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 Chapter 568: Forcing Me To Release My Big Move!

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"Infinite Bat Old Master, your acts of killing and snatching treasures from other people had nothing to do with me initially. However, to think that you would have the audacity to try and snatch MY treasure? We'll just have to see if you've got the capabilities then!" Lin Fan's body jerked a little as all his True Skill seeds revolved around him in a circular motion.

The figure of Skill Spirits stood above every single one of the True Skill seeds.

These Skill Spirits were born from the skills themselves. In a single motion, lightning flashed and the winds howled, destroying everything nearby.

Suddenly, Lin Fan struck out with a flurry of fist strikes, turning them into a torrent of skills. The torrent consisted of the comprehension, wisdom, and truth of every single one of Lin Fan's skills.

In fact, it even possessed many unknown truths of martial arts in itself.

"Huh? To think that a Human such as yourself could possess capabilities as such." The moment this man from the Human race struck with that formidable aura, Infinite Bat Old Master could feel slight tremors in his own Paradise.

At this moment, Lin Fan did not hold back at all. Combining his mental self and his spirit, he entered the ultimate state of martial arts. Every single fist, every single slap, every single Sword Will of his, each and every one of these raised his essence and soul to his peak status.

'Heaven Devouring Bat God!'

With a shrill cry, the Infinite Bat Old Master's body burst forth with a beam of red light. The moment this beam burst forth, all of the Blood Bats within the Paradise were attracted over to it instantly.

Screech! Screech!

That infinite amount of Blood Bats started gathering together.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Blood Bats began to self-destruct one by one, turning into a thick Blood Mist. However, the mist possessed some sort of consciousness within itself, merging together continuously. From within this mist came the repeated screeches of the Blood Bats.

Finally, a gigantic King of Blood Bats, that was around tens of thousands of feet tall, floated gently at the top of the Paradise.

This was the Bat God. Wielding a pair of bloodshot eyes, it glared at Lin Fan intently. That gigantic malevolent mouth of it looked ready to devour the entire world.

Flapping its huge wings, a hurricane whirled towards Lin Fan instantly.

"Hmph. Seems like your cultivation state is only that of a divine celestial level 2, Realm state being. How dare you pit yourself against this old man here with that sort of power? Today, this old master here shall make use of your fresh blood as tribute to the Bat God!" The moment the Infinite Bat Old Master struck out at Lin Fan, he had already discovered Lin Fan's cultivation state.

Divine celestial level 2... Even though he was rather strong, he was still far off compared to the Infinite Bat Old Master himself. While this Blood God Nest wasn't a perfectly crafted Paradise just yet, it wasn't something that a mere ant from the Realm state could break through.

However, the Infinite Bat Old Master was suddenly stumped by something.

The moment the Bat God within his Paradise made contact with that skill torrent of this Human, it began to screech out in anguish.

"How could this be?" The Infinite Bat Old Master roared in shock, evidently unable to believe everything before his very eyes right now.

At this moment, Lin Fan entered a realm of his battle intent that could only be described as being more mysterious than mysterious. He couldn't be bothered with anything before his eyes at all. Slapping out hundreds of palms into the void, the Demon City swiveled and danced in the air while the big ancient demon howled repeatedly.

A titanic arm grabbed out in the direction of the Bat God.

"Even though this Bat God is just a culmination of the innumerable Blood Bats, it possesses a significant amount of power, given that it has already absorbed the blood of many powerful beings!"

The big ancient demon howled out wildly. Suddenly, as though the big ancient demon had awakened a gift within himself, a myriad of skills that Lin Fan had never known about were unleashed by it, repressing the Bat God.

"Damn it! There's only the old man here who's allowed to devour others! There has been no one else who could turn the tables on me!" Noticing that the big ancient demon was trying to swallow up his Paradise, the Infinite Bat Old Master cried out in anger.

"Ancestors! Bestow upon me the powers to call upon the descent of darkness into this world! Black Heavens Bat Kings!" In that instant, the Infinite Bat Old Master squeezed 100,000 Shengyang Pills to explosion as he sprayed out a mouthful of essence blood into the sky, scattering it around the Paradise.

Absorbing this mysterious energy, the Blood Bats screeched wildly as they started changing as well.

