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 Chapter 590: Neither Predecessors Nor Successors

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'Your mother...!'

Lin Fan was utterly speechless right now. The Paradise was fine just moments earlier! Why in the world had things come to this?

This must all be due to the two True Essences of Fire and Water! Seemed like he had been way too greedy and had bitten off more than he could chew! This was going to be hell now!

Ever since Lin Fan had ascended up from the Xuanhuang World, his entire journey of cultivation had been due to his hard work. Step by step, he climbed steadily, making use of robberies and kills in order to boost his own power levels.

Even though there was a general idea towards the path of cultivation, who could truly understand all the blood and sweat that he had to go through?

This was the case for the consciousness's metamorphosis into the Dao state as well. Even though Lin Fan knew about it, he didn't fully comprehend it just yet. He had thought that this Paradise was just a load of fluff, to think that it would be oversaturated this quickly!

Along the way, Lin Fan had killed off tons of enemies. Each and every one of them were absorbed in within his Paradise as well. Furthermore, Lin Fan had the audacity to engage in some slight interactions with the Fire Water Empress. The caused the Paradise of the Fire Water Empress to be infused within his own Paradise, causing it to turn extremely awesome.

What sort of a character was the Fire Water Empress? This was a godly being who had trodden over the entire universe! The strength of her Paradise wasn't something that mere people could even begin to imagine.

At the moment of their Paradise's fusion, Lin Fan's cultivation state had already bypassed the system's experience points entirely and forcefully built up his Paradise at that moment.

Therefore, even though Lin Fan's Paradise was only freshly created, it already possessed a far superior build compared to the Paradise of other beings in the Paradise state.

Despite this, Lin Fan did not realize this in the slightest bit and continued to throw in nutrients to boost the strength of his Paradise. Not only that, he even had the audacity to have the Mythical Parasol Tree take root within his Paradise!

This was him courting death indubitably.

Even though one might not know of the exact background of the Mythical Parasol Tree, the rate at which it absorbed the Saint Spirit Qi was utterly shocking. It could only be described as inhumane!

With all that endless amount of Saint Spirit Qi coursing through his Paradise, they bolstered the walls of the Paradise repeatedly. In fact, the density of the Saint Spirit Qi within his Paradise was even thicker than that in the Saint Spirit World!

And, the most ridiculous thing of it all was that Lin Fan had practically mastered all of his skills to a state where there were neither predecessors nor successors.

And, where in the world were their Skill Gods? That was right. All of them resided within his Paradise.

True Origins Crushing Kick, Black Tiger Steals Heart, Twisting Heaven and Earth, Palm of Biggra, Trainer, et cetera... Each and every one of them were entrusted within the Paradise. The presence of all these Skill Gods who were practically infinitely close to the path of Dao themselves raised the powers of the Paradise to its maximum.

Lin Fan's Paradise did not have any flaws in it at all.

After all, every single flaw had been forcefully compensated by Lin Fan.

And now that he had found such a huge amount of True Essences of Fire and Water in the coffin, to think that he would just toss it into his Paradise without a second thought at all!

Hence, this was the outcome awaiting him.

The consciousness of the Paradise could no longer hold it in any longer. The only way for it to possess enough powers in order to sustain the Paradise was for it to metamorphose into the path of Dao.


"Lin Fan! How many Spirit Qi Cyclones are within your Paradise right now?" Hongyun had a wide knowledge of things with countless of ancient records inscribed within her heart. She was extremely familiar with the path of cultivation.

"Spirit Qi Cyclone?" Lin Fan did not know what Fairy Hongyun was talking about. Checking the state of his Paradise hurriedly, he was shocked to see that the Heavens were collapsing and the Earth was overturning. In fact, the Spirit Qi was extremely berserk right now as thunderbolts rained all over in a dense frequency. It was as though countless of mythical snakes were squirming their way around his Paradise. This was frighteningly weird.



Lin Fan had finally discovered the presence of cyclones that struck down straight from the Heavens and were spiraling all around the place. However, the more he counted them, the more his head felt as though it was about to explode.

"Hongyun, I can't count them anymore! If I have to give you a minimum amount, I'd say a few thousands of them!" Lin Fan was starting to break out into cold sweat. He could feel as though his Paradise was losing its stability and could be destroyed at any moment now! He had an especially ominous feeling that some horrific force was about to descend from the unknowns!

"WHAT?" Hongyun's face turned pale immediately as though every single drop of blood was drained from her face.

She returned the question in terror, "A...few...thousands...?"

"Why? Is there anything wrong with that?" Lin Fan asked, slightly anxious now.

