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 Chapter 578: This B*tch Is Way Too Overbearing!

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Compared to the Paradise of the Fire Water Emperor, Lin Fan's Realm was way too feeble and puny. In fact, it was so weak that it couldn't even be compared with a speck of dust.

This was the first time Lin Fan came across such a huge Paradise. If he hadn't seen it with his very eyes, he might have been sold by a trash standard such as that of the Infinite Bat Old Master.

Could that sh*thole of a place even be considered as a Paradise in the face of this? That was practically not even 1/1000th of this at all!

At this moment, there were signs of the Fire Water Emperor's Paradise and Lin Fan's Realm wanting to merge together. In fact, rather than a merge, it should be said that the Paradise of the Fire Water Emperor was leading his Realm into a flourishing state.

As the saying went, 'I'll turn you awesome and carry you with me.'

In the past, Lin Fan had always been the one carrying others. But right now, he was the one being carried. This was such a mysterious sensation! He was practically winning by being 'Away From Keyboard'!

This dazzling radiance lit up his entire Realm. The Twin True Essence of Fire and Water swiveled within the realm, circling all over the place.


Suddenly, Lin Fan's Realm began to crack continuously. However, it was forming up as fast as it was cracking.

It was akin to a Phoenix's Nirvana Rebirth!

Every single Rebirth would bring the Phoenix's strength to the next level.

All of a sudden, Lin Fan realized that the system was starting to move as well. That Fusion function that he hadn't used in a long, long time was beginning to churn and activate right now!

Initially, these two great True Essence were mutually incompatible with one another. However, under the Fusion function of the system, they were mixing together continuously, forming a new core of True Essence altogether!


This first of its kind core of the True Essence floated gently in the skies of the Realm. Suddenly, it burst out into spots of starlight and gravitated within the Realm.

With that, the Realm began to strengthen and refine itself furiously, as the consciousness of the Realm itself began to evolve.

'Holy f*ck! Am I going to level up?!' Lin Fan could feel the power level within himself climbing furiously, as though it was about to reach its next destination.

What came after destruction was rebirth.


Instantly, Lin Fan's Realm disintegrated into dust, and everything delved into a state of jet-black darkness.

Just as Lin Fan was still in a state of bewilderment, a small spot illuminated through the endless darkness. It expanded continuously, bringing with it rainbow colored broken crystal shards before floating up and spreading out in all directions. It was as though something was vacuuming it towards the surroundings as it held itself there.

'Ding...Congratulations on leveling up.'

'Ding...Cultivation State: Divine celestial level 3, Paradise state.'


'Now that the Realm has reached its limit, it is being forcibly upgraded!' This was a situation that Lin Fan had yet to come across. To think that he would bypass the experience points threshold due to the Fire Water Emperor, and be pushed straight into the Paradise state.

This was something that Lin Fan had never ever considered before. How amazingly f*cked up was this?

At this moment, before Lin Fan could even take a look at that newly created Paradise of his, he felt a strong suction force pulling him out of his Inner World.

Opening his eyes, Lin Fan realized that he had shot out everything without even realizing when. At the same time, the Fire Water Chick had already reached her climax as well, as she laid on his chest with her long hair resting everywhere.

The Fire Water Emperor was prostrated limply on his own body. That snow white silky skin of hers was flushed slightly red right now.

By now, Lin Fan realized that he had regained control of his bodily motions.

Immediately, his expression changed. Now that the effects of Biggra were already over, he shouldn't remain at the bottom position right now. If the Fire Water Chick were to strike at him, he would have nowhere to run at all.

At this point, Lin Fan was thoroughly convinced that this chick right here was the Fire Water Emperor. After all, at the moment where the twin core of True Essence was intertwined, he couldn't be any more familiar with those sensations.

However, just as Lin Fan was trying hard to think of his next course of action, he realized that the Fire Water Emperor's eyes were fixated on his face right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan felt fear. He was thoroughly f*cked this time around.

'If I die under a skirt, I can still flirt as a ghost.'

'Flirt your mother! Yours Truly didn't wish for this!'

Right now, Lin Fan was pinned right below the Fire Water Emperor. It was hard to say that the Fire Water Emperor would not hesitate to slap him into dust immediately should he make any sudden movements.