"B*stard! You've completely riled up this old man over here! Right now, even if I have to exhaust the essence blood of my core, I shall have you killed right here!" The Infinite Bat Old Master had not expected this Human to be so hard to deal with! At the same time, the Infinite Bat Old Master was getting even thirstier towards the Dao Weapon. In his eyes, this Dao Weapon was simply way too strong!

"Smelly bat! I'll just have to see how many mouthfuls of essence blood you can spit out! I'm only afraid that you won't have enough essence blood to finish up!" Lin Fan mocked with a cold laughter while maintaining his hand motions.

These Blood Bats seemed to have undergone some sort of metamorphosis, as they grew ever larger than before. The violent nature within them seemed to be turning ever more berserk.

Those originally blood red bodies of theirs turned jet black, glimmering with a ghastly glow. At the same time, their bodies were lined with some sort of dense scales. These scales seemed like pores of some demonic being, emitting that eerie gleam all over them.

The Bat God, which was initially on the losing end, turned the tables instantly. Flipping his body over, he was now the one suppressing the big ancient demon.

"Master, give me 5,000,000 Shengyang Pills! With that, I can crush this smelly bat to death with ease!" The big ancient demon bellowed.

"Give your mother...!" At this point, Lin Fan was somewhat speechless. Now that he was entirely broke, this big ancient demon was demanding yet another 5,000,000? He didn't even have 500,000 to begin with!

'Flying Heavens!'

In a flash, Lin Fan's body moved as he released the Flying Heavens. Within it, the Marquis of Despair and Long Xuan dived right into the void, tunneling through it continuously. In the blink of an eye, a bright flash shone while they burst out of it, piercing through the Black Heavens Bat Kings one time after another.

However, the Black Heavens Bat Kings were packed together densely. Killing all of them just like that was impossible!

However, the moment the Infinite Bat Old Master caught sight of Flying Heavens, he cried out with a loss of control over himself, "To think that there's yet another Dao Weapon! How could a mere human such as yourself possess such riches?"

"HAHA! The Heavens are blessing me, the Infinite Bat Old Master indeed! To think that this would be the day of reaping for the Infinite Bat Old Master!" The Infinite Bat Old Master laughed out maniacally. His eyes were practically filled with cravings right now.

In the eyes of the Infinite Bat Old Master, Lin Fan was just a man with tons of treasures, but didn't have the befitting power that he should have.

"Xiguang! There's too many of these Black Heavens Bat Kings! We've got to think of a way to kill that Bat God!"

"Master is simply way too poor! To think that he doesn't have any Shengyang Pills with him at all! If there were some Shengyang Pills available, I could definitely pierce through this Paradise!"

'Realm of Hope!'

Within the Flying Heavens, the Marquis of Despair Xiguang and Long Xuan were leading a life of utmost bliss that anyone would envy. Due to that, the Power of Despair was now converted into the Power of Hope.

At that moment, the Flying Heavens emitted a boundless white flash. Like a sharp blade, this white flash pierced itself through the Black Heavens Bat Kings.

Screech! Screech!

The Black Heavens Bat Kings were screeching in pain, as though this aura was extremely repugnant to them.

"Unexpected! To think that this is a Weapon Spirit who had even comprehended the Realm state! Just what sort of an ancient race being was it who had crafted a weapon such as this? This is beyond one's imaginations!" The Infinite Bat Old Master could not believe everything before his eyes right now. He could feel his mental spirit rattling at this moment.

Shocking. This was way too shocking! It would be hard for anyone to swallow such facts!

By now, Lin Fan was pretty displeased with the Infinite Bat Old Master. That old man was just floating around in the sky without striking out at all! All he did was to control these bats to attack left and right. It was as though he was trying to expend all of Lin Fan's energy before coming in for the final blow.

However, this Paradise of the Infinite Bat Old Master was simply way too cumbersome to deal with.

It was as though the Black Heavens Bat Kings were infinite in number! Even after killing them, these Black Heavens Bat Kings were just respawning everywhere!

If he couldn't come up with a plan to wipe out all of them, he might truly be exhausted to no ends.

"Damn it! You're really forcing me to release my big move!" Lin Fan's eyes sparkled.

He couldn't take this anymore.

'Since this was the case, so be it then!'

'Yours Truly shall take the time to have some fun with you!'