Fairy Hongyun wasn't the only one who was stupefied right now. Yun He and the others were equally confounded. Gigantic beads of sweat began to drip down from each and every one of their foreheads.

The way they looked at Lin Fan was with extreme alarm as well.

"Back when the Grandmaster of the Cloud Sect was undergoing the metamorphosis of the Paradise's consciousness into Dao, there were only 188 Spirit Qi Cyclones! Not only that, in order to assist the Grandmaster's Thunder Calamity of the metamorphosis process, the sect had sacrificed three Supreme Grade Dao Weapons! The Weapon Spirits of those Dao Weapons were all of the divine celestial level 5, Essence Spirit state!" Fairy Hongyun exclaimed.

"Eh...?" Lin Fan's face changed as he was stumped.

Now that Fairy Hongyun had made things so clear, if he still couldn't understand, he would truly have to go and die for it.

"G-genius...! No! You're a savant! But, why did things have to happen in this manner? If this were at the Cloud Sect, even if you aren't one of our disciples, the Grandmaster would definitely chip in with his strength in order to help you tide through with this! Thousands of Spirit Qi Cyclones? What sort of an existence is that? If you were to continue cultivating to a certain state, even the 8 Utmost Beings of the Ancient race would be destroyed by you with a flip of your palms!" Elder Yun He lamented in utmost pain right now.

But, what could they do now? There was nothing they could do about it at all! On second thought, there might not have been anything he could do even if this were back in the Cloud Sect. Even the entire sect might not be able to help much with this crisis!

"Lin Fan! You can have all of these! The Thunder Calamity isn't something to be underestimated! I hope that these Dao Weapons can help you to ease your burden somewhat!" At this moment, Fairy Hongyun took out all the Dao Weapons she obtained from the Fire Water tomb without any bit of hesitation.

The same went for Elder Yun He. He didn't have any qualms about doing the same.

"Even though Dao Weapons are considered to be treasures, if you can tide this over, you will undoubtedly stand tall beyond the rest of the world in terms of might! The future of the beings of the thousands of races! I shall entrust it onto you!" Elder Yun He remarked.

Looking at the actions of Fairy Hongyun, Elder Yun He and the others, Lin Fan eventually accepted the Dao Weapons while remembering this act of selflessness from them.

Lin Fan knew that the Ancient Saint World was fraught with dangers. However, he also knew that there were righteous people within the Ancient Saint World. If it weren't for the presence of such people, the beings of the thousands of races would have long been exterminated by the Ancient race long ago.


Suddenly, the Fire Water Secret Grounds began to tremble violently as a series of roars came from the distance.

"The Ancient race has managed to break through the entrance to the Fire Water Secret Grounds!" Elder Yun He's face tensed up.

Given the way the situation was right now, they were truly and utterly helpless!

The path for the consciousness of the Paradise to metamorphose into a Dao state was already a treacherous one to begin with. This was especially the case given that there were thousands of Spirit Qi Cyclones. This was something that no one should have ever gone through.

Ever since the ancient times, there had been no one who had encountered such an event. Furthermore, there was still the invasion of the Ancient race to deal with. This...! Hais...!

Lin Fan's face froze up. He could sense himself being unable to hold on for much longer.

"All of you, follow behind me and let's go!" Without dilly dallying, Lin Fan leaped off the ground and flew into the distance.


This time around, it was time for the true trial.


The crystal of consciousness within Lin Fan's Paradise had shattered completely right now. With that, torrents of energy seeped out wantonly before gathering together. Within the unknowns, there was even a mysterious energy that was adding on to the strength of these torrents.

Gray clouds filled the entire sky of his Paradise while lightning flashed everywhere.


The Thunder Trainer King walked out of his academy. Looking at the thunder that was in the sky, he laughed coldly.

"Ho? You wanna play with thunder in front of Your Trainer King here? Know your place!" The Thunder Trainer King transformed into a streak of light and bolted out towards the voids above.

A thunderbolt in the shape of a dragon flashed randomly. With a loud crack, it burst down from the Heavens.

"Aiyo! That stings!" Suddenly, the Thunder Trainer King howled out in pain as he was coiled around by a few thunderbolts.


Yet another thunderbolt struck down.

The Thunder Trainer King was struck down into a deep pit where black smoke was fuming out of it.

"Master! I can't help you this time around! The thunderbolt is way too strong! Even I can't hold out against it!"

Round 1, Thunder Trainer King defeated.

Seeing this scene, Lin Fan was scared sh*tless as well. How bloody terrifying was this?

To think that the Thunder Trainer King wouldn't be able to hold on for even two strikes!

How many strikes could he hold out for then?