Lin Fan gulped down his saliva while his heart thumped furtively.

He was suddenly realizing how close he was to death's door at this moment.

The single thought of the Fire Water Emperor slapping him to death had his member going limb instantly.

"Hmm." Instantly, the brows of the Fire Water Emperor frowned. By the looks of it, Lin Fan was pretty sure she was going to kill him right now!

"Boohoo! Dere goes mah chastityyyy...!!!" An idea flashed into Lin Fan's mind.

'First, you cry. Second, you scream. Third, you go for the noose.'

Right now, he had to start crying. Also, the more sorrowful his cries were, the better. Based on his experience, female beings had a maternal nature to them, and would often flood with emotions.

This was especially the case for a sweet young thing such as himself, who had pretty good looks as well. Who knew if the Fire Water Chick might take pity on him and spare his life.

At the start, Lin Fan had some grudges about being forced on by the Fire Water Chick. However, now that his Paradise was completed, he had decided to let it go. Fine then. He would take this as compensated dating then.

"Get hard. Now." The Fire Water Emperor stared at Lin Fan coldly. Her tone was even frostier.

Upon hearing the words of the Fire Water Emperor, Lin Fan did not dare to hesitate as his member jerked upright once more.


The Fire Water Emperor stood up. That wonderful watering hole of hers, that petite frame of hers, everything was in an absolutely unobstructed view. However, how would Lin Fan dare to have any stray thoughts right now?

At first, he did not know how powerful this person was. However, right now, Lin Fan could tell that the Fire Water Emperor could easily kill him if she truly wanted to.

"I will not kill you. Your Majesty here has trodden over all the ancient times. But, I've yet to take in a spouse. Today, under this fateful meeting of affinity, we have gone through the rituals of man and wife. As such, from this day forth, you shall remain my Exclusive Property. If I were to find out that you've been fooling around outside in the world, mark my words, you shall be the first I will kill once I break out of my seal." The flushed red face of the Fire Water Emperor was gradually diminishing into its perfect snow white shade.

When he had first heard the words, Lin Fan could not help but heave a sigh of relief. Everything was good as long as she did not kill him. After all, the world of violence is so, so scary!

However, by the time he got to the words at the end, he felt something amiss.

What? Wasn't she taking Yours Truly as her toyboy now? Furthermore, what was up with their status?

Exclusive Property?

This was an utter humiliation to the dignity of Yours Truly! Intolerable! Definitely intolerable!

"What? Do you have any questions?" The Fire Water Emperor stood tall and superior as she looked down at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan gathered up his strength. At the same time, he summoned his Heaven and Earth Smelt and hid himself right within.

"Insolent! You're the second woman that I've fucked in my life! I'm not a f*ckboy who is merciless and heartless after I'm done with a girl! From now on, you shall be number two! You must also obey the Three Obediences and Four Virtues! As such, you shall follow me along with my life according to my rules! If you dare to be impudent, I shall teach you a lesson!"

For the sake of that fleeting dignity of his, Lin Fan was giving it his all right now.

At the same time, Lin Fan was feeling pretty unconfident in his heart while he was saying all of that. After all, he knew that he was weaker than her in terms of strength.

"HAHAHA...!" Hearing this, the Fire Water Emperor burst out into laughter. Those long locks of hers floated gently in the skies. Beneath that unparalleled gorgeousness of her face stood an air of superiority as a ruler.

"Just wait for me to break through my seal. By then, you can come before me and say that once more. As for the you right now? You ain't qualified just yet."

Just as Lin Fan was about to refute that, the body of the Fire Water Emperor turned into small little water crystals and disappeared into the Heaven and Earth.

"Holy f*ck...! That gave daddy a scare!"

Lin Fan heaved his bum down onto the floor with a thud and patted his chest in relief.

That b*tch was way too overbearing!

However, the most important thing in one's life was their dignity and pride. To think that the b*tch wouldn't give him any face at all!

She deserved to be whacked!

Right then, a black hole appeared behind Lin Fan. Before he could even react, he was sucked in instantly.

"Challenge passed. Entering the tomb."