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 Chapter 583: Messing Up The Battle

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'To think that the Life Stealing Scholar would be subdued just like that!' Yun He was shocked right now. Even though the Life Stealing Scholar was only at the divine celestial level 3, Paradise state, this man's Paradise was cultivated to a state of cohesion with himself.

His talent was exceedingly exceptional. With the thousands of Confucian Gods infused within it, he could easily speak of the logic of the Heavens and Earth.

For most people out there, if they were to be careless even in the slightest bit after entering his Paradise, they would certainly be bewitched by those Confucian Gods of his.

However, this wasn't the part that had Yun He in utmost disbelief. It was the fact that the Life Stealing Scholar was defeated by that man of the Human race in an arena he was particularly skilled at! If one didn't witness this for himself, no one would believe this for sure!

"If this man is to continue on this path he's on right now, he's bound to be someone of unparalleled dominance." Yun He gave an evaluation that shocked everyone present.

"Just him?" Yun Fatian had not expected his senior brother to give a high praise as such.


Hongyun looked around at her three elders before turning her gaze back at Lin Fan. It suddenly struck her as to how mysterious this pride of the Human race she had barely known for only a single day was.


"Life Stealing Scholar? Hmph! You're way too weak! To think that I could have you spraying out three liters of blood with just a simple piece of poetry! I implore the rest of you to surrender right now obediently! Who knows, Yours Truly may feel benevolent and decide to spare all of your lives!"

Lin Fan had not expected this Life Stealing Scholar to be all talk but no show! Initially, Lin Fan had thought of him as a formidable earthshattering foe to deal with. To think that he was nothing but a weak chicken!

Old Demon Kui Sheng and the others were startled right now. They had not expected the Life Stealing Scholar to fall into the hands of the other party instead. Looking at how things were right now, this Human before them must definitely be far from simple!

The four Ancient race beings exchanged glances with one another. The priority for them right now was to kill every single living being in the area.


Lin Fan's body disappeared in a flash as he slaughtered into the crowd once more. Casually throwing out punches, a set of Doomsday Calamity God Fists was launched.

The Doomsday God Spirit howled malevolently while bolting out at Mu Tian.

"Lin Fan! How dare you humiliate me as such? I swear that I shall kill you off today!" Mu Tian hollered in anger. He had no more weapons to utilize ever since his Supreme grade Spirit Weapon was destroyed. As such, he could only deploy all sorts of skills to kill Lin Fan.

"Let us collaborate now in order to kill off this Human!" Luo Yi yelled loudly as he struck out, sending hundreds of punches into the void. The force of his punches was incredible, as the void of the entire Fire Water Secret Grounds was sent crashing down.

With the flick of his finger, a series of vibrations rippled out from Lin Fan. The barriers of the void began to shatter down repeatedly. In a jiffy, Lin Fan appeared behind Mu Tian's back.

Given the situation right now, Lin Fan only had to watch out for the three powerful beings of divine celestial level 4, Undying state. As for the others, Lin Fan could not be bothered in the least bit.

However, Lin Fan knew that he would definitely not go one against eight in this clash.

All of these guys were hiding stuff up their sleeves. How could they stay united just like that? Lin Fan was sure that even while they were striking, they would definitely be holding back while staying cautious of everyone around them.

As such, this lightened the burden on Lin Fan's shoulders considerably.

Obtaining the Spirit Vein of the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm, Mu Tian had converted it into his cultivation state and created his Realm, the 18 Levels of Hell.

Even though this Realm was pretty unique, Mu Tian was unable to unleash it given the current situation.

If he were to open up his Realm, everyone in the vicinity would be sucked right into it. While he had confidence in the strength of his Realm, there were three divine celestial level 4, Undying state powerful beings present. If they were to seize the opportunity to kill him, he would have no room to resist at all.

"Lin Fan! Why the hell are you just chasing after me?" Mu Tian was feeling pretty speechless right now. From the start, he had wanted to kill his Human with utmost violence.

