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 Chapter 57: This Is What A Man Should Do

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Lin Fan's current choices were simple. There was a pile of valuables right in front of him, but the pile of valuables had two soldiers with various advanced weapons guarding them.

If he were to face it head on, he would definitely die and be reduced to ashes.

But the problem was eliminating these two soldiers were very simple and wouldn't require any effort. What he needed to consider were the consequences after he looted them. Lin Fan thought for about twenty minutes then his eyes lit up.

'What's there to be scared of?'

'Let's just loot them first. Worst case scenario would be I just have to run back to the Saint Devil sect to hide. In life, one must live elegantly. I don't bully the weak, but bullying the strong is something a true man should do...As a teacher, I have to set an example.'

'Enough thinking, let's do it.'

Lin Fan made his decision at this point. It just wouldn't be his style if he didn't go for the meat right in front of him.

'Hehe...' At this moment, Lin Fan began cackling secretly within the crowd.

The Yan Emperor and Queen would only be staying at the school for one day, but during noon, they would rest in a previously prepared room. So, the best opportunity to strike would be then.



Lin Fan had been waiting within a luxurious room for quite some time now. His heart was pounding rapidly as his actions this time were far too crazy and exciting. Even ripping off Mo Yi Xuan and Ni Mantian in the forest wasn't as exciting as this.

"The Yan Emperor and Queen have arrived."

A sound came from outside and Lin Fan immediately entered stealth mode after being startled. He stood behind a chair motionlessly, as he could only wait now.


The fragrant wooden doors of the room were pushed open, and the Yan Emperor entered along with the Queen. Lin Fan glanced at the two feeling a bit nervous. Those two had been up at the top for so long, so they naturally possessed a sort of atmosphere about them.

"My Emperor, I will accompany you during your rest."

"Here now, come to me." The Yan emperor's dominating expression changed and a slightly lewd smile appeared on his face. He sat in the chair in front of Lin Fan and then beckoned towards the queen.

"My emperor, we shouldn't... this is outside."

"It's fine, I am here and there are guards outside. No one would dare to come..."

Lin Fan, who was standing behind the chair, felt slightly ashamed when he saw the actions of the two. Was the deep impression outside perhaps all fake? Upon entering the room, their true selves were revealed and their personalities exposed.

"My emperor, the students trained by the Sky Heaven School are far better than before. Is emperor perhaps supporting them because you want to increase your own forces?" The queen nestled into the chest of the Yan Emperor and her delicate white fingers gently stroked the Yan emperor's neckline.

"The sects are currently in power now, and the dynasties are subsidiaries. This is an intolerable disgrace for any dynasty." The Yan emperor joyfully put his mischievous hands over the queen's small meat buns.

Lin Fan looked down from the top and didn't see a single bump. This surface was completely uninspiring, and he wondered just how in the world this woman was even able to become a Queen.

Lin Fan was about to make his move when he heard the conversation between the two, and was suddenly interested, wanting to hear more.

"My emperor, my sect is willing to assist you in rebuilding the Yan Dynasty. Since the Saint Devil sect has problems internally and externally, they also want to stop being subsidiaries and long await the day." The queen's eyes contained a trace of light as she said this.

"My Queen, you and I have been married for many years. I also have knowledge of certain matters. The ancestor of the Saint Devil sect obtained the blood of the Gods from a barren land, something all sects wish to possess. The days of change aren't far off I assume?"

"My emperor, I am already yours so naturally I am with you. The Saint Devil sect ancestor may have obtained the blood of the Gods, but he alone cannot consume it all. It is just that the Saint Devil sect has been around for thousands of years, so they are naturally powerful. But the devil sects are all in preparation, and when the time is right, even the all mighty Saint Devil sect will be nothing. They will be reduced to ashes and at that time, Emperor can...


Lin Fan stood behind them and as the conversation progressed, he felt it was off. It seemed people were planning to eliminate the Saint Devil sect?

The barren lands and blood of the Gods, just what were those?

Lin Fan had only mingled with the outer sect disciples during his time in the Saint Devil sect, but he still had deep feelings for them.

And the Great Yan dynasty being a subsidiary of the Saint Devil sect was now daring to betray them, making Lin Fan instantly look down upon that.

The Saint Devil sect was very kind to its subsidiary dynasties. They didn't force anything or seize anything and gave many benefits each year. Judging from their tones, it seemed like there were spies within the Saint Devil sect.

"Godd*mn it." Lin Fan, who was still in stealth mode, then looked scornfully at the two and without another word smacked the brick over the two's head, knocking them out.

"Haha, you two scumbags, how dare you plan to eliminate my sect? You just asking to die. I will now let you taste the full fury of my wrath." Lin Fan then heavily kicked the faces of the two people in anger.

But he knew since the two's cultivation base were very high, this would yield no effect. Thus, he just directly began looting. Lin Fan removed the two storage rings from the fingers of the Yan emperor and queen then threw them into his bag.

Lin Fan, then checked the clothes of the two but they seemed to be just normal clothes. It seemed with their cultivation bases, they had long absorbed all treasures into their bodies and cultivated them into themselves.

But this session was still worthwhile for Lin Fan, since these two storage rings were the greatest treasures.

Initially, he had been planning on retreating after looting, but now he wanted to let them taste his full wrath. Lin Fan lifted the two people up and then smacked the two's head a few times.

Although they still hadn't awakened yet, Lin Fan felt disgusted with them, so he had smacked them a few extra times to teach them a lesson.

"Hehehe..." Then, Lin Fan glanced at the Yan emperor's crotch and felt suddenly curious. He pulled open the Yan emperor's pants and checked inside, causing an expression of disdain to emerge.

The size of a peanut... so small.

Whatever, I will help you.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth."

Lin Fan hadn't used the advanced form of "Monkey Steals Peach" that much since it still dealt tremendous damage. But at this point, he didn't care. He just wanted to maim the emperor.

'Ding... congratulations, "Twisting Heaven and Earth" experience + 100000.'

Lin Fan was pleased upon hearing the notification. It was unexpected that it had increased by 100000 experience points. But then, Yan emperor was a level seven lesser celestial, so it wasn't too surprising.

After using "Twisting Heaven and Earth", Lin Fan then pulled opened the Yan emperor's pants again and realized his small peanut was gradually shrinking like it was about to disappear.

Trying to run away? Like I will let you.

"Twisting Heaven and Earth."

'Ding... congratulations, "Twisting Heaven and Earth" experience + 100000.'

The initially disappearing peanut began emerging again as if it had absorbed water.

But just when the small peanut was about to celebrate its rebirth, Lin Fan then again used "Twisting Heaven and Earth" and it began shrinking again."


'Ding... congratulations, "Twisting Heaven and Earth" leveled up.'

'"Twisting Heaven and Earth" level 2, experience (0/2000000). '

'Effects: "Twisting Heaven and Earth" can reverse yin and yang, and create a body of yin and yang that only appears every thousands of years, upon using again, it can reverse it back.'

As he was joyfully reversing, Lin Fan saw this description and was surprised.

Why did the description for "Twisting Heaven and Earth" appear now and not in the beginning? "Twisting Heaven and Earth" could create a body of yin and yang that only appeared every thousands of years. This...this...

Then Lin Fan recalled Qu Xiangge and his group of about twenty.

'Did I perhaps give those twenty or so a body of yin and yang? Damn, isn't this just a gender changing surgery? How did it get such a mysterious description in this realm? Whatever, let's just continue. By the time you wake, it will become a great bird and it will reproduce your glory as a man.'

Of course no need to thank me... I am just doing what I should be doing.

After all, I am a person who does good deeds without seeking anything in return.