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 Chapter 589: Metamorphosis Of The Paradise

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Elder Yun He and the others did not continue to probe over this matter. After all, they weren't too close with Lin Fan. At the same time, the three of them now were in Lin Fan's debt right now.

If not for his appearance, they would definitely have fallen in here.

"Is this the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor?" Hongyun looked at the coffin before her with a slightly puzzled look. She had not expected that finding the tomb of the Fire Water Emperor would be such an easy task.

Lin Fan had an unspeakable secret with the Fire Water Emperor. Also, he was satisfied now that he had obtained the True Essences of Fire and Water from that single strain of the Fire Water Emperor's Essence Spirit.

"I wonder what lies within this." Lin Fan was equally perplexed.

The moment he touched the coffin, he realized that there were equal parts of warmth and coldness to it. Instantly, Lin Fan's mind ran back to the Fire Water Emperor's Fire and Ice Twin Heavens.

'Damn it. This was a bitch who knew how to play!'

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the Fire Water Secret Grounds began to vibrate violently.

"This isn't good! The Ancient race army must have already arrived! There must be some powerful being of the Ancient race trying to forcefully open up the entrance of the Fire Water Secret Grounds!" Yun He's face changed, "Hurry up and open up the coffin, so that we can take away the treasures within!"

Given the current situation, the entrance of the Fire Water Secret Grounds shouldn't be able to hold on for much longer before the Ancient race beings managed to pry it open.

Once the Ancient race army made their way in, there shouldn't be too many people who could remain alive by then.

"Lin Fan! The only reason why we're all still alive right now was all due to your credit! Therefore, you should have the first pick from the treasures of the Fire Water Emperor!" Hongyun called out.

They had spent quite a bit of effort getting into the Fire Water Secret Grounds as well. They would have a lot to account for towards the sect if they were to return empty-handed.

Not only that, the sect would definitely harbor a grudge or mark down Lin Fan for sure.

They did not have enough control to make such a big decision.

If she were the Grandmaster of the sect, she would definitely not take even a single piece of treasure. After all, it was already a great blessing for them to be alive right now.

Lin Fan's mind tinkered for a moment. He understood the predicament Hongyun was in right now. It was definitely impossible for him to want to make off with every single last treasure right here.

However, Lin Fan garnered that even if there were treasures within, there shouldn't be too many of them.

After all, the Fire Water Emperor was still alive right now! If that were the case, how would she give away treasures that were extremely strong?

"Alright." Lin Fan nodded his head in agreement.

With this, Hongyun heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. For a moment, she was really afraid that Lin Fan might disagree with the way the treasures were to be split. However, his agreement to it really put her heart at ease.

Lin Fan wasn't someone unreasonable. The only reason why he was able to enter the Fire Water Secret Grounds was because Hongyun had brought him in. If she hadn't done what she did, he wouldn't have been able to gain what he had.

The moment Fairy Hongyun brought him in, he had already started gaining his rewards.

First, it was the connate Fire and Water Elements. Next, his Paradise was cultivated. Lastly, there were three Undying state powerful beings. Compared to any treasure that was within this place, those were probably way more valuable.

The moment Fairy Hongyun opened up the coffin, dozens of light beams shot out of it.

Looking at the dozens of light beams, Lin Fan's expression changed as well. He had not expected it to truly contain treasures.

Spirit weapons, Dao weapons, there were dozens of them. It was an incredible amount of wealth for anyone in the world.

However, treasures were of no use to Lin Fan.

His personal skill in crafting weapons was already at its peak state right now. As long as he had the materials, he could craft out any form of sh*t. Even if it were a legendary weapon, he would have no issues with creating those.

In the face of these treasures, Lin Fan could naturally remain calm. However, this wasn't the same case for Fairy Hongyun and the others.

The dozens of light beams pierced into the clouds as their radiant brilliance shone across the entire place.

Dozens of Spirit weapons, numerous Dao weapons... All of these were priceless assets!

The hearts of Fairy Hongyun and the others were pounding exceptionally fast after they caught sight of the Dao weapons. Even with the strength of their sect, they would have to expend a massive amount of resources in order to craft out these Dao weapons!

Furthermore, even if they were to succeed in crafting, it would be nowhere comparable to these Dao weapons here!