However, after exchanging blows continuously, he realized in displeasure that Lin Fan was ignoring everyone else, and was just throwing everything his way!

Damn it! This was too damned vexing!

"Oh? You're the weakest out of everyone right here. Furthermore, you obtained the Spirit Vein from the Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm! I've definitely got to snatch that over!" Lin Fan hollered.

"You...!" Mu Tian's palms were coiled with Ghost Qi and an illusory mirage of his Realm. Wielding it within his hands, he turned the Ghost Qi into a weapon and jetted out towards Lin Fan.

However, given Lin Fan's current physical body state, he could disregard this attack of Mu Tian entirely. As such, Lin Fan did not even bother to dodge at all. All he did was to follow Mu Tian closely behind. The moment Mu Tian would stop fighting back, Lin Fan would definitely slap out with a huge palm slap.

The moment Old Demon Kui Sheng, Luo Yi, and the Cat Woman heard the words of Lin Fan, they turned their gazes towards Mu Tian automatically. They had no idea that Mu Tian had obtained the Spirit Vein. However, now that they knew of it, an idea was running through their heads.

The Spirit Vein was a valuable item indeed. This was especially the case when it was the Spirit Vein of THE Infinite Slaughter Ancient Realm. That was a place that the beings of the thousands of races had engaged in a massacre together with the Ancient race. Now that so many years had passed in the process, the Spirit Vein must have naturally absorbed a substantial amount of energy from the beings of the thousands of races who had fallen. This was something not to be underestimated at all!

"Damn it! Enough with your lies! Since when have I ever obtained this Spirit Vein?"' Mu Tian's expression changed immediately, sensing that something was amiss in the crowd.

"Everyone, don't trust in his nonsense! Let us join forces and kill him down!" Mu Tian added on.

"Sure!" Everyone did not argue on that point. However, the facts were laid bare within everyone's hearts. This was especially the case for Old Demon Kui Sheng and Luo Yi. To think that they not only would be able to obtain the treasure of the Fire Water Emperor, they could even get their hands on the Spirit Vein in Mu Tian's hands.

They were going to strike it big this time around!

"Elders, are we going to just stay here and watch?" Fairy Hongyun asked anxiously.

"Hongyun, I had intended to render my assistance earlier on. However, look at the situation now! Don't you think that something feels off?" Yun He replied.

Upon hearing the words of her elder, Hongyun could not help but observe the happenings ever more closely. Suddenly, her face changed.

"Wait, he's doing this on purpose?" Hongyun gasped, startled.

"That's right. Initially, I thought that he was only trying to incite their hatred just so we could escape. However, by the looks of things, he's just capitalizing on each of their flaws individually, so that he could borrow their strength in order to create a huge mess of things."

"A man with both guts and brains. If we're able to make it out of this place, we must definitely invite someone like him over as a guest at our Cloud Sect." Yun He elaborated.

Following the passage of time, a series of situations were unfolding on the battle scene.

"Cat Woman! What have you done to me?" Mu Tian had barely dodged an attack. However, there were three scratch marks on his face, from where fresh blood was dripping down.

If Mu Tian had not reacted in time, his brain would have been in three parts by now.

"Aren't you a dumbf*ck? Is there a need to question? Of course, she's trying to kill you so that she can steal your Spirit Vein!" Lin Fan whispered as he appeared floating gently beside Mu Tian.

"Don't you try to sow discord amongst us!" The Cat Woman rebuffed nastily. She had wanted to sneak in an attack from behind Lin Fan. To think that it was as though this guy had grown a pair of eyes at the back of his head, as he bolted away from where he was instantly!

However, where Lin Fan originally was stood Mu Tian instead. It was too late by the time she wanted to retract her claws. Hence, the aftermath was the three scratch marks on Mu Tian's face.

Mu Tian looked over at Lin Fan, then at the Cat Woman. His heart started thumping faster nervously.

Naturally, he believed in Lin Fan's words. This Cat Woman must definitely be out to kill him.

No, how can he allow that to happen? He definitely needed to take precautions against that!