatus replied coldly, unleashing an utterly domineering aura.

Amongst the Ancient race beings present this time around, there were ten legatus. These were the fiercest underlings under the direct command of Sovereign King Wei.

Ever since the previous Sovereign King Wei was slain by Lin Fan, the Utmost Being of the Ancient race had created a new Sovereign King Wei in order to expand out their territories and kill off more beings of the thousands of races.

For the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, the Marquis of Despair was only a puppet that provided him with power. If he were gone, so be it.

The point was to let all these preys have a little bit of hope before letting them understand the meaning of true despair in the face of someone like him. That way, the power he could harvest from them would be even stronger.

"Legatus, take a look! The beings of the thousands of races are about to exit from within!" An Ancient race being exclaimed at the sight of a few streaks of light in the distance.

When the ten legatus caught sight of the light spots at the entrance of the secret grounds, they let out a cold grin.

"Well, it's better now that they've decided to send themselves into our jaws. Let them come, so that we can kill all of them in one fell swoop." The Ancient race legatus replied.

"Yes, legatus!" The Ancient race beings erupted in unison. Their aura right now was extremely fearsome, as it pierced straight into the clouds.


"Lin Fan, how are you right now?" Noticing that Lin Fan's face was getting paler by the second, Fairy Hongyun could not help but ask in worry.

"I can still hold on." At the moment, Lin Fan wasn't doing all that well. All the Spirit Weapons that he had received from Fairy Hongyun were destroyed under these frightening thunderbolts.

There wasn't even a single room of resistance for them at all.

Even though these were mere Spirit Weapons, they were still treasures that were at the side of the Fire Water Empress This meant that they would have absorbed some of the Fire Water Empress's battle consciousness as well.

However, just like that, they disappeared under the might of these formidable thunderbolts without a trace.

"Elders...!" Suddenly, dozens of figures appeared in a flash of light coming from above them.

These were all disciples of the Cloud Sect. Basically, these were the ones that had failed the entrance challenge earlier on. After being sucked into the vortex post their failure, they were knocked out of their consciousness. By the time they had regained their senses, they found themselves appearing outside the tomb.

They had been waiting patiently outside just like that. The moment they caught sight of the figures of their elders, they rushed forth immediately.

"What's wrong with him?" Noticing that Lin Fan did not look as though he was doing too well right now, Tianyun asked anxiously as well.

Even though there were some tension between him and Lin Fan earlier on, Lin Fan had stood up for him in the face of humiliation by his senior brother. As such, Tianyun had long forgiven Lin Fan for everything. To him, Lin Fan was a pretty decent being of the Human race.

"He's undergoing the Paradise Thunder Calamity right now. This is a pressing matter." Fairy Hongyun replied.

"Paradise Thunder Calamity?" Even though Tianyun knew about such stuff, he was still pretty bewildered at the current situation, "That's not right though. While the Paradise Thunder Calamity may be pretty treacherous, he should be able to get through with it just fine given his capabilities and strength!"

While Tianyun knew that the Paradise Thunder Calamity might provide a savant genius with some setbacks, they should have a large chance of getting through it alright.

"There are thousands of Spirit Qi Cyclones within his Paradise right now. The situation is completely out of hand. I guess, we can only depend on his luck right now to get through it." Fairy Hongyun continued.

The moment Tianyun heard this, he nearly spat out an entire mouthful of blood.

Even a man who had never tasted pork would know of a pig.

The number of strikes of the Paradise Thunder Calamity was based on the number of Spirit Qi Cyclones within the Paradise. At the same time, this was a determinant of the strength of the Calamity!

The Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect's 188 Spirit Qi Cyclones was the one and only Paradise Thunder Calamity that had happened in the entire history of Cloud Sect by far.

However, the moment he heard that there were thousands of Spirit Qi Cyclones involved this time around, Tianyun could only feel as though his entire mind was in a whirlpool, as a look of deep disbelief appeared on his face.

At the sides stood Muqing and some of the other disciples who had managed to stay alive. Their gazes at Lin Fan were equally flabbergasted.

However, it soon changed into a look of fear.

How bloody horrifying was this?

If he failed to tide through this and the Paradise were to implode, all of them would definitely have this place as their burial grounds!

"Guys, look! The entire Ancient race army is guarding the entrance right now!" Suddenly, a disciple pointed out at the distance. Through the layers of light screen, they were shocked when they caught sight of the situation outside.

Vast and dense like a range of mountains, the Ancient race beings filled the entire surroundings outside!

"It's over! Even if we were to head out, we'd definitely die for sure!"

"What are we to do right now? To think that we're completely surrounded by the Ancient race beings!"

Observing the current situation, Elder Yun He's heart was starting to thump faster in worry as well. He did not know what to do any longer. How could they rush out of this place given the way things were right now?

This was especially the case with the ten legatus of the Ancient race army that were standing guard outside. Their auras were deep and profound like colossal mountains. It seemed as though their powers alone could crush down and repress on the Heaven and Earth just like that.