The reason behind it was that these Dao weapons had been accompanying the side of the Fire Water Emperor for a long time now. Therefore, their Weapon Spirits must have already registered some of the wisdom of the Fire Water Emperor's cultivation. If they were to comprehend some of the wisdom within, it would undoubtedly be a great boon to their personal cultivations.

However, Fairy Hongyun and the others tried their best in containing their excitement. After all, they had promised to let Lin Fan have the first pick.

Lin Fan looked around at the Dao weapons and frowned. What in the world were these things?!

Why the f*ck were all of them women items?

If they weren't combs, they were mirrors. How was a man like him supposed to hold onto these items?!

However, it was at this moment that Lin Fan realized two balls of spirit lights that were floating within the coffin of the Fire Water Emperor.

One of the balls resembled flames while the other ball resembled a long river.

These were the cores of the True Essences of the Fire Water Emperor!

Even though Lin Fan received the True Essences of Fire and Water from that strain of Essence Spirit, it was just a strain nevertheless.

However, there seemed to be way more of it within these two balls! If he were to infuse them within his Paradise, his Paradise would definitely turn way stronger in return!

"I'll just take these two then! The rest of them, I don't want any of it!" Stretching his hands, Lin Fan grabbed the two balls of the True Essences of Fire and Water.

With that, Fairy Hongyun and the others were elated as well, as they kept all the remaining Spirit and Dao weapons.

"Let's go! We shouldn't stay in this place for much longer now! No matter what, we've got to break our way out of this place!" Elder Yun He darted into the distance without a single bit of hesitation.

Satisfied, Lin Fan tossed the two balls of True Essences of Fire and Water into his Paradise.

The moment they entered the Paradise, they exploded up and flew towards that scorching sun and the long river on the ground respectively.

Lin Fan could feel the magical powers within his body going berserk and surging endlessly.

His Paradise was expanding rapidly as the tree branches of his Mythical Parasol Tree began dancing wildly as well. The big ancient demon, the Thunder Trainer King, and the Spirit of Biggra floated up into the sky of the Paradise as well, with their own powers skyrocketing in the same manner.

Xiguang's aura turned thicker as it rose up as well. With a single step, he entered the Paradise state as well.

Somewhere in the depths of the Paradise, a crystal was revolving at an immense speed. There were dense cracks on the surface of the crystal as though it could shatter at any moment.

'Is that crystal going to shatter into pieces?' Lin Fan had not expected his Paradise to undergo such changes.

"Lin Fan, the consciousness of your Paradise is about to undergo a metamorphosis right now! You've got to hurry up and stop it! Given the current situation, you will definitely not make it through the Calamity of the Paradise!" Fairy Hongyun could sense that Lin Fan's aura was turning messy and berserk. In fact, there was even an illusory image of a crystal that appeared between Lin Fan's forehead, looking as though it could explode at any moment!

The moment Elder Yun He and the others caught sight of this, their faces changed immediately as well. To think that the consciousness of Lin Fan's Paradise would attempt to metamorphose into Dao!

"This is the highest state that a Paradise could possibly reach, for its consciousness to metamorphose into Dao! There have been countless people who had cultivated their Paradises into its final form without even undergoing this stage! From there on, they would ascend into the Undying state, leaving their Paradise state with a shortcoming!"

"However, if your consciousness is trying to metamorphose into the Dao state at this moment, it would definitely not succeed! There's a bunch of Ancient race beings awaiting us outside! If anything were to happen, you would definitely die with certainty right here!"

"If only this had happened when you're at our Cloud Sect, borrowing the power of the beings in the sect, we would definitely be able to help you metamorphose into the Dao state! But, what a pity! Hais...!"

The three elders of the Cloud Sect were worried right now. Faced with this situation before them, they did not know what to do as well.

The consciousness of Elder Yun He's own Paradise had not managed to metamorphose into a Dao state because he had not managed to accumulate enough resources within his Paradise to undergo a perfect metamorphosis. This was his only regret on his path of cultivation.

In fact, countless geniuses had failed to perform a perfect metamorphosis due to a lack of resources, leaving this bit of regret in their entire lives.

To think that right now, a pride of the Human race would appear before them with the consciousness of his Paradise attempting to metamorphose into the Dao state. This should have been an event worth celebrating. However, they were faced with all sorts of dangers given the current situation. If they had to add on the Calamity of the Paradise onto it, they would undoubtedly be courting death!

Upon hearing their words, Lin Fan felt as though he was being cheated